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Jake Giffan

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Jake Giffan

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:03 am

External Characteristics

NameJake Giffan; The Blue Man

SpeciesGreater Amaranth

AppearanceBlueman stands at about 6'5" and weighs around 240 pounds. In his base form he is muscular, broad shouldered, and imposing. Usually he wears a black trench coat without a hat, though sometimes he dons one of a western style to amuse himself. His skin is striking shade of blue, and he completely lacks facial features. 

Age6000+ years


  • Strength: Jake is strong enough to bench-press several tons
  • Speed: Jake is no faster than the average Amaranth in most respects, save for his incredible reaction time. He is able to react to most events under one half-second after he becomes aware of them
  • Agility: Jake is only slightly more agile than a normal Amaranth in terms of his whole body. However, his dexterity is a point of pride. He is ambidextrous, and capable of complex movements
  • Magic Affinities: In terms of Magic, Jake is moderately skilled with all forms of magic. He excels particularly well with illusions, creating ice, and conjuring mirrors as well as various forms of transit

  • Ink-Based: Jake's body is similar in composition to an elemental beings,as it is composed entirely of ink. While not soluble in water, being exposed to large amounts of liquid can diminish his skills

Internal Characteristics

PersonalityJake is a selfish, arrogant, egotistical genius. A cold manipulator with a penchant for psychology, Jake has been known to apply his vast intellect and large store of knowledge to control Abaddon and its citizens since well before he came to power in Crucis. After six-thousand years of observing various species he has become quite knowledgeable on their nature and often uses their own alignment against them-- setting the wicked on a path of desperate struggle that leads to their self destruction and the pure on a path that leads them to their wickedness. He has never shown his true form to anybody. So far he has hidden in plain sight among the general populace as someone of moderate importance, marching to society's drumbeat while also steadily changing its sheet music below notice. His sick sense of humor can come off as disturbing, and the punchline to his jokes is often death. He is often extremely sarcastic but when necessary his insane and violent tendencies can be controlled, even being completely eclipsed by the roles he plays when mimicking people. His pansexual tendencies lead to a wealth of partners, though his unique ink based physiology prevents him from becoming infected with most STDs and contagions as a whole. 

His immortality has made him cynical, and with no real limit on how long he can live he has spent most of his life perfecting useless skills in addition to several skills applicable to his hobbies. He is also quirky, and when caught in the proper mood friendly. If he decided he likes somebody he takes good care of them and often attempts to assist them in anyway he can. The biggest trip is that his name, Jake Giffan, is merely an alias he uses while in disguise.

Habits/QuirksDespite becoming ill once eating too much salt, he still insists on salty foods making up a fair portion of his diet. He has several habits he has developed over the centuries, ranging from biochemistry to advanced crocheting. Sometimes, when he is alone or sleeping he is heard muttering the word "Vanderbaig" with great fear.

LikesHe seems to praise the winning combination of clay and bleach for removing something he calls 'wet nightmares'. He enjoys reading a variety of books and though he is most often seen reading books about military tactics and political maneuvering, he has on at least one occasion been spotted reading a book from the DayBreak series (it's purported guilty pleasure). He enjoys being sarcastic and belittling people that he dislikes.

DislikesBeing undermined, boomerangs, battery clamps, basters, and bean bag chairs, and "Vanderbaig".








  • Jake is born in Amara, and was originally raised to be one of seven legendary Amaranth generals
  • In a botched murder-attempt by a jealous Amaranth, Jake catalyzed a 'jump' into Radix.
  • Jake first officially assumed the name "Jake Giffan" as an alias to live unnoticed among the people of Radix
  • Jake became consul of Crucis
  • Jake developed a potent genetic drug in secret, and frequently distributes it among the weaker beings that venture into Radix 


  • Greater Illusions
  • Ice Mastery
  • Rune Magic
  • Mirror Walking
  • Shadow Walking
  • Dream Walking
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