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What Members Should Expect of Staff and Each Other

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What Members Should Expect of Staff and Each Other

Post by Cain on Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:37 am

I have been to far too many writing sites where the following things are an issue:

  • Staff are generally ignorant of what the members want or what they are doing
  • Members have little to no say in the function of the site
  • Good ideas are outright rejected because they seem unfeasible or difficult at first glance
  • Staff abuses their powers over creativity, thus stifling member minds and creating doubt
  • The members are treated as though they are unable to be trusted
  • Staff confuses serving a community with controlling it
  • Little critical input is offered among the community
  • Favoritism runs rampant
  • Good people are driven to extreme actions to make simple points
  • Communication falls flat

I wish that these will not be as big an issue here as they have been on past sites. While we only have four rules to follow on site, as members and staff of the Genesis Project we have responsibilities towards one another that we should regard highly. Our community can not grow if the above are issues we constantly face from within our own ranks. To that end, I have addressed some of the more common issues I have seen on sites that I personally have had past experience with.

I understand that to those reading this, many of you many not have experienced all of these. Some of you may have witnessed more than what is listed, though I am comfortable in saying that I have covered most of the major issues. This topic is to outline what you are to expect of your staff, your fellow members, and what they expect out of you. To start, we cover staff responsibilities to the member base.

Staff members are expected to provide an environment conducive to storytelling, writing, and in general the improvement of the community as a whole. They are to accomplish this by:

  • Offering critical and creative input when asked
  • Resolving disputes in the OOC in as fairly and impartially a manner as possible
  • Communicating with other staff members and the user base as frequently as they are able
  • Encouraging members to generate ideas for the improvement of the site as well as developing their own
  • Working with members to develop interesting plots for them to explore
  • Reading nearly every topic that occurs within their sub-board
  • Being aware of events that occur within their jurisdiction
  • Respecting the member plots and stories that are developed/developing
  • Being honest and open with members in regards to their ideas
  • Enforcing the lore so that consistency remains throughout the site
  • Asking questions. All. The. Time. 
  • Maintaining the site be it in a technical or environmental sense
  • Keeping other staff members in check

Your staff are not 'in charge' of the site. We are responsible for two things: First we are here to ensure that the site is running adequately and not falling apart on itself. Second we are merely providing a service and as such must ensure that our member-base is properly tended to. Not all of our members are the same, we get that. Not all of the staff is the same. We get that too. Some members will not happily interact with one another, and this will even happen with staff. However, that doesn't mean that the people you or others may dislike are bad or wrong. Friction happens in a community and as a community it is our responsibility to one another to ensure that internal strife is kept to a minimum.

As members, you play a vital role in this. We have things we expect of you as well, and you'll find that they nearly perfectly mirror staff. 

  • Offering critical and creative input when asked
  • Respecting opinions of other members no matter how insane, extreme, or ignorant they seem
  • Tolerance of ideas, religions, races, or nationalities (and beyond)
  • Communicating with other members and the staff base as frequently as they are able
  • Generating ideas for the improvement of the site
  • Working with other members to develop interesting plots
  • Respecting the member plots and stories that are developed/developing
  • Being aware of events that have happened in the board you are playing on
  • Being honest and open with other members and staff in regards to their ideas
  • Minding the lore so that consistency remains throughout the site
  • Asking questions. All. The. Time. 
  • Keeping other staff members in check
  • Voicing concerns about the community to staff and other members to generate meaningful discussion

If these are minded, we will only be able to grow as a community which should be our goal. Despite whether or not you feel you are inherently superior to a person or people in a single respect or several or if you believe in the inverse in regards to yourself, by abiding these above things our writing community will improve. Thank you for your time

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