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Post by Riley Oran on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:39 am

External Characteristics

Name: Krieg, Blitzkrieg, Storm

Species: Amaranth

Appearance: Krieg is a large, muscular entity with a hulking frame. Sanding nearly seven feet tall, its skin is gray like wet stone and its eyes shift subtly between the various electric shades of blue. Its face appears as a well-chiseled athlete's, almost as though it were a living statue from Ancient Greece. Its features are simple and it lacks hair, being completely bald. It is also gender-less, lacking genitalia though its appearance is decidedly masculine. Running throughout its frame are veins of crackling electricity, giving them a strange, blue glow. 

Age: 1000+


  • Krieg is a physical bruiser, and his strength is quite high. He is able to shatter human-sized chunks of stone with relative ease and can easily lift two tons 
  • Krieg's strikes and kicks are slow, but he he actually runs quite fast. He is capable of running the same speed as a thoroughbred horse
  • Krieg's bulky form implies that he is not agile. This implication is correct, as his large body prevents a totally wide range of movement or dexterity
  • Krieg's skin is dense and hard like granite, capable of shrugging off even bullets and reducing the worst effect of moderate explosions to broken bones, gouges in the flesh, and burns

Internal Characteristics

PersonalityKrieg is a quite, intelligent brute. He seldom speaks but communicates his emotions or feelings through a series of non-verbal cues. Loyal to Orion and her generals, Krieg has faithfully served as one of Trayi's most-trusted soldiers because of his ability to follow any order unflinchingly. He doesn't concern himself with the details of morality or mortality, instead focusing on his objectives first and foremost. Despite his intelligence, he doesn't put it to much use outside of strategy.

Humble to a fault, Krieg doesn't tout his strength or make idle threats. Instead he resorts immediately to action, believing warnings to be a method of allowing foes to stand down from a fight. He is extremely brutal in combat, but not to sadistic extreme. He doesn't believe human 'honor' to be a valid concept, seeing it as rules weakling made to continue living as weaklings. 

Habits/Quirks: Krieg doesn't blink, and this sometimes perturbs people who communicate with him. He also, when he does respond, uses as few syllables as possible when responding

Likes: Krieg is absolutely fascinated with fighting, cultures built around fighting, fighting styles, the art of making war, and military tactics. He also enjoys a good staring contest

Dislikes: Krieg despises stupid people, cowards, torture, and meaningful discussion about 'peace'


Associates: Trayi

OrganizationsAmaranth Military, Trayi's Personal Guard, Trayi's War Council


  • Krieg is born in the region that was once known as Fwod
  • Krieg participates in the Amaranth War under Orion's banner
  • Krieg participates in the last battle of the Amaranth War, secures several commendations 
  • Krieg is selected to join Trayi's personal guard
  • Krieg later join's Trayi's war council
  • Krieg orders the first exploration of the Breach
  • Krieg leads a successful campaign in Russia


  • Destruction Magic (Lightning/Thunder+)- Krieg is exceptional at using the lightning and thunder in his arsenal, and though he can use other types of destruction magic he is best at these in particular

  • Lightning Empowerment- Lightning or lightning spells that hit Krieg will slightly increase his strength instead of doing damage

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