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The Dimension of Nyst

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The Dimension of Nyst Empty The Dimension of Nyst

Post by Cain on Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:25 pm

A realm within Cain's jurisdiction, Nyst is a futuristic setting where the space-faring races of an alternate Earth have finally been forced to flee their home due to an impending asteroid impact. They migrate through space until they reach their destination: ION-XIX, a planet roughly a few times smaller than their Earth with the same atmosphere. Believing it to be largely uninhabited and a fresh start, the hundreds of ships settle in clusters all around the planet's surface.

That's when the Human ships made first contact with the Drage. Initially, the Drage were not hostile towards the new races, but as they spread rapidly and began to mine their surroundings for wood and ore, they began to incur the Drage's wrath by violating holy sites. The technology inferior Drage waged a surprisingly successful campaign against the newcomers using something forgotten to the Earthlings-- magic, proving that their natural talents were enough to even the diverse biology and overwhelming power of the newcomers.

It has been twenty years since the last official battle, though skirmishes are still had along newly defined borders. Unable to expand outwards, the Earthlings salvaged their numerous trashed ships and built upwards-- the hundred or so thousand surviving earthlings live in a great metal tower that stretches to the heavens, called Babel. The rich of the Earthlings live at the top of the tower of Babel, and leave the poor to the bottom. Small ships travel into space and visit the few small cities found on other planets, bringing them supplies and trading weapons and technological advances.

The Drage have used what they've salvaged from Earthling weapons and battle in the past to further augment themselves and their magic. They've become somewhat more warlike in more recent years, though there are those that still advocate peace.

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