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Ray Mitchell

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Ray Mitchell Empty Ray Mitchell

Post by Ray Mitchell on Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:36 pm

Name: Ray Mitchell

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Place of Origin: unknow

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: Ray is 5`9`` in height and is rather light in weight. He is fit, with fair skin. Often accompanied by a bright smile, Ray often wears woodland colors, both for camouflage and his own taste fashion; being a hermit. Often being seen with a woodland colored cloak, (Dark Green for special occasions). He has an amulet of a silver oak leaf around his neck.

Fighting Style: He fights form a far with his bow and uses surprise attacks on his foes often, also uses the camouflage that his robe has for an advantage. He doesn’t rush into things before mapping them out first. He also uses his staff for up close. (It doesn’t do much to hurt them but he hits his foes on their pressure points to stun them.)


    Rays childhood {}. All Ray knows is that he is looking for his long lost brother who left him when he turned 15th and moved away but must have got lost on the way because he never was seen nor heard from again. Ray Mitchell has been to jail for a fight he was in at a bar (he won) which was a few years back. Jail was where he became good friends with Montolio an old ranger. The two of them had planned to break out of jail but before they were able to put it into action something happened, (that something is still blocked from Ray’s memory) {< It was his brother who helped them brake out of jail. >}. After that they went their separate ways and Ray hasn’t seen Montolio sense. Montolio was said to have went after a red dragon, Ray thinks he died doing so, {< Montolio didn’t die! >}. Ray went on about finding his brother. To this day Ray Mitchell is still looking for his brother with the help of his friends.

Special info:

Ray is just your average ranger with a few different skills and traits. When he was on a scouting trail he happened to meet an unfortunate "person". He had a tussle with the thing that most would fear DEATH! They met quite suddenly and nether knew what they should do. So death looked down at his list of souls that needed to be reaped and Ray Mitchell was not on there. He was baffled by the ranger and how he was able to sneak up on him. Ray was also baffled for he didn't really see anyone on the trail till he bumped into the dark lord, he was wondering if it was his time to die. So Ray did the most unthinkable! Ray said to Death “I Ray Mitchell will not run in fear nor will I beg for mercy. Death, The Grim Reaper, or the Dark Lord, if you are planning to take my soul without a fight then think again! Death I shall FIGHT you for my SOUL!"

     Ray issued a challenge and waited for an answer. Then out of the blue he had one!

     "Ray Mitchell of Deep Woods, I shall accept your offer, but if you lose I shall own whatever part of you I see most useful!"

     Ray agreed to the conditions.

     "Where shall we have our fight?" said Ray.

“Where ever you think you will have the upper hand?" replied Death.

     "I am a man of values I can't have an unfair fight? We shall have the fight where we both have = fairness. And if you keep from me my final and last request I'll see that you will never find me again!"

     With that Ray had made up his mind he wasn't going to run, nor will he give up this fight, he was afraid but not shaken, Ray was going to fight what he thought was his density.

                “Well Ray I will say this, for us to have a fair fight I will have to have a disadvantage of some sort.” Said death.

                “Very well do as you please but I warned you!” said Ray “where might this place be? I didn’t think death had any place that would give him a disadvantage?”

                Death chuckled “your new around here are you not?”

Ray stared to shudder now that he herd death laugh “well i am a ranger and it’s my job to remember things like this!”

                (Ray doesn’t hear this.) “you won’t be remembering anything soon no matter the outcome of the fight!” said death while bearing a wicked smile that would make fire turn to ice.

                “Alright then radix is the place we will fight. I’ll tell you more about it later we have spent to much time chatting. I haven’t said this much in decades”

Name:  Silent Death


Type Of Weapon:  Bo-Staff




Elemental Alignment:  Darkness


Ability/Function:  Silent Death is made for beating up people and killing them if needed.


Close/Long Range: Close Range


Appearance: Silent Death is black and blue stripes. It is 6ft long when connected, and 2 3ft long poles when disconnected. It has 4 buttons on it, 2 in the middle and 1 on each end of the staff. The buttons on the ends make hidden blades come out the end of the staff. (With enough force to go through a brick wall and are 1 ft. long.) There are 2 buttons in the middle u press them at the same time and the staff becomes two 3ft poles, and u press them one more time a blade pops out each side of the staff. (Now you will use them like swords if the top is extended.) To put the blades back in the staff you need to press the buttons and use a block of wood to push them back in or some hard object.

Name:  Ray’s bow of Blood Seeking / Blood Seeker


Type Of Weapon:  Long bow




Elemental Alignment:  Illusion


Ability/Function: This bow fires blood arrows!

Close/Long Range: Long Range


Appearance: This bow has a metallic metal shaft that’s as hard to break as a double brick wall. The bow is very strong but reasonably fixable for a bow. The bow string is different from other bow strings. The Blood Seeker’s bow string is made of gold. The shaft of the bow is 4ft 10in, and the draw length is 3ft.


History: This bow use to belong to a head hunter. The head hunter took the Blood Seeker to hunt down Ray Mitchell. Someone from his home town wanted Ray dead for stealing his stuff when he was just a kid. When the head hunter found Ray Mitchell he was not expecting what happened next. Ray was right behind the head hunter with a knife at his neck. The head hunter dropped the bow and ran away for he didn’t want to die today. That is how Ray got the Blood Seeker.

Name:  The Cloak of Shadows


Type Of Armor:  Cloak


Primary/Secondary:  Primary Armor


Elemental Alignment:  Illusion, Darkness



- This cloak will cast a shadow around the person wearing it. (Aesthetic), as well as give armor equal to that of small mesh armor underneath the cloak.

- Being a cloak of darkness and illusion, then cloak seems to wisp out; the end of the cloak trails off and dissipates. (Aesthetic)

- It floats slightly off of the ground, (makes it look like the person is floating) (Aesthetic)



-  This cloak guards against most magic attacks, save for moderately high spells, but doesn’t fare well against Moderate physical attacks.




Ray Mitchell Snapsh10 <- Blood Seeker

Ray Mitchell Snapsh11 <- Silent Death

Ray Mitchell Snapsh12 <- Cloak of Shadows

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Ray Mitchell Empty Grim Reapers Cloak

Post by Ray Mitchell on Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:54 pm

Name: Grim Reaper’s Cloak

Requirements: This summon is called on by Ray’s inner self when Ray is on the brink of death  and passed out. It is involuntary activated. And can only be used once a topic.

Quantity: Ray will summon 1 Grim Reaper and 1 Grim Reaper’s Cloak of restoration.

Class: Defense 

Duration: The Grim Reaper lasts for 3 posts, but the Grim Reaper’s Cloak lasts until Ray is able to fight full strength again.

Element(s): Darkness and illusion

Description:  The Grim Reaper is 7 Ft. tall.  He has old notched up scythe that is always bloody from the souls he reaped. He has no face that can be seen for if you see it you will meet death himself tonight. When he appears he comes out of Ray’s body, while the Grim reaper is out and fighting for Ray, he will intimate most that attack him. When he leaves he leaves on a flaming horse . But as he gets in the hearse he takes off his cloak and when he does it quickly attaches itself to Ray, and the Grim Reaper looks bare to the bone but still hides his face with his scythe. As he is riding away all that will hear his lather will turn white with Shure horror.

Capabilities: For the 3 posts that he is out, the Grim Reaper will only defend Ray. While he is defending, physical attacks can be deflected or countered. All physical ranged attacks (except magic)  do no damage to the Reaper but none will hit his summoner for if there is any ranged attackers known in the area the Grim Reaper will put up a wall around Ray made of tombstones and put Ray in a coffin. If you use a magic spell on him (as long as it’s not cure) it will make him look darker and more intimating (can vary with element).

     This is a list of element effects on the Grim Reaper:

·         CURE: will harm him absolute.

·         FIRE: will stager him for a second but will do little to no damage and make him angry and faster.

·         WATER: will make him laugh as he takes the attack as a gift. He absorbs it by turning it into black steam that then flows into him. Then makes an illusion of a dead water beast (that may or may not affect the attacker) to horrify the attacker. (Only the one who casted the spell, all outers can’t see it).

·         DARKNESS: is the 2nd worst element to use on the Grim Reaper. If you use any darkness spell or attack on him you might as well cut your eyes out, he will put out his scythe pointing at the attacker and send the attack right back with a curse on it that will engulf you in total darkness for 20 posts after the Grim Reaper leaves.

·         ILLUSION: is the 3rd worst element to use on the Grim Reaper. He is a master of illusion and can turn your spell against you and anyone attacking, or simply just cancel the spell for 3 more posts, can vary

·         TIME: UNKNOWN

·         DEATH: if you are smart (or have any common scents) you won’t cast any spell with the element of death on it on him. The Grim Reaper is DEATH’S right hand man and the Grim Reaper will gladly take your soul if you use death magic on him. He takes it as a challenge to his ability as a Reaper and he will try to kill you and take your soul if you use death magic on him twice, he will break from defense to kill you leaving behind a contract in front of Ray saying he will not die while he was off doing his job. If you manage to keep the Grim Reaper out for more than 3 posts and he still trying to kill you he will stay out even after 3 posts till he kills you or gives up.

·         EARTH: will have no effect on him because he never touches the floor under him. If the spell is air borne it will just drop to the earth when it hits. This will make him want more than you can offer with only earth magic and displeases him even more then having to protect Ray from his soon to be victims. 

·         Electricity: will help him more than help you. His scythe is like a small lighting rod, it will be redirected into his scythe and then all of his counters will have an electric aspect to them.

·         Everything above can vary as there are no absolutes.

This Grim Reaper is a manifestation of The Collector.

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