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Post by The Hunter on Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:52 am

The Hunter __demigod___by_eventrue-d51d5ue
The Hunter Lives

Brief Lore
The Hunter is one of the legendary beings in this universe, someone bestowed with complete Freedom and whom has lived for almost Ten Thousand years (~7,000 currently). In his past, he has gone against the God Ryuu and, albeit not having won, survived. His past is known as lore to the commonplace, but otherwise, not much is known about him. (For more information, please read the site lore.)

The Hunter, of course, has the ability of Freedom - he is not bound by Destiny or any Rule the universe places on him. The Hunter is the Champion of the Non-Gods, in a sense. Due to his ability of Freedom, he fights against the injustice of cruel gods and tends to trap them in order to gain either; their Domain, their powers, and/or an article of their being. His name is important - he dons 'The Hunter' in response to his natural drive to find and destroy the tyranny of certain gods. This allows him to have a natural compass to lead him to beings with the power of 'Gods', as well as his eyes that naturally identify gods.

The Hunter is a literal embodiment of Freedom - he is not an Aspect, but a shadow cast long ago that gained awareness much like the God Ra. Mostly, he travels as a billowing smoke, on the low atmosphere - when he appears as a person, he takes many forms, normally of the young due to their natural desire to be free, and sometimes the old for their desire to be young. In battle, he dons black armor that bleeds smoke and a Halberd-Axe that also has 'Freedom', as an extension of himself. It is called "Aegis" for it's indomitable battle prowess - it has the ability to transform into any weapon known to him, while being given complete efficiency with it.

He holds many abilities that are mostly magical or non-magical skills he has picked up over his many years, some he's even forgotten. His most used abilities are creating magical traps, creating poisons, conjuring allies, creating beasts, enchanting weapons, creating curses, and accessing his Pocket Universe. Any other tricks are miscellaneous or require him to meditate in order to recall.

The Hunter

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