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Vladimir Markov

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Vladimir Markov

Post by Artless_Artist on Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:57 pm

Vladimir Markov

A man of middle age, Vladimir is a surgeon who took up the mantle of his father, trying to make the Hospital known best as "The Morgue" a little less hopeless. Often stressed and considered extremely violent, Vladimir is known best for his nickname of The Devil of C Ward and the APET he swings around. An overall good hearted doctor, He does his best to live up to his fathers example.

Current Status: On the Run with Rebecca, his boss and Riley Oran, a Patient.

Appearance: Vladimir appears like a scruffy man of 28, complete with sandy blonde hair and sky blue eyes that seem fixed in a glare. 5’6’’ in height, one might find he weighs less than what he actually appears, despite his strength. His eyes are blue as well, but one gets a slightly artificial feel to them on how they often ‘zoom in’ for medical work- but he has a number of effects added onto them as well which shifts the color as well.

Although you wouldn't notice it unless he wore shorts or something similar, he also has a cheaply constructed robotic left leg; a gunmetal grey color which doesn't help anything but give him another leg, one can see the walking stick with him helps him more than the leg itself does. It was also a bit primitive for the time frame he finds himself in, which one can see a limp due to the mistakes that were made as they connected the leg together. The clothes one might find him in rarely change- A faded white doctor’s coat, a partially made blue shirt with the logo of the hospital on, black slacks and the same color dress shoes.


+  Vladimir has a deep, thick russian accent that is sometimes difficult to understand; as well as having a habit of speaking russian in curse, surprise or revelation.

+ Stubborn to a fault, it is hard to shake him once he gets started on something, and will even resort to drinking old and bitter coffee if it were to assist him.

+ Known to be a bit soft hearted around his rough exterior, he also considers it extremely offensive to point that out or prod it.


+ Vladimir is incredibly violent, and it is extremely common to find him cursing his luck and pulling out his Taser to shock anything that raises his ire.

+ Due to the level of stress that he is put through everyday, his patience fuse is short. In fact, he remains at least moderately agitated all the time and only a succession of great days can mellow him out for a while.

+ Very prone to jumping into things with no plans or no thought to his actions, often considered headstrong to all but his job.


+ As of right now, Vladimir's Bonds are to the Morgue and the memory of his Father; both of which are rather close to his heart. It wouldn't be too far off the mark to break even that which cannot be broken to keep them intact, and while the memory of his father isn't too much of a Bond anymore, it still remains a large consideration.


+ Aspiration and Change. Vladimir strives to be not only the best surgeon that chess city has, but also to change his home for the better in hopes that there might not be as much blood that passes through his office.

Overall, Vladimir is a surgeon, which means he is good at precision and speed, but as a general idea, he is an average person.

STRENGTH: 6/10; Stronger than you might give him credit for, Vladimir uses most of this strength on his patients.

DEXTERITY: 10/10; For a human, he has peak human dexterity; especially for somebody with a bad leg.

CONSTITUTION: 1/10; Unfortunately, he doesn't have constitution to flip around like he could. Especially with the fact he is used to living in squalor, his health isn't exactly the highest priority,

INTELLIGENCE: 9/10; A very smart human, not to the point of being a rocket scientist or a physicist, he can think ahead and better than most his age and career. Is actually responsible for tampering with an everyday Taser and turning it into a deadly weapon.

WISDOM: 3/10; Little common sense, otherwise he wouldn't be flashing that Taser and being downright rude.

CHARISMA: 1/10; Isn't very charming at all. While it's not physical deformity...his personality and his general being tends to affect most people, at least the more sensible ones. Crazier than he is, it's not very effective at all.

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Post by Artless_Artist on Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:09 pm

Cybernetically Enhanced Eyes: One of the 'special abilities' Vladimir has is the two different modes his eyes can work at along with an 'normal' mode. The first is a heartbeat and health monitor which someone can see activated when his eyes turn a scarlet color. What he sees in this form isn't a normal vision, but a world of a blood-red and white- white being the 'life' of everything around him. He can literally see the weak points in the walls and other things, along with the nerves in a human body. Along with that, Vladimir can measure a person's heartbeat when he looks at them, a white tab that spring out of them to rest near them and literally monitors their heartbeat, seeing how healthy a person is in the meantime. 

The second is your average Night-Vision mode, practical for night-time surgeries when the lights shut off from overuse. His eyes show a neon green when activated.

"It's the Journey, Not the Destination."

The Gift That Was A Curse

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Post by Artless_Artist on Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:12 pm

APPT: APPT stands for Anti Personnel-Personal Taser. A small, cylindrical device, it has three modes- Light, Mild and Heavy. Even at it's lightest setting, it's still capable of stopping you; due to a few personal changes to it. Heavy is capable of killing most people with weak to average constitutions, but Vladimir has to be driven to use it, first.

"It's the Journey, Not the Destination."

The Gift That Was A Curse

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Re: Vladimir Markov

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