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Raphael Calico

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Raphael Calico

Post by Riley Oran on Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:34 am

External Characteristics

Name: Raphael Calico

Species: Neko

Appearance: A thin, fit humanoid with cat ears and a tail. His eyes are slightly larger than the average humans, and his eyes are very much reminiscent of a cat's: reflective and green, as well as bright and curious. He has sharpened canines favoring his feline genetics, as well as Calico-colored ears, hair, and tail. His skin is a peach color, and his face is thin and young.

Age: 22

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Raphael is as fast, strong, and agile as an average Neko

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Energetic and curious, Raphael has man of the typical Neko qualities. On a more personal level he is greatly empathetic and unlike a great deal of the rest of the Nekos, driven to find success. His empathy, drive, and ability to care for others landed him a job as a nurse in the Morgue, despite the fact that he has no formal medial training. He learns a great deal quickly, is great at adapting, and is a proficient caregiver.

Habits/Quirks: When at rest, he sucks and chews on his tail

Likes: Books, shiny things, saving people

Dislikes: Bigots


Family: Adoptive human parents from Chess City

Friends: Laura Pierce

Acquaintances: Vladlmir Markov

Associates: Riley Oran

Organizations: BtT

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • At a young age, Raphael's parents give him up for adoption due to their financial situation
  • Raphael becomes a member of BtT
  • Raphael trains Riley to use a S
  • taff
  • Raphael becomes a nurse at the Morgue


  • Raphael always carries around an extendable bo-staff concealed somewhere on his person, usually carried on his hip but also known to be under his shirt, in a hat, a pocket, a bag, or his underwear.
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