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Post by Elodie on Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:25 am

External Characteristics

Name: Finn, Tatsu (In the Past)

Species: Dog/(Was a human)

Appearance: Tatsu 

Finn (He isn't this small, just didn't know how to resize an image)

Age: How old is your character? 221

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Tatsu was flirtatious, a player, somewhat loyal, apathetic, and mischievous in his human years but he did look out for his close friends when intruders took over his villafe and made new ones..


Likes: Women
[*]Other guys
[*]Making new friends
[*]Pulling pranks

Dislikes: Australians
[*]The gods

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Family: Fuyumi- Mother
[*]Goro- Father- Deceased
[*]Mitsuko- Younger sister

Friends: Amateresu - Goddess of the sun - Wife of Suijin, Piper, Kazuya (partner, best friend, lover), Elodie (owner/Suijin's daughter), Suijin (Master), Izanami(Goddess of Creation and death.)

Acquaintances: The demigods..

Associates: N/A

Organizations: Club Kokoa (Love of the heart, Founder)

History: What are some important events in your history?
[*]Tatsu was born in 1793 in a small village in Japan.
[*]At the age of three, his father was sent to war and was killed afterwards.
[*]His sister Mitsuko was born after their father's death.
[*]At the age of five, he makes his first friend a boy named Kazuya.
[*]At the age of thirteen a group of different people from Australia (Black and white) started invading Tatsu's small village making it their own home.
[*]Tatsu creates a small organization with the villager children to make the Australians go away.
[*]They destroyed their crops, burned their homes, kidnap their children, they marched for hours and hours, and spat on them.
[*]Some of the villager children were found slaughtered in the streets for their rebellion by the Australians, they didn't find out that Tatsu was the leader of Club Kokoa
[*]A scared Tatsu worships the almight water god Suijin to make the intruders go away, a freckled face Australian girl finds him doing so and insults him.
[*]After a while him and the freckled face girl becomes friends, her name is Piper. They start dating but Tatsu starts developing strange feelings for Kazuya.
[*]After telling Piper he had feelings for his best friend, she tells him she'll support him anyway..
[*]Kazuya and Tatsu express their feelings for each other but keep it secret because the villagers and the intruders blatantly hate same sex couples..
[*]At the age of seventeen, he and Kazuya are sent to war.
[*]Three years later, him and Kazuya survived except Kazuya lost his arm. They decide to secretly marry despite what the villagers say.
[*]Finding out about the secret wedding the leader of the Australians named Zacharyis disgusted and wants Tatsu and Kazuya hung and their families killed.
[*]Piper warns Tatsu and Kazuya about Zachary's plan, Kazuya warns his sister to flee the village which she does just in time.
[*]Tatsu finds his mother's throat slit in the rice fields..
[*]Tatsu is found burying his mother and is dragged to the tree by the Australian's.
[*]On a cloudy day in 1814, a 21 year old Tatsu is hung, Kazuya runs flees the village before it happens therefor starting a new life...

[*]A dead Tatsu is sent to Yomi(The Underworld) he is reunited with his mother, father, and Kazuya's family. Eventually making friends with Izanami.
[*]At the age of 120, he is highly favored by the goddess Amateresu and is sent to serve for her and her husband Suijin leaving his and Kazuya's family behind.
[*]For 101 years he is a servant to Suijin, He is often mistreated by the god he worships so much in which he acts bitter and pulls pranks on the water god like serving him seafood,burning his cumbers, and giving his demigod children bad advice making them do regretful and stupid things.
[*]On his 221st birthday, he finds out that Kazuya is in Yomi and asks Suijin if he can visit his lover. Suijin refuses him which causes him to kill an eel and serve it to him. Suijin is furious and turns him into a small Shiba Inu taking his human speech away, he tells Tatsu to act like a dog and look after his demigod daughter Elodie therfore sending him to Elodie's claiming day and giving Tatsu to Elodie as a gift.
[*]He is named Finn by his master's daughter.
[*]He starts developing a strong friendship towards Elodie and starts to protect her and act like a guardian.
Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

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