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Wild Elf Empty Wild Elf

Post by Riley Oran on Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:20 pm

Species Name: Wild Elf

A race of fairly savage Elves residing in the wilds of Iota. Little is known of their culture, but they do have their own unique and complex language as well as several domesticated animals. Despite their savagery, they have a few organized villages hidden throughout the Iota Wilds

Conservation Status: Common


  • Wild Elves are greatly synchronized with Iota, and thus are more than adequately skilled in using magic

  • Wild Elves very rarely have any form of Mental Magic

  • Wild Elves are natural hunters and trackers

  • Wild Elves have great agility



  • Wild Elves are weak against cold, thus preferring to live in more humid or arid areas while avoid arctic or temperate zones

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