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Sloth || A-Sin Eater

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Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Empty Sloth || A-Sin Eater

Post by Sloth on Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:37 am

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window42
Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Sloth10
Change will not arrive
as the people tend to shut
their eyes to evil.
- Anonymous

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window43

Standing seven inches above the sixth foot, Sloth's physical form appears to be comprised of a soot-like bone. He is often found wearing a slim fit suit, as an ebony fur coat rests across his shoulders, his sleeves dangling on either side. The Sin Eater also sports a fedora with a white stripe accenting the headpiece. His eyeless pits resemble an infinite abyss; an homage to The Void.

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window51

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window46
Sloth has the highest resistance to physical, magical, and mental attacks attainable, for a being of his caliber.

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window45
Sloth is a being of Sin Energy, being quite skilled in whatever avenues of magic he pursues.

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window47
Unless using magics to augment himself, Sloth moves slowly.

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window50
As a being of Sin Energy, Sloth has nigh infinite stamina.

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Window49
Due to the thinness of his corporeal form, his strength is lacking on all physical fronts.
*Stats excluded are assumed to be average.

Sloth || A-Sin Eater  Ewsi_l11


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