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Pain||A-sin Eater Empty Pain||A-sin Eater

Post by Riley Oran on Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:34 am

Pain||A-sin Eater D22097aa-bb47-4a62-ad24-bd4d03fd25f8_zps3136194f

Pain||A-sin Eater Window16

Name: Pain

Species: A-sin Eater

Appearance: A shadowy entity whose appearance changes. Wears a white mask/

Age: Little less than 5000 years

Pain||A-sin Eater Window17

Personality: Pain is a very odd individual, with the odd habit to speak out of turn and interrupt others. Somewhat impulsive and very conniving, he is able to create diverse plans with both immediate and long-lasting impacts. Aggressive and sadistic, Pain enjoys receiving pain almost as much as he enjoys inflicting it. While he does demonstrate other needs, his primary drive is to cause pain. He thrives on the thrill of torture and chronic suffering, finding it beyond satisfying. While he is capable of containing himself over long periods, a few decades without causing Pain will drive him practically insane. Despite how talkative he is in groups, he is very silent around strangers and when alone.

Habits/Quirks: Pain frequently stares at other beings. His passion is studying anatomy, biology and psychology, so that he can invent new ways to inflict pain. He studies these things via observation.

Likes: Causing Pain

Dislikes: Not Causing Pain, Anesthetics

Pain||A-sin Eater Window52

Pain||A-sin Eater Window53
Pain's accuracy is extremely high

Pain||A-sin Eater Window54
Pain's physical resistance, while far beyond a mortal threshold, is comparatively weak to other, more average A-sin Eaters. His magical resistance is right about average, while his mental resistance is top-notch.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window58
Pain is well versed in the art of Curses derived from Sin Energy. Curses, you see, are the most agonizing form of spell. He can cast a various number of curses using a various number of methods.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window55
Pain, being a shadow creature, moves extremely quickly in the darkness, but light can slow him down to about the speed of the average human.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window56
Pain, like most Sin Eaters, A-sin Eaters and Possessed runs off of the ambient Sin Energy of the world. Pain's limited use of this for his curse magic grants him a seemingly infinite operating duration in comparison to a normal mortal.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window57
Pain is a mostly incorporeal, formless being. While it is capable of interacting with small objects, larger and heavier objects such as boxes or dressers are beyond it's grasp to control.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window18

Item: Pain usually wears a mask. The mask contain's Pain's conciousness. If a mortal puts on the mask, Pain can essentially 'meld' into that mortal's spark, corrupt it, and eventually overtake them. Their spark then becomes Pain's newest vessel.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window19

Abilities: Pain is gifted in curse magic. Voodoo, Runes, Hexes, Incantations, True Names, and a variety of other methods for casting curses onto mortals, who are especially susceptible to them. In addition, Pain is capable of Shadow-walking and limited shape-shifting. He can only take the shape of his former host, Shaun. He can also scan beings. After observing a species long enough, he gains a general understanding of them and how best to inflict a maximum amount of pain

Pain is also able to sense mental and physical agony. One step further, he can manipulate pain and intensify or reduce it (but why would he want to do that?) This allows him to practically cripple most beings before even touching them.

Pain||A-sin Eater Window20
History: Pain came into existence after the String Incident. A lesser Sin Eater given greater power, a mindless Pain attempted to possess Shaun, a tether in a ruined world. The possession backfired, and Shaun was able to control Pain's vast reservoir of Sin Energy as his own, and alter his body in a state similar to that of the mindless Possessed. Pain gained awareness as Shaun progressed, becoming more intelligent and powerful, yet entrapped and controlled by his host. When Shaun sacrificed himself to save his dimension from collapse, Pain was set free.

Eventually, he located his brethren. They had captured the tether of guilt, Sera, and were using her to feed. Pain melded with the weakened and suffering tether, empowering her with Sin Energy and with his new found strength turning her into a Fel Creature that would eventually cause mass havoc. His plan was simply to challenge the Gods, not defeat them, just to see what they'd do. After the conclusion of the Dissident War, he once more bides time and makes plans.

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