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Lust///A-Sin Eater

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Lust///A-Sin Eater  Empty Lust///A-Sin Eater

Post by Lust on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:28 pm

Lust///A-Sin Eater  784a8eed3b6427f81361c2226eaaaf5f-d7623rl_zpsb959d1c3

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window16

Name: Asmodeus

Titles: Lust, Charm lord

Species: A-Sin Eater

Appearance: Lust stands as a alpha being of physical beauty and prowess of the body. He stands a stern height of 6’0 feet without the aid of shoes, weighing in at 179 pounds of well-defined and strong lean muscle, well disrupted throughout his body evenly. His torso is lean and very tone, with well defined (but not bulky) muscles, broad shoulders, a medium  long straight torso and a flat as a board well developed abdomen, his has long lean legs as well, slightly longer then his torso. His feet are 9 and a ½ shoe size, with a nice firm bubble butt to his tail and hips, v shape torso extending down to his well-endowed genital. Lust’s face is soft yet with a powerfully define long shape and chain, his high bone cheeks are full but not overly so while his amethyst eyes are sharp and wide like a cat, his iris follows such a crisp slit surrender y black colored cornea and long thin lashes . The hair flowing down like water from Lust’s head is a ultra-soft and smooth texture that ranges down at his neck while the front of his hair extends will past at his chest, ranging from any color he freely changes it as he wants. His skin of thinner the most, masking its toughness but still smoother then ice and just as cold, flawless without change he is an embodiment of pale moon light doll beauty.  

His attire and clothing will never be the same however he enjoys a color scheme of black.

Age: 713 cycle of the sessions

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window17

Personality:Lust is a pure embodiment lord of desire, lust and pleasure as such he is one that takes his pleasure and fun to extreme, anything that get in his way in his eyes will be removed as quickly as possible. He gets what he wants and whenever he wants it, when he doesn’t he can be quite irritable and even throw into a tantrum like a spoiled brat. But his not one without patience however he can understand the meaning in buying his time for things he deems worth the value, doesn’t mean he likes to though.

His “Kindness” however is there from time to time for anything or anyone that proves their use to him either in the long run or short term fun, his an advocate for waste not want not.  His also very manipulative and selfish, often speaking and acting in mannerisms that will benefit himself somehow but making it not seem like so. His cold and indifferent to those of no use or even entertainment, he can’t acknowledge things worth as much as the dirt he has to walk on when traveling outside from home. He isn’t with his good merits though he values himself quite highly and so blissfully good he offers these great fruits to help others see the path of his light among the madness of wasting their lives.

Habits/Quirks: Lust tends to enjoying his body a lot, often playing with self or ego stroking himself while talking

His got an natural habit to undress himself or others he finds to tickle his fancy, his also suggestive and vulgar.

He tends move a lot, not able to move in one place since he enjoys dancing  [/front]

Likes: Male bodies, muscles, himself, objects of pleasure or beauty, magic, sex, slaves, usefully people, strong fighters, desires.

Dislikes: Female bodies, fat, objects of Chasity or staleness, science, freedom fighters, useless people, weak fighters, restrainment.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window52

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window53
Lust is quite adapted at aiming his sights well, focusing on what he wants and getting it. His eyes are able to depict great detail from afar.This also added to his summons  

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window54
His body also is super sensitive for every pleasure and pain to become amplified to him more so then average.

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window58
Magic wise Lust is a phenomenal talent well versed in all forms of sorcery and godly powerfully incantations on a cosmic scale, his sin powers are exceeding strong as are his reserves to manifest them into reality with little to no effort. Freedom means he is not bound by fate and is able to conjure anything well in his imagination  

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window55
Speed and agility is quite remarkable since he is aware of every part of his body part of his body and how to control it as extremely well that he is a burst of energy and sexual energies to keep him going.This also added to his summons

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window56
Lust is not able to hold onto his fun for too long before his own release, he can however recover very quickly

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window57
. His physical form is based on looks rather than actually function but still he is remarkable strong and powerfully physically even amongst his kin. This also added to his summons

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window18
Item: Magical Jewels that adore Lust’s body
A magical horse crop that can extend into a massive long whip

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window19


[*](To each their own)-Lust’s abilities naturally take on his sexually preference, him and his summons a great deal more damage to female orientated characters or gender while males orientated characters or gender are much more variable to his charms and influences.

[*](Beauty before all)-His natural beauty and vanity by is protected by preventing his body from receiving any permanent damage or visible marks or issues to his appearance (skin, hair etc) from harm for any aesthetic damage. It will feel as smooth as silk, flawless as marble and glowing like moonlight (metaphorical) and exude delightful Pheromones that pleasantly tantalizes organic beings as a strong magical airborne toxic if pleasure. This all creates his powerfully magical and physical aura of Lust, desire, even love creates that helps educes towards him as an energetic sense around him based on an users sexual need as powerfully magic towards Lust regardless of sex, sexual orientation or species. Scents, physical sensations are all amplify greatly around him. Further the more lustfully energy around him the stronger and stronger he gets.

[*](You know you want me)-This power allows the user to be extremely persuasive to others and even him that can be used to try to influence others on varying levels to follow his side. It is determined by his influence, level of how much Lust wants it to be done and the others's will power and magical resistance, seemingly cogent commandment is far too compelling. Further those that are willing to follow him gain a large magical boost to their overall powers and self’s so long as they are following or aiding Lust while also making them more and more addicted power boost. Those that are affected by this and try to resist will be struggling against themselves and be crippled by a large amount so long as they are fighting him or not supporting him, further also causing them extreme pain based on how much they fight and magical resistance.

[*]( Grand summoner)- Lust is able to summon countless and imaginative range of monsters, minions, allies and any slaves that bend to his will at any point he wishes, he can even use some just certain aspects of themselves or their powers to his side, based on summon will determine the strain on his body to call. The stronger Lust can focus the better and more he can conjure, further he could also pump more of his power into whatever he calls. He can also empower allies and transfer supplementary on allies or cripple foes with powerfully debuffs. Summons also act as catalyst for Lust to rely his spells from to lunch from them. The more he summons the more his pets desires him thus making him stronger. He summons also gain power the stronger lust gets while they follow him. Summoning as a particularly form of magic has an even lesser amount that drains out from lust then any other action.


[*](Mind over body) Lust naturally magical talents truly revolve around illusions, charms and methods of manipulations of all the senses of all living matter, breaking the barrier between reality and imagination. The damage done in Lust’s illusions are strong enough to deal real damage to a victim’s body as well as mind depending on how much power is used. Further they can all so effect the physical and spiritual planes.    

Lust///A-Sin Eater  Window20
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