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Ignorance A-sin Eater

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Ignorance A-sin Eater

Post by Ray Mitchell on Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:39 pm

Name: Ignorance

Species: A-sin Eater

AppearanceAlthough ultimately formless and genderless; Ignorance portrays and defines itself as a female. Often taking the form of a woman in her teenage years, she has moderately short blonde hair, with emerald-hued eyes. Fair in skin that occasionally glimmers, she is relatively short in terms of humans.

AgeUnknown, even to her; although she does round down around 2500 years.

 PersonalityIgnorance is a exceptionally social individual. More than slightly gullible; she is particularly easy to manipulate her into doing something and otherwise control her. A considerably positive existance, despite being a negative entity; she is considerably innocent and carefree and nothing seems to faze her.

Habits/QuirksUnable to keep a functional thought for very long, she can be especially foriegn to the topic at hand, and doesn't really like to speak of boring things.

Likes: Anything that is entertaining to her.

Dislikes: People getting mad at her for being ignorant.

AlignmentChaotic Neutral



Ignorances Accuracy is somewhere in between low to average, with the occasional bulls eye.

Ignorance is highly resistant to magical attacks, but low resistant to mental attacks. She has moderate to moderately-high resistant to physical attacks.

Ignorances ability to use magic is especially low.

Ignorance is extremely limber and fast. She is fast because when she sees something she likes she would be there in no time (Paranoia can still beat her in a foot race)

Ignorance gets tired very easily.

Ignorance is up there in strength; and is capable of meta-human feats because of it.


Item: Bull whip of ignorance: this whip looks like a normal bull whip, with one difference. It can reach as far as the wielder can see. Other than that its just a normal bull whip. Ignorance tries to keep one on her at all times.

Ball Cap of Forgetfulness: Its just a normal looking ball cap but it protects Ignorance from most mental attacks. 

AbilitiesBlissful Ignorance: Seems to change everytime she uses it, although it most often has to do with her strength.

 HistoryWhat Ignorance knows is that her history was a long time ago, and she has forgotten more than a few facts; most replaced by fantasy. There is some truth to what she says, however.


Ray Mitchell

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