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Conner Sandal

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Conner Sandal

Post by Riley Oran on Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:34 am

External Characteristics

Name: Conner Sandal

Species: Lightning Elemental

Appearance: Variable

Age: 7


  • Conner's strength is equal to that of a normal human

  • Conner is literally as fast as lightning

  • Conner is can stop on a dime, and turn on one too

  • Conner's reaction time is so extreme that he has little trouble reacting while moving at high speeds


Internal Characteristics

Personality: A smooth talker who loves the ladies, Conner is a headstrong soldier first and a gentleman second. Stubborn and determined, Conner possesses a terrifying amount of will power. He is able to eventually overcome just about anything that can be, and because of his unique physiology is an extremely fast thinker. Polite to strangers and informal with friends, Conner comes off as a wise-ass about nearly everything, as he tends to view even utter disaster as though it's not a huge issue. As the youngest and the newest member of APAT, Conner is both looked after and watched by his fellows, who seem to determined to either keep him from injuring himself or someone else.

Habits/Quirks: Conner, being an entity of Nature's Raw Lightning, constantly wears gloves on his hands to keep others from being shocked when he touches them. As a result, he has an almost off-putting fascination with gloves.

Likes: Thunderstorms, Electricity, Using his energy to power objects

Dislikes: Water


Friends: Some of APAT

Acquaintances: Madeline

Associates: N/A

Organizations: APAT


  • Energy interference in Radix from the exterior of the dimension creates a new Elemental within that dimension-- a rare occurance

  • The Elemental initially takes shape of whatever group of living beings are around it at the time

  • APAT finds the Elemental and takes it in, raising it as an anti-power weapon. They are completely transparent about this

  • The Elemental eventually gains control over its form-changing and settles into a human appearance, taking the name Conner Sandal


Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Conner can manifest lightning from his body in a variety of methods and even turn into lightning briefly

  • Conner, if he falls into a significant amount of water, will die

  • Conner doesn't need to bathe

Riley Oran

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