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Post by Cain on Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:41 am

External Characteristics

Name: Cain, the Dread God

Appearance: His appearance is shrouded by a large, black cloak that covers his whole form. From beneath his hood, occasionally acid-green eyes are exposed by the lighting, but aside from that the only definitive things are his immense stature at nine-feet tall, and his rather large physique. He has square shoulders and big hands, though like the rest of him they are usually kept within his hood.

Age: 100,000+ years

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Brooding and serious, Cain has poor people skills and cuts right to brass tacks. He is blunt and cold when he speaks, often coming across as overly harsh. Despite this, he genuinely does care about the state of things and will often attempt to offer consolation to the grieving-- only to find his bluntness makes matters worse than they once were. He carries the weight of eons on his conscience, and takes his failures very seriously.

While he watches sentient life from afar, he seldom intervenes with it. He believes whole-heartedly that if he makes his presence known to them for too much or too long, they'll lust to be like him and drive themselves further away. Rather, he wants them to pick out a Paragon from amongst themselves in times of Crises, and understands that for sentient life to mature there must be war and tragedy alongside peace and celebration.

He is a very passive God, but when his wrath is incurred it is absolute.

Habits/Quirks: Cain is really protective of his cloak. He also has a bad habit of imposing his form over people when he speaks, in-advertantly appearing threatening.

Likes: Cain is neutral on most everything, though on occasion he takes to the inspired "Hero" and guides them along their journey. He has only done this a few times, but usually with good intentions. He really likes his cloak though.

Dislikes: Needless acts of retribution, especially when the Gods are the ones at work. He also dislikes people who try to take his cloak, or otherwise remove it.


Family: Brother, Mother, and Father-- all deceased

Friends: Ryuu, The Dragonbane

Acquaintances: Lust

Associates: Other Gods

Organizations: The Pantheon

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Nigh Absolute Existence
  • Nigh Absolute Will


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