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Tirena Moonshadow - Water Princess

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Tirena Moonshadow - Water Princess

Post by Tirena Moonshadow on Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:53 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Tirena Moonshadow, Princess of the Water

Species: Spriken (Human sized fairy)

Appearance: Tirena is a young woman who's height is 5'4'', she is a petite and slender girl so she only weights 125 lbs. She is a water spriken so she has a light skin color like that of the most beautiful marble. She wears a white dress that has short sleeves and near the bottom most part it is so thin that you can look through it but only near the bottom. She has long blue hair that is extremely beautiful, with eyes a soft blue that can make anyone feel at peace. Also on her back are two feather like blue wings that one would expect of a fairy to have and seem oh so fitting on Tirena's back as she uses them to fly.

Age: 18

Statistics: Tirena has average strength physically but with her magical connection to water she can lift things ten times her normal ability however it does take it out of her and she can't lift it for too long. She is relatively fast when flying, able to keep up with a running leopard or a car going 15mph when flying at max speed. When running she is of average speed. Tirena is an amazing dancer and master of the spell casting with her staff thanks to her mom for teaching her. She is good at giving anyone a good laugh, and immediately loves anyone and everyone she meets. Her strength is that of an average girl and her magic is superb when it comes to water. Her mental capacity is a little bit higher than average but not by much.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Tirena’s attitude is always set to happy or cheerful. She loves working with her water spells and strives to be the best she absolutely can be. She tries to follow her heart and do its every bidding, even if it leads her to heartache. She might be a little clumsy and she is a little shy. She’s not much into fighting and has a soft heart, but she is very determined when she needs to be.

Habits/Quirks: When she's bored or has nothing else to do Tirena will make small creatures and objects out of water. She also uses this method to calm down when she was angry or sad. She also loves to just have a good time even if that means singing to herself or the wildlife to even dancing alone in her home.

Likes: Dancing, having fun, ice cream and other sweet things, water and being in or around water. People, making others smile and lift their spirits. She loves storms as she feels they decorate the sky in a fascinating show of sound and light.

Dislikes: Bullies, extremely spicy food, close spaces as she is slightly claustrophobic when she is in something and can't get out of it, total and complete darkness, being or feeling alone.

Alignment: Good


Family: Yes, a mom, dad, and older brother named Saren.

Friends: Yes but names won't be disclosed as of right now.

Acquaintances: No one currently.

Associates: No one currently.

OrganizationsNone currently.

History: Tirena Moonshadow was born and raised in the Water Nation. She grew properly under the care of her mother, the queen, her father, the king, and her brother, the prince. She was very close with her family, especially her brother. Often times he'd be the one to play with her when no one else did, and though still young, he'd teach her some of the things he learned that day. Though sadly when Tirena was five years old, her brother mysteriously disappeared. No one knows what happened to him, just one day he didn't come home. Naturally, Tirena was saddened and very afraid for him. She prayed with all her might he wasn't hurt..or worse, though she dared never to think the latter- no matter how many rumors she heard. Admittedly, Tirena had to say his disappearence brought up many questions and she became wary of the stories she heard. Soon after her brother's disappearance, her father went off to go fight in the war. Tirena admired him greatly and respected his duty, but like she did with her brother, Tirena prayed everyday that he'd return home safely. Just recently, Tirena's mother had fallen ill, but due to what she did not know.

Abilities: Gifted by the water itself, Tirena can use the water around her, including the air as well as lakes and oaceans to even the water within her body, freely to her own ability of Water Manipulation. Also due to the staffs power itself, she can form special attacks she is unable to do so free handed, shown below-

The Waterbeam actually appears more like a beam of aurora light than water. The beam moves in a fluid way and Tirena is able to move the beam, making it turn or whip around by moving her staff. Once the beam was fired from the eye of the gem it would not stop until it hits something. The beam is fueled with the same amount of electricity that can be found in fifteen electric eels and the aurora light coloring from the beam moves like soft waves in the ocean that caress the shore of the beach. One strong thing about the Waterbeam is that when it is fired it goes straight down where it is pointed to and moves fairly quickly, about 50 mph. So It will go down but not necessarily straight. It will still be under Tirenas control until it hits something. If it hits something solid like a rock or a building it will cause item to explode (rock) or create a hole (wall) that is about 6 in. by 6 in. in diameter. If the beam hits a person it could penetrate the body (arms or legs mainly) as well as leave severe burns due to the water being almost up to boiling temperature and would cause the opponent to be shocked due to the electric sting coursing through the beam. The tip of the beam is sharp like any metal blade and is in the shape of a pole or rod. Thanks to its fluid motion the beam can sometimes look very much like that of a snake.

A. Fluid motion in both appearance of the beam and how it moves
B. Beam itself is 6 in. by 6 in. in diameter just like the blast it leaves in walls
C. Beam continues its course until it hits something no matter what it is, be it the ground, opponent, or rock/tree. It does not actually have a range or distance.

Water Cyclone:
Small water droplets form at the base of the staff and circle around the staff forming together at the very tip. Then the droplets shoot out in a strong cyclone of water going at about 30 mph and the cyclone shoots as far as 20 ft. The damage dealt by the cyclone is equivalent to the force of a whirlpool. If hit by the cyclone you will feel the sharp pain of being blasted by fast water, it hurts so much it is sometimes mistaken as burning. The water droplets deal no damage, and the spell lasts one post.

Water Leak:
She can freely spread water across the floor (120 sq. ft. max) mostly depending on the environment. The water spreads out in front of Tirena and a few centimeters behind her. If she decides to make the floor covered with ice she must first put the water on the floor and then in the second post the water freezes (unless water is already there in which case it will all happen in one post) and then the ice would only be one inch thick. (take out a ruler and look you'll be surprised)

Now for her natural skills/spells that she can do without her weapon in hand. 

Bubble Mist:
Tirena places her hands at her chest, her hands crossing each other and a pulsing bubble forms in the middle of her hands. When she pushes her hands apart a jet of bubbles shoots out. The bubbles don’t do any harm and once they pop a mist comes from them covering a radius of 20 ft around Tirena. Again it does no damage to anyone it just causes vision to be blurry and Tirena can be fully hidden during the activation of the spell. So it lasts one post.

Tirena is able to place water on a wound and begin to heal it. It ranges from small cuts that can be fully healed up to second degree burns that only dull or numb the pain and kill off bacteria, but the scar or mark of the burn remains. The water seeps into the wound to kill the bacteria. The biggest wound she can heal with this spell would be less then half an inch deep. Any bigger than that and the spell would only dull the pain as if it was one size smaller. The spell takes a few seconds to If the spell is interrupted it would only do the minimal healing. This spell is self castable and can only heal one wound at a time.

A.  It heals mild wounds, up to second degree burns if they're fairly small, like half inch deep gashes

B. Bigger wounds will only have the pain dulled to feel like a one size smaller wound

C. The spell takes a few seconds to complete the healing process and if it is interrupted the pain would only be dulled as if it were a bigger wound ad would have to be cast again to get the full treatment

D. It can only heal one wound per cast

Pure Water Manipulation:
Tirena can easily create small harmless creatures that she can control and tell stories with. These harmless creatures pretty much can pop like a bubble when touched, unless being touched by Tirena. She can also perform little tricks that cause no harm whatsoever. For example, a small waterfall in her hand or a web of water. Pretty much anything she wanted but it causes absolutely no harm. At all. Not even a tiny bit. These are pretty much the size of her hands and as long as her arm if she so chooses.

Water Manipulation - Shields:
She can make a water shield the size of a shield that would be used by a knight of King Arthur, or can make it grow to be the size of a wall. When she makes the hand shield (will always be the size of a regular shield found in King Arthur times) she is allowed to dual wield with it by creating a sword or whip in the other hand. She can not make a shield if both hands are occupied be it by a two handed weapon or by any other means. When she makes walls they can only extend as wide as Tirenas arms can spread (so probably about 4 to 5 ft wide and it is just 5 inches above Tirenas head.) If she casts this spell again then she can double the length and height but not the durability. Same goes for when she makes domes. The dome is the same dimensions as the wall only difference is the dome covers all of her sides except beneath her. If she casts the dome again she can make it twice as big but like the wall, not any stronger. She can repair the wall/dome by casting the spell again and they are in sections. Any item of defense she creates can usually takes 4 direct hits from a weapon.

Water Manipulation - Weapons:
Tirena can create weapons of water and freeze or boil them if she so chooses. These weapons can only be close combat weapons like blades, daggers, whips, and things like that. She can only make one weapon per post. Two physical hits per weapon can break the weapons.

Water Manipulation - Items:
Tirena can create items of water and freeze them if she so chooses. This goes from every day house hold items to clothing such as gloves, straight jacket, boots, etc. She can also make things such as rope (15 ft max in length), a canteen, or any survival like item. She can only make one item per post. These items can, if Tirena chooses to use them this way, block one physical hit but then they are broken.

Allows elemental manipulation and the spawning of massive amounts of water. Also, up to Tirenas magical affinity, allows her clothes, weapons, and body to be a liquid like water or hardened into ice. She is able to instantly reform at her own will.

Sometimes Tirena uses this as a way to make a grand entrance. By using the water from a fountain, or any kind of body of water, she can have a sort of small white blossom (appearance would be as if a rose and a water lily had a baby) appear in the middle of the water and it will start to grow and turn more into a closed rose until it gets to be about the size of Tirena. Once it is there the flower opens to reveal Tirena walking out of it. Once Tirena is out of the flower, the rose dissolves into droplets of water and the fountain, or water source, is back to normal. The flower is done using her water manipulation spell.

Item: An enchanted water staff that is made from the softest yet strongest form of metal. Its long and slender body is solid black and the neck of the staff is beautiful blue. The blue coloring is actually water that was solidified, but was still able to move on the inside. It is encased within unbreakable crystal. Connected at the top of the water is a beautiful gem that is formed by frozen water placed inside crystal. From this gem Tirena performs all her attacks. Connecting the watery neck to the black body is silver daimond that had been cut down until it was soft. Same for the silver around the gem and at the bottom of the body that holds the frozen water kept within crystal base. The base can be used as a small dagger or knife. Whenever Tirena cuts her opponent with the base water leaks out onto the foe wherever she cut him and allows Tirena to morph the access water into whatever she wants to.

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