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Dimensional Layers

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Dimensional Layers

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:35 pm

Dimension, despite their apparent simplicity in terms of organization, have an element to their design that is hidden from the mortal viewer. Each dimension is layered with different planes in itself, though usually the standard amount is three layers (more and less have both been confirmed). Usually, there is a always a "shadow" plane and a "higher" plane. The plane living beings are most experienced with is the mortal plane.

These three layers coexist over top of one another, in direct conflict. However, few mortals can observe either of these subsidiary planes, and only very seldom can they interact with them. These two planes can only be observed by unconscious processes. Despite being termed "layers" the Shadow and Higher aspects are not separated from the mortal plane except by terms of perception.

The Shadow plane preserves echoes of what has been, what is, and what can be. Essentially, people who see "ghosts" see this plane, as do people who have a psychically-based Retrocognition or Precognition. This plane is the information plane in essence, and conceals within itself the secrets of the dimension that it is involved in, and essentially casts the illusion to certain beings that everything happens at once. It is possible for extremely weak entities from outside the dimension to inhabit this plane, as well as extremely powerful ones who can shift their existence.

The Shadow plane also mirrors the mortal world, with the darker aspects of humanity being embodied here alongside the reality. In that essence, those who are nihilist, cynical, close-minded or otherwise see dark shapes and twisted spires upon viewing this plane, typically calling it hell.

The Higher plane is where incorporeal beings (such as demons or angels) dwell. This plane can be seen as the one that only those with heightened states of awareness can view. It contains no information in itself, but a lot of people who are temporarily suspended from their bodies during their moments before death can see this plane, usually characterized by "light". The higher plane is, like the Shadow plane, a mirror of the mortal world. Those with positive traits generally see the world as some kind of paradise, though the reality is that it might actually be far more dangerous than it appears.

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