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Nyst History  Empty Nyst History

Post by Cain on Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:16 pm

Seventy Years Ago: Earthlings being to experiment with space travel, and their technology advances fairly quickly. Having conquered their planet, they've turned towards the stars

  • Shortly after the Earthlings have kicked space faring efforts into full swing, they discover an asteroid just three years shy of hitting earth. Its too close and too large to move effectively, and will undoubtedly render the earth uninhabitable when it hits

Sixty-Seven Years Ago:Working right down to the wire for the previous three years, Earthlings constructed close to a thousand large, interstellar space ships. They will carry the best and brightest of the Earth aboard, as well as some of the flora and fauna to a new planet, ION-XIX

  • Earth is obliterated and most of its population is wiped out. The ships set sail to their new world, holding a total number of 1 million Earthlings, mostly consisting of Humans.
  • The next forty years are spent in space, with the remnants of Earth growing ever closer to ION-XIX

Twenty-Seven Years Ago: Most of Earth's ships make it to ION-XIX, while others have either been lost in space or are simply lagging behind by years due to technical malfunctions. They land and immediately begin to assess their environment, encountering the Drage and living peacefully with them for a time.

Twenty-Three Years Ago:Mounting tensions from the "New Earth" movement explode as Earthlings infringe on several of the Drage's holy sites. A war begins in earnest between the Earthlings and the Drage.

  • Some of Earth's ships have made it to the same system, but landed on different planets. Without the proper climate the projection for their survival is slim. The convert their ships into small cities and start to use their seeds and soil to sew crops and raise surviving animals as livestock.

Twenty Years Ago: Despite superior technology, the Earthlings are driven back to a localized area and bring as much salvage and weaponry with them as they can. They begin to build a massive tower that reaches into the sky, and the Drage relent somewhat. The war is essentially over, with the Drage victorious.

Fourteen Years Ago: The Tower, now called Babel, has finished construction, and the Earthlings have began to reconnect with those of them scattered through the solar system. They've constructed small ships that can traverse the planets in the name of trade and advancement, attempting to keep the remaining Earthlings alive.

  • Drage have began to salvage Earth's weapons and technology. Their applications are limited, but a few facilities enable the smartest among them to enhance their warriors through cybernetics, and enhance their weaponry. They also learn to augment their magic via simlar methods

Current: A tenuous peace has been maintained. Earthlings have mostly retreated to the heights of Babylon, though an intrepid few still explore the wilds of ION-XIX. The Drage remain wary of their new neighbors, and keep a watchful eye over them.

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Nyst History  Empty Saiya-jin Planet Destroyed

Post by Riley Oran on Mon May 05, 2014 12:40 pm

Dissident survivors crossed dimensional boundaries and arrived on the Saiya-jin Planet, wiping it out. It is unknown how many Saiya-jin escaped being converted into Dissident, or death. The situation has been contained by Cain. No further contamination is expected.

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Nyst History  Empty Earthquake

Post by Riley Oran on Mon May 05, 2014 12:42 pm

A small tremor occurred during "A New Ward" due to Cain's power. Damage is minimal, but Earth's scientists are currently investigating possible causes while the Drage have contacted their ancestor spirits on the subject. Currently, to the mortals, the cause of the earthquake was unknown. 

The effects were not. Things damaged in Babel are limited to small buildings collapsing due to rusted supports, and some objects on corners of tables falling off of them. Aside from that, not much has occurred. In terms of the Drage, they've weathered the event fine. 

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[21:52:35] Astral : I simply want the readers to be as passionate about my story as I am

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Nyst History  Empty Re: Nyst History

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