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Amaterasu (WIP)

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Amaterasu (WIP) Empty Amaterasu (WIP)

Post by Elodie on Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:44 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Amaterasu (Gerda Dahl)

Species: Kami Goddess

Appearance: Amaterasu (WIP) 1159109-bigthumbnail
Gerda Dahl wasn't a beauty like the rest of her royal family but an ugly duckling, Standing at 5'7 she was taller than the rest of the royal court's women but not as graceful. She had a large nose and bigger feet than the rest, she had long blonde hair and hazel eyes. As a princess, she dressed in long dresses, corsets, and riding gear to ride and tame horses. But she enjoyed wearing pants and normal shorts since she loved to garden.

Amaterasu (WIP) Goddess10
When she turned into Amaterasu, she still had her long blonde hair but her awkward features turned beautiful with golden eyes to match. Everywhere she was, she had an luminous glow to her since she is the sun goddess.

Age: Gerda Dahl ( 19)

Amaterasu (99,457)

Internal Characteristics

Personality: As Gerda Dahl, she was a shy and awkward girl she wouldn't look anyone in the eye while talking, she was clumsy and followed the beat of her own drum. She hated listening to the ideas of others, She was an introvert but she hated being alone so she surrounded herself with royals from other countries even if she didn't like them. She was well known for getting too attached to her chosen suitors for instance she stalked them, walked into their castles without permission, steal some of their clothing to get a whiff of their scent, and she would insult their lady friends. She wasn't the Dutch's favorite for being unattractive and clingy. She had a love for gardening and the sun, she loved picking fruits and vegtables and making a stew out of them which she is famous for in modern day Netherlands.

As Amaterasu, she has grown from her rude introverted personality. She is now more confident and extroverted, very motherly to the minor Kami and her and Suijin's servents, she cooks for them and even clean up their rooms. She is loved by the mermaids and mermen for her nice motherly nature, She had a few demigods and always came down to train and help them out she would along with Tatsu(the old servant) warned Sujin's half human children and gave them shelter. Besides her motherly and likeable nature, she was compulsive and always obsessed with Suijin's whereabouts doing things like spying on him through her glass ball and going overboard like threatning the mortal women he flirts or sleeps with! She also still hates being alone and surrounds herself with people as much as she can.

Habits/Quirks: Counts steps taken while walking, eats only hot food, spying on Suijin, visiting the Underworld just to upset Suijin's past mortal women, having a bouncy walk, hugging strangers, gets easily cold, and can identify any plant.


  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • The sun
  • Sunny places
  • People
  • Suijin
  • The minor Kami
  • Being surrounded by people
  • Parties


  • Wilted plants
    Windy days
    Cold Areas
    Mortal Women
    Rainy days
    Suijin sleeping around
    Being Alone

Alignment: Neutral Good


Family: Klara Dahl - Mother
Gregor Dahl - Father
Fransica - Older sister
Herold -Younger brother

Suijin - Husband - Water Kami God
Hanako - Daughter with Sujin - Minor Kami goddess of Earth
Genji - Son with mortal
Kana - Daughter with mortal
Misaki - Daughter with mortal
Tsukiyomi - Ex Husband - Kami God of the moon

(As Gerda Dahl)

Verena Groer -Friend, Princess of Austria
Ernesta Prieto - Friend, Young Queen of Spain
Demetria Bell - Friend, A young British Duchess
Noémie Michiels - Friend, Princess of Belgium (Twin)
Léonie Michiels - Friend, Princess of Belguim (Twin)
Ivonette Gruper - Friend, Princess of Germany
Dierk Conrad - Suitor, Prince of Prussia
Issak Pasternack - Suitor, Prince of Russia
Abernethy Buchanan - Suitor, Prince of Scotland
Treffor Rhys - Suitor, Prince of Wales

As Amaterasu

Tatsu/Finn - Servant/Human
Reiko - Servant/ Mermaid
Hisao - Servant/ Demigod child of Otohime
Sachi - Servant/Nephlim
Ken - Servant/Neko/Older Brother of Kaori
Kaori - Servant/Neko/Younger Sister of Ken
Naoki - Servant/Human
Takahiro - Servant/Merman
Noemi - Servant/Siren
Nagisa - Servant/Mermaid
Masumi - Servant/Merman
Hotaka - Servant/Saiya-jin
Hairi - Servant/Neko
Ayame - Servant/Human
Kenji - Servant/Merman
Sakura - Servant/ Demigod daughter of Tsukiyomi

The merpeople

Uzume - Best Friend/Kami Goddess of Dawn

Acquaintances: Raijin - Enemy/Kami God of Lightning

Associates: Who do you do business with?

Organizations: The Kami God Association

History:  As Gerda Dahl:
[*]Gerda Dahl was born in Middle Age Netherlands into a royal family, four years after her sister Francisca 
[*]At the age of fourteen, she entered the royal court with no poise or grace causing the royal family members to dislike her.
[*]At the age of fifteen, she started going to parties and surrounding herself with other princesses suddenly hating the social circle but loving the feeling of being surrounded.
[*]In the same year, she is introduced to her first suitor Dierk the prince of Prussia
[*]Gerda quickly fell in love with Dierk and started to spy on him beyond the castle walls.
[*]Gerda would be furious if she saw him talking to her beautiful maids and poisoned one of their wine goblets.
[*]The maid died, instead of arresting to princess they put an innocent man in jail.
[*]Dierk knew about Gerda's murder and left the Netherlands never returning again.
[*]At the age of sixteen, Gerda was introduced to another suitor named Issak a prince of Russia.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

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