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Aetra Veirennia

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Aetra Veirennia

Post by Aetra on Thu May 01, 2014 4:16 am

External Characteristics

Name: Legal name: "Deuas; Aetra moe nus Veirennia nixnes". Family name: "Aetra Veirennia". AKA; "Nuye's rider", "Techmaturge", "Wielder of the box".

Species: Hyledian

Sex: Female

Appearance: Aetra is a Median (One of two subspecies of Hyledian), with halfway-to-shoulder length deep crimson hair. She stands at about 5'3" which is rather tall for a female. She weighs in at about 130 lbs. Her build is slightly above average for her people, even eclipsing some males in strength. Her form is still thin and light, but her musculature can be seen as more defined than on most females. Her tails, of which there are two that are about 1 meter each in size, are colored to match her hair, perhaps even a touch darker. Her facial features are generally soft, with notably soft eyes. Her eyes are odd, where there is one of a color, and one of another. Her left eye is deep blue, and her right is bright purple, close to a pink even. She has a small freckle-like birthmark on her lower left arm, situated just behind and to the right of the wrist. She has a scratch on her right cheek, running diagonally that is about 3 cm long nearly centered quite perfectly on her cheek, it's not very deep, but noticeable. There's also a permanent black mark (A very old burn) on her right shoulder along the side and back, which is about 3 cm in all directions. ...It is only because I must that I describe her chest size, which is 36B in human bra cup size, as I (The writer) find no pleasure in discussing anyone's breasts openly without permission to do so, and even then is rather uncomfortable, hence why I make note of it.... I leave any other speculation regarding her measurements to imagination, where it belongs.
Unless otherwise noted she is in a jumpsuit that was made specifically for operating her mechanized armor, Nuye (The unit is described later on). The suit itself is a bright green color, and is comprised of skintight rubberized materials. There is a crystal situated just above and between the breasts that measures at 1 cm in diameter, and is prismatic in color, based on lighting. The crystal serves as an "Identification" and only one who possesses it can open Nuye (But not necessarily operate it). There is, of course, a hooking system in place in several places along the back to keep the suit on, as opposed to zippers (Which have yet to be invented by her or any other member of her species).

Age: 49 solar cycles. But given that a solar cycle (a year) is about 5/8 the length of an earthen one, and that their longevity is about 580 cycles, she's actually rather young, only just reaching maturity by her species standard.


  • Strong for a woman, but nothing inhuman
  • Fairly agile, but nothing extraordinary.
  • Not the most hardy, perhaps even a tad frail.
  • Adept enough to use elementary magic, but never delved too far.
  • Highly intelligent, well above average, Genius by definition in contrast to her people.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: As willful as she is studious, Aetra is unfettered by the pressure of foreign will. Having been cast out of normal society by her peers, she's developed a minor superiority complex to deal with the stress of losing civilized contact. Willing to share in wisdom, but guards any knowledge that is potentially hazardous with a jealous streak.

Habits/Quirks: Occasionally seen as being lost in thought. Intentionally distances herself from others, hoping they'll seek her out. Occasionally known to mutter musings, only to retract them if asked to clarify.

Likes: Open minded people, tomes, gaining knowledge, flirting (but won't dare approach someone to initiate it, and will likely try to distance herself if someone tries to with her, despite wanting it), and figuring out how things work.

Dislikes: Closed minds, superiority complexes (Go figure), being made to look the fool, allergens.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral


Family: Ties severed. Deceased mother, deceased brother.

Friends: Deuas; Nichton muud Bechinhauken dil, Terinad; Mixtros muud Silnivimmia dil.

Acquaintances: N/A

Associates: (See friends)

Organizations: None

History: Born on the 63rd day of the third season, during the 197th solar cycle of the 4th greater cycle, Aetra was born during the equinox of seasons, just barely before the dawn of the fourth, making her a "Moe Nus", as opposed to one or the other. The Hyledian people name based on the circumstances of their birth, as well as by family name and given name. As such, it is listed thusly: Patron deity (Determined by solar cycle); Given name, Seasonal name, Family name, and Greater family name.

Aetra was not truly a noteworthy birth, save that she was born on an equinox, which was not unheard of. Those born on an equinox are said to have a greater power gifted from both elements associated with their seasons, and often become powerful mages. In a strange twist of irony, Aetra was born magically deficient, and it served to balance out her natural boon given by the seasonal birth. In her youth she helped her family with the family trade of metalcrafting, a trick she'd grow to use many times later on in her lifetime. Growing up she instead favored reading texts and tomes given to her by the clergy of the Grand church in her free time. The way they explained how the world worked was her favorite subject, and she studied meticulously. She was a veritable bastion of knowledge, and her faith was nothing lacking, and she was given the opportunity to serve as a lesser medium, a person who summons forth spirits to protect the people from demonic harm.
It was immediately after this offer that her life began to change, drastically. She encountered a Hyle, Deuas; Nichton muud Bechinhauken dil, a chemist he claimed to be. Chemistry was all but foreign in concept to her, especially given that it was usually frowned upon by the Grand church. But, her curious mind won her over. Had she chosen faith, she'd be living a very different life now. The man spoke of mixtures of elemental properties from magics, and various floral, faunal, and earthen objects that could be "Remade" to do something better or different. He claimed to be able to cure poisons with the poisons themselves. While it was all so alien, she stuck around, only to find it was all true. The church claimed that there was no such thing, no way to cure disease aside from the intervention of the divine, but after seeing it firsthand, doubt finally entered her heart. She still maintained her faith though, ever true to the grand three deities, she would go on to work as a chemist as well in secret, and named all of her concoctions after traits of the sovereign deities. It was a secret life, but a happy one.
There was a particular event however that changed it all. Upon creating something new, a cure for a bizarre disease that reduced people to the ashes from whence they came (Not all at once mind you), she decided it would be to the benefit of all to bring it to the public's attention. What she found was that it was so poorly received due to influence of the Grand church that they began to cast her out, exclude her from many things. The church slowly found out these "Chemists" and called them demon-callers, claiming that they made pacts with demons to make false cures. Betrayed by her own church, she almost sought out forgiveness, but was stopped by a Median friend with the snub-tail, Terinad; Mixtros muud Silnivimmia dil. Mixtros was another chemist, found during her ventures into the science. He told the story of how he was imprisoned and tortured when he was tried for heresy. Yet despite his pleads for forgiveness, they had none for him. His escape was miraculous, and the only reason he lives this day was thanks to a sacrifice from a friend. The tale slowly shook all faith out of Aetra, and she became a heretic by choice.
The three chemists lived on for a dozen or so solar cycles, always in hiding, but never really pursued until later. During this "Peace-time" Aetra had a streak of brilliance, and began to hone her old skills for metallurgy. Soon she created not only basic gear, but actually started piecing them together and using a very new invention called "Gears" to create devices that, when powered by magic, could tell the time of day. The fascinating science lead to bigger, better, far more inventive uses for such things. Rudimentary robotics was thus born on the world.
Despite all the progress, all the learning, she was never satisfied, and always needed to know more about the workings of the world. Her art grew from art, to science, to perfection in her eyes. These robotics became her forte, and were always advancing bigger and better every day. Her colleagues also began to specialize, and found themselves focusing on new tasks. Mixtros began to study magical crystals that could be manufacted to serve as amplifiers for magics, and could fundamentally change how they worked on a baser level. He would go on to become an archmage, despite having only average magical skill.
Far more interesting however was the now reclusive Nichton. He began to study energy on a fundamental level. How it worked, where it came from.... Magic and physical being all carried different energies, and with some effort, some could be harnessed. One day, he created something, a true masterpiece of technology. After being holed up for weeks in his study, he came out with a box. The box was small enough to be held in one hand, but he claimed it was the most powerful source of technology ever created. The optimistic view was wonderful, except for that he personally claimed to not know how it worked. Bizarre as it was, he claimed it came to him in a dream, that the design eluded him almost entirely until that point.
It was, unfortunately a short lived, if odd victory. While they studied, the grand church came under new, more authoritative leadership. And they actively sought and hunted down chemists, whom they blamed for nearly every event that caused them pains. They found the trio, and the fight began. Using their respective technologies, they fended off the brigade. Unfortunately during the madness, Nichton disappeared. For fear of his capture, the pair left to find him, to free him. It took a solar cycle, but they found their way to the church's true seat of power, the only place they could safely keep someone out of sight. The pair fought their way in, intending to only incapacitate guards and soldiers on the way. They did succeed, but it wasn't long before they'd found him. Nichton was there, and appeared quite well. Unfortunately they soon found it to be untrue, he was not at all well. The church's torture had driven him mad, and once freed he began to slaughter everyone he could find, making his way to the seat of power.
Despite their pleadings to just away, he would not. A fight ensued, and the archmage and Aetra fought back, her robotic equipment and suit, and his magic, against the man's box. At first, he didn't seem to do much, but they realized soon after he was stealing the power of their fight, and began to unleash it back at them. The suit was damaged and the power supply rended worthless. The guards finally managed to rally during their fight, and they surrounded the group. In madness, and desperation, Nichton unleashed all of the power of the box. What happened next is all haze, Aetra's memory from that point is faded. All she knows is that somehow she ended up all alone, in another place, another time.
Here was not only her suit, but some of the archmage's lenses, and amidst the debris, the box.
Taking the time first to learn of her surroundings, she gathered every bit of the technology, and the box too and hid them in one place. She spent some time learning that this was definitely not her world. Perhaps another realm that was far out in existence... Wherever she was, she knew she had to find a way to survive. And for 3 more solar cycles worth of time, she worked to make a home out of this wasteland. The bitter dark of the land was a testament to the lack of life here, and the flora and fauna were all dying or weak, save for a few alpha predators. Finally she took the technology and found that the box could contain energy from events, but it had to be set up to do so ahead of time. The lenses of the archmage could turn any energy into something the box could digest, and that the box, when she (with great pains) made a special tether, could power her suit. Finally it was complete, a suit with potentially limitless energy at it's beck and call. The wasteland had taught her one thing, this world was not safe. She refused to leave the suit after it's repair, and many times only survived for that reason.
When food finally became improbable, she made a trek out into the wilderness, forsaking her short term home in this barren land.

Abilities: Aetra herself is not extraordainary, only keeping basic skills of smithing, chemistry, alchemy, and lesser magics.
Flame: Aetra can create a small flame that will sustain itself as long as there is some source of fuel, be it magical or physical. It takes a moment to create, but isn't very powerful. If she spends a long time, she can channel it to become capable of smelting for short durations.

Drench: She can also create water to snuff said flames out, quenching them with magically devised "Psuedo water". It's quantities are low when made, but usually sufficient for putting out a smelter when needed.

Rune: She managed to learn about rune magic through a friend. Runes have a variety of applications, but in essence serve to either A; Bind together two objects through many types of conceivable magical tether, or B; Reduce a particular matter to the baser elements that make it up. A small percentage of the elements are lost in this way, and so using it to make something light of load, only to re-tether it later, would be unwise.

Chemist's touch: Once they experimented with regenerative properties, and imbued some parts of themselves (In Aetra's case her left hand and arm) with the oils that encouraged such healing. As such, wounds can be slowly regenerated by touch but it must remain constant, as the oils are created by glands, and dissolved after use, they don't stick.

Pocket portal: Also devised of a colleague's research, the pocket portal is a small dimension created artificially. This dimension is not in any way linked to the current one, and cannot on it's own be used to move through any other space. However, the machine can maintain up to two portals at any given time. These portals can be placed on any hard surface, but must be placed before activation. The portals are red rings with white "Greebly bits" around the edges and small white orbs adorning the surface. The ring itself when not activated is hollow in the center. These rings are about 7 meters, giving about 6 meters of portal space when active. The rings can be carried, with great efforts, but are usually mounted to the back of Nuye, and deployed from there too. A computer on the Nuye, and on the edges of each ring, control the activation of each portal. Each ring has a power supply that can last for up to 3 minutes worth of time active before needing to charge. They currently only charge off of Nuye and they bechinhauken box. The pocket dimension itself has no physical properties of any kind, nor gravity. There is a single one "Rock" within that looks akin to an asteroid, which was left by the previous owner. The object is also shaped like a ring, but it's edges are rough and craggy. It's size is comparable to the rings that allow access to the dimension. This rock used to be whole, but Aetra carved a hole through, so that she can use the portal to abuse the laws of physics in other worlds uninterrupted.

Spawn bugs: Aetra also developed very small "Bugs" made of machine. She has about a dozen currently, and they function just to service and repair any technology she has the tools to service. Their tools include welding, Etching, and pinching tools, as well as a small emp device should they be threatened. This device does little to a person, but can short out anything based on electric energies. The bugs are about .3 meters in diameter.

Item: Nuye: When preparing for combat, Aetra will always be within her armored suit. The suit is named Nuye, and is based on a beast of bizarre design. it has the face of a cat, the torso of a Tanuki, Tiger limbs, Wings like an eagle mounted to the back (However there are 4 wings, as opposed to an eagle's 2), and it's three tails are all tipped with snake heads. The metallic suit is not sentient, and is worthless with no pilot. It is powered by the Bechinhauken box, and can also tap into magical energies of the pilot. The box is housed within it's mouth, and can absorb incoming energies, assuming the appropriate crystal filter is in place. The limb's bending points are simple gears covered in rubber ribbing. They could be considered weak points, but they're still made of a very durable metal, adamantine to be precise. The whole body is made of the substance, and has a faint red tinge although the primary color is silvery. The unit is about 15 meters long if the tails are not measured, it is about 3 meters wide, and is about the same height. The tails add an extra 5 meters, and can bend in a 280 degree radius from the base. The "cockpit" or pilot seating is centered 7 meters back from the front, and is within the torso of the unit. The pilot is lying belly first inside when seated, and all controls are where the hands would rest. The middle of the "Seating" is raised slightly to support the posture of the pilot, and pedals at the place for footing operate the stabilizers. There is a monitor of crystal that shows visual from the eyes of the unit within the cockpit, and smaller monitors for the heads of the snakes on the tails. The unit, unless otherwise noted, moves just like an animal of the same shape would. The snake head tails can draw some energy from either the pilot or the power supply (In this case, the bechinhauken box) and can shoot out small bolts of lightning-aspected energy up to 40 meters away. The beast's mouth can "Breathe" water created artificially by the energy stored within the bechinhauken box at temperatures of -45 degrees Celcius. The fluid stays liquid for 2 seconds after blasting due to magical influence increasing the duration of liquid remaining liquid under the laws of supercooling. The design for the coolant system was based partially on real animals, using "Lungs" to keep air flowing through the unit. These "lungs" act similarly to real animal lungs in that they will affect the posture of the unit when active, although the size of the unit won't adjust, the posture will to allow optimal airflow at key points throughout the unit during operation.

The other items she keep are the unishield, and the Bechinhauken box, she'll keep these even if caught off guard.

Unishield: The Unishield is a shield with a hook on the top, three phials in the back, a frontal hook (This hook is interior though, like a bottle cap opener kind of hook) placed in the middle of the upper right quadrant, and a dagger hidden in the side that can be popped out with the slide of a tab. The shield is otherwise slightly oval-shaped, with the edges that are 90 degrees from the hook on top being the wider point of the shield. This wide point is .7 meters from one end to the other, whereas the shorter side is .6 meters. The shield is strapped to the wrist like a buckler is, with two leather straps to hold the hand in place. They can be adjusted via metallic snapping-bits on the ends of the belts.

Bechinhauken's box: The box itself, in a short description, is capable of absorbing a few short moments in time and storing it like a video or memory. But instead of simply recording it like a video, it records all of the potential energy involved in the event within pre-specified parameters. It can also release all that energy at once either as raw energy, or to play that event in another place and time that the user would see fit. The energy is lost on release, and while the box maintains a basic energy level indefinitely, it is by far not enough to do anything more than power the suit or perform menial tasks. It naturally absorbs sunlight all the time, so it will usually passively charge itself. It can be dangerous however, as if it were to all be released at once, the damage could be catastrophic. The box is .2 meters in diameter.

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