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Pocket Dimension Creation: Great Quag

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Pocket Dimension Creation: Great Quag

Post by The Hunter on Thu May 01, 2014 11:30 pm

Great Quag

The Pocket Dimension created by The Hunter is specifically designed to take Freedom away from those who take it away from others - he is not just, he's petty. In this universe, he is able to bestow those inside with Limited Freedom - they are unbound to all laws while inside, except by the universe's and are subject to have Limited Freedom be inactive at The Hunter's will. Otherwise, it acts as Freedom does in other regards.

Only The Hunter may access this universe, and the Great Quag only has two areas. One is the 'Active Zone', which is different on each entrance of the area. Whenever the Hunter goes into this Dimension, it copies his previous location he was at + 100 miles in every direction, including the skyline and underground. There is no noticeable difference, physically, to the change in location. The Hunter can bring any number of people into the Quag, but this generally is against his nature (as it prevents people from being free). He can banish anyone from this universe at any time, as well as summon people there (though obvious limitations of willing someone into/out of his universe apply).

The other Zone can only be traversed through a passageway accessible only when The Hunter is present and his portalling. Its not that other portals are negated, its that they cannot exist in that universe. The other zone is called the Cage.

In the Cage, it's is an infinite marsh (swampy, sticky, dead trees) in all directions that are not pleasant or unpleasant. Creatures / people both deadly and friendly inhabit this environment. Anyone within the Great Marsh are subject to a natural siphoning of their energies that is transferred to The Hunter at his command. He can also draw from their powers and abilities, but does not necessarily give him efficiency.

(Obviously, I'm in need of help fleshing out and rewording this conceptual pocket.)

The Hunter

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Re: Pocket Dimension Creation: Great Quag

Post by Cain on Fri May 02, 2014 8:35 am

As it is, I actually understand how it works just fine. I only have two questions: what kinds of creatures and beings inhabit the great marsh? I don't necessarily mean species because that can be fleshed out, but what kind of beings are they? Are they intelligent? Animals? Savage? The second question would be, how did they get there? I don't need specific species, just something that defines what they are. My natural assumption is that they were brought over, but I could be wrong.

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Re: Pocket Dimension Creation: Great Quag

Post by The Hunter on Sat May 03, 2014 3:30 am

The lifeforms are simply natives of this universe - deceptive, elf like creatures that only trust eachother, and even then rarely. They choose to live in the great marsh in service to the Hunter for two reasons - 1) They enjoy the lawless freedom the Marsh gives and 2) It's the life they know. They were invented from crystallized Freedom and naturally populated the Marsh. They're appearances are similar to the below, but may vary.


The beasts were created as prey for the natives, known as the Marshans, but over time have become extremely dangerous in some strains. They are feral and can range from boars, wurms, piranha (in the deeper Marsh waters), snakes, pumas, and more dangerous beasts. You mainly can just rule out seeing mythical creatures in the Marsh, such as dragons, centaurs, hydras, sphinx, etc. They are all, however, twisted in appearance, their fur and scales matching the black-green of the Marsh. They are much tougher than their natural counterparts and have adapted to the marsh environments - stringy, fluid tentacle-like manes for the lions, fins on beasts for mobility, etc. It is really up to the RP'er to create a unique experience with these twisted Marshan animals.

What do you think?

The Hunter

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Re: Pocket Dimension Creation: Great Quag

Post by Riley Oran on Sat May 03, 2014 7:07 am

It sound very interesting to speak the least of it. I have no more questions.

If nobody else has any questions within the next set of hours, this will be constructed as a world beneath Radix.

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Re: Pocket Dimension Creation: Great Quag

Post by Sponsored content

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