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Ancient Timeline (1st)

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Ancient Timeline (1st)

Post by Cain on Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:47 pm

Innumerable Years Ago: the beginning

Zero Moment: The Omniverse comes into existence. Smaller Multiverses, Universes, and Dimensions begin to inhabit The Void. The planets start to form in their various planes of existence, and as the spark of life develops it connects to the Core

Infinite Lives: The Spark of Life divides, and sentient life starts to develop across the Omniverse. Sometime afterwards, within The Void energy beings start to be born from the residual energy of the Zero Moment Event and corrupted pieces of the Spark of Life

  • Dragon Bane is forged by a being called Substitute with the express purpose of being able to bend reality to slay powerful energy beings
  • Eden Resonance (Sleepers): Energy Beings from the void, seeking to feed on Sentient Minds botch an attempt to enter a Living Dimension. The end result was a resonance event between the living and dead dimension, resulting in Eden.

Substitute's Empire: Substitute moves out from Eden and starts to conquer other dimensions. Over the following millions of years, innumerable worlds fall to Substitute's campaign

  • Substitute successfully hunts and kills innumerable Energy Beings, whetting down their numbers in the void. Some manage to breach dimensional walls in some places and hide within them. DragonBane is lost in the resonance.
  • Substitute attempts to find DragonBane but fails
  • Many creatures from across creation who are capable of surviving in The Void flock to Eden and submit to Substitute's rule, eventually increasing his army's numbers into the billions
  • As time wears on, Substitute's subordinates begin to refer to him as "Suhb"

Maboa's Betrayal (Genesis I): One of Suhb's generals plots to overthrow him, and grants a "Fake Spark" to an infertile couple that they may have a child. Devouring the matured child's soul is the crux of his plan. He intends to return in eighteen years time to claim it, but is forced to alter his plans once he discovers they've been interrupted.

  • Suhb was aware of Maboa, the general, and his scheme. He further tampers with the "Fake Spark" and divides it into large and smaller portions, augmenting the smaller portion with his own energy
  • Cain and Abel are born
  • Maboa is unable to fulfill his designs as originally intended. He attempts to drive Abel to kill Cain, spawning an inter-dimensional chase.
  • Maboa discovers that DragonBane has a current wielder named Ryuu Iteru, and attempts multiple times to both empower him and recruit him. He fails. His failures create D-Ryuu
  • Ryuu joins up with Cain
  • Cain kills Abel, and is immobilized when the "Fake Spark" fuses back into one. He is murdered shortly after by Maboa who is still unable to devour the soul. Instead, he claims Cain's heart for another scheme. Cain's body vanishes
  • D-Ryuu defeats and kills Ryuu, absorbing him. DragonBane reacts and forces Ryuu's personality to conflict with D-Ryuu's. The unexpected death of another duplicate of Ryuu results in Ryuu winning out over D-Ryuu, though his memories become scrambled. DragonBane is taken by Suhb, who has been watching events unfold

Apocalypse (Genesis II): A man named Nick and and handful of others are chosen by a mysterious entity to defeat an apocalypse brought on by a man calling himself Maboa. The group succeeds in thwarting Maboa's scheme.

  • Nick receives DragonBane from the entity
  • Maboa tempts one of the group, named Kyle, away from them. Kyle uses this opportunity to discover Maboa's methods involved using Cain's heart during the recent eclipse to call forth his demonic forces gathered in the past twenty years
  • The group discovers a young mage in Maboa's castle. Maboa takes Nick and temporarily turns him traitor
  • Kyle returns to the group and reveals what he has learned. Maboa attempts to eradicate them, feeling that the mage within the group could be a threat to his plans once he discovers her survival
  • Nick returns and engages Maboa in combat, recovering his true identity as Ryuu
  • Luis, one of Ryuu's companions, is revealed to be one of the twenty-seven tethers. Maboa kills him
  • The Mage's presence reacts to Luis' death, and she calls Cain's heart from where it is held to Kyle. Kyle prematurely awakens as Cain and is revealed to be the form he changed into after his apparent death to recover, however the early awakening has made him feral and he kills Maboa. Ryuu dies when he confronts Cain, but brings him back to his senses
  • The group is scattered across all different dimensions, though Ryuu's body remains in Cain's possession. Upon arrival in the new plane, Cain buries his friend alongside his sword before the personality of Kyle once more resumes dominance. The world they arrive in is Eden
  • Suhb's plan to rid himself of Maboa have come to fruition. He spends the next several months planning a way to draw Cain into his clutches, merely waiting for the proper moment. For reasons unknown, he does not attempt to recover DragonBane a second time

Downfall (Genesis III): Suhb sets into motion his plan to chose a successor to his empire, and chooses Ryuu because of his powerful bond with DragonBane.

  • Ryuu is resurrected after spending some months dead, and he seeks out Cain
  • Kyle has become a drug addict in order to suppress Cain's attempts at taking control. Ryuu finds Kyle
  • Suhb initiates his plan and draws Kyle and Ryuu to his fortress in the heart of Eden
  • Kyle lets Cain resurface as the dominate personality
  • Ryuu defeats Suhb, who reveals he was already weak from being on the verge of death
  • Ryuu inherits Suhb's will and Empire, becoming the next emperor. Cain warns Ryuu about the consequences, and the two become enemies

Etched into Time (Genesis IV): Cain and Ryuu engage in a battle over Eden that will last for thousands of years and echo across the Omniverse

  • One of Ryuu's companions who fought against Maboa with him as been driven insane by Cain's power. She devotes her life to making an attempt at harnessing that energy for her own gain. She fails, but leaves behind journals full of theories on the subject to be rediscovered in a few thousand years, when technology in the dimension she's in has sufficiently advanced

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