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Harumi/ Blossom Scott

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Harumi/ Blossom Scott

Post by Elodie on Sat May 03, 2014 5:43 am

External Characteristics

Name: Harumi A.K.A. Blossom Scott

Species: Minor Kami goddess


In her original minor goddess form, she resembles both of her parents but has more of her father's facial features. She has pale skin, almond shaped violet eyes and curly black hair. She stands at the average minor god height which is 5'8, she is seen wearing short dresses and flowers in her hair always barefoot. 

In human form, she looks the same but stands at 5'5 feet tall and weighs 125 pounds. She is usually wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and maybe a hat depending on the weather. 

Age: 13,102 (looks 22 in human form)

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Harumi's strength is low.
  • Speed is average.
  • Agility is moderately high.
  • Intelligence is high.


Internal Characteristics

Personality: Harumi is different from her parents and a few of the other Japanese deities, she abuses her powers to shapeshifts into her human form who she calls 'Blossom Scott'. Harumi has a soft spot for the earth. She is easily envious, she would ask individuals "Why is she/he better than me?" or "Is there anyway I can be better than this person?" These questions will annoy just about anyone. Her envy can be slightly mistaken for insecurity which is caused by not feeling important in the Japanese culture and not having enough shrines. Harumi is very honest and blunt, she will say things to people without having any major concern for the self-pity or their feelings.

When it comes to being assigned certain tasks, she does the best she can to get it done which makes her a hard-worker. She is the complete opposite of her father, he loved it when things were clean and neat and she loves mess and dirt. Harumi hates laziness and turns up her nose when she sees someone being chill and laid back, since she loves being on her feet and she loves to work. She is a very firm critic when it comes to critiques and various questions.

Despite being a snobbish hard worker, she is a genuine person. She accepts any gift anyone would give her (Even if it was sloppily crafted) and is a genuinely helpful and sweet person. As a proud optimist, she looks on the bright side of things and will always cheer someone up when their down.

As Blossom, she is still the same way but a bit more kind and friendly. For a Dimension Jumper( Dimension Hopper as she calls it) She is awfully curious, always asking people questions and getting into others businesses. She does speak her mind alot, and always loves attention just like Harumi and is somewhat more self-centered and a very hard worker that doesn't tolerate laziness. The two differ from one thing.... Loyalty. While Harumi isn't very loyal, Blossom is always willing to protect the individuals she makes friends with.

Habits/Quirks: Does your character have any habits or quirks?

Likes: Dirt, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Cupcakes, The Sea Kingdom, Being tall, History, Music, Dresses, Archery, Make believe, pretending to be human, growing plants

Dislikes: Animals, Being looked down upon, Mythology, Romance, Octopuses, Seafood, Wearing shoes, Wet socks, Mustaches, Wanna be heroes, Politics.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral 


Family: Father - Suijin
[*]Mother - Amaterasu 
Friends: Do you have any friends?

Acquaintances: Who do you know in passing?

Associates: Who do you do business with?

Organizations: What groups are you in?

History: Harumi was born to Amaterasu, Kami major goddess of the sun and Suijin major kami god of lakes, ponds, springs and wells, including serpents (snakes and dragons), eels, fish, turtles, and other sea animals, she resides in the Sea Kingdom with her parents, their servants, the sea creatures, and even the merpeople. On her 100th birthday, she was claimed as the minor goddess of earth, cherry blossoms, and soil. She was appointed to due tasks such as, create the Japanese deities safe and beautiful gardens full of cherry blossoms, azaleas, roses, lotuses, calla lilies, daisies, poppies, orchids, herbs, trees, violets and many more. She really loved her job and used most of her herbs and edible flowers to make delicious meals which automatically won some of the deities's hearts. She made many friends and enemies when she visited the heavens above for work and is very well-liked by some of the merpeople in the sea kingdom.

Although she had many friends and admirers, she still felt lonely and on some days she was dissatisfied with her job. After her 1,11th birthday, she saw her dad running out of his off-limits portal. A curious Harumi quickly ran into the portal. She was in another dimension (Planet earth) She couldn't speak anything but Japanese, she was frightened, and alone. But soon, her mother came to her aid and scolded her for using her father's portal. A day later, Amaterasu understood her daughter's loneliness and dissatisfied mood while tending to the gardens. She decided to make her daughter a book containing all of the languages of all of the worlds and dimensions. Harumi read the book on her breaks and took notes on how to speak in formal and casual sentences, learning the languages weren't easy so it took her 2,444 years to speak them all fluently.

A few weeks later, Harumi decided to try this dimension thing out. Borrowing one of her friends mortal clothes and bringing her longbow Amethyst for protection. And when no one was looking, she ran into her father's portal. Eventually, she took up a job at a community garden using her same name. But all of a sudden, she lost her powers! It was hard for Harumi to adapt without using her powers, but they were soon forgotten about when she met a co-worker named Blossom Scott. Blossom was 18, she loved agriculture, cooking, and taking care of animals. The two young women immediately became the best of friends, they quit working at the community garden because they got in trouble for forgetting to pick the weeds out. They bought their own house and owned their own farmer's market and their own garden as well, they also took in homeless animals and took care of them, they were always together either walking down Market Street or watching Struggle battles together. Over the past five years, Blossom was secretly suspicious about Harumi's inability to age but decided to keep it herself, they started developing feelings for each other but decided that it was better to stay friends. One day, Blossom and Harumi took in a strange looking creature. The animal was covered in white scales and has a body shaped like a cat's.  Its face resembles that of a skunk and its eyes remind you of a human's.  It has taloned feet, a pair of long horns, and spines on its back. The creature never got along with the other animals, it was growly when the girls offered it food, and it always followed the minor goddess around. A few months after they took in the creature, Blossom was closing up the farmer's market but then she turned around and saw the strange creature standing on it's on two feet with the animals they took in right behind it. Harumi was in the backyard practicing archery when she hear Blossom's screams in the shop. As she arrived, she found her mortal friend bleeding and twitching on the market floor screaming at Harumi to put her out of her misery. After so much hesitation, Harumi gave Blossom a fairwell kiss and raised her longbow, performing her very first headshot... As she wiped away her falling tears, she saw a trail of footsteps leading out of their market, with vengeance in her heart Harumi followed after the murderer.

Harumi caught up to the creature on the rooftop, she saw all of the shelter animals dead and when she was about to raise her longbow, her father portal-ed them both to the Sea Kingdom. Harumi started yelling at him but after she calmed down, he explained that he wanted her back home so he sent the creature to watch over her then bring her back to the Sea Kingdom. But the creature couldn't do so, because Blossom was around her at all times and that the only reason she was staying was just because of Blossom. So Suijin ordered to creature to murder their animals and murder Blossom because he was getting impatient he also told her about how he missed her. Harumi was furious, she vowed to never speak to her father again and went up to her room. Suijin locked up his portal and gave his daughter her powers back, Harumi was now bound to doing only her job, doing outdoor activities, and socializing with her friends. It took years for Harumi to do so, but she slowly started to adjust back to her normal old life. She started enjoying her job, hiking, running, swimming, and even brushing up on her archery skills! But she was forced to go to major deity counsel meetings with her parents so they can make sure she isn't using the other deities portals.

A thousand years later, Seeing that Harumi was adjusting to her old life, he and Amaterasu gave her her own portal but on one condition: She was suppose to bring fertility to plants and trees alike in other dimensions. She started thinking up a new identity, remembering the small shrine she made for her old friend.... Her new identity will be... Blossom Scott. This Blossom Scott was a teenage runaway who had a green thumb (A natural talent with agriculture), loved to cook, and was really good at archery. She would still have the same personality as Harumi. The more Harumi used her portal, the more fun she had! She made many new friends and many enemies, she wrote in her journal daily, brought new clothes from each dimension she visited, and did well at her job. For four hundred years, many of her friends questioned her inability to age, she watched her friends grow old and live happy lives until they died. It was really sad and heartbreaking that she had to use this fake identity and watch people call her 'Blossom' but the experience was an interesting one to say the least. One day, Suijin allowed Harumi to live wherever and however she wanted, and you know what she chose? Twilight Town...


Abilities: What are your characters abilities?
[*]Agrokinesis: As the minor goddess of agriculture and harvest, she has divine authority and absolute control over plants. She can also grant fertility to the earth, allowing plants to grow where they could not grow before. Also, she aids plants in growing simply by being near them.
Item: Amethyst: A longbow that its a six foot tall wooden bow made of godly wood that is as durable as steel, the lower and upper limbs have a turquoise color designed with cherry blossoms.

Archery Equipment

Bracer: Harumi's arm guard is commonly made of leather that covers the inside of anHarumis arm to protect it while shooting. Bracers protect the inside of the her forearm against injury by the string of the bow or the fletching of the arrow, the bracer' leather embellished with silver and turquoise and it fits over her left arm (side that holds the bow.) A right-handed bow that she holds with her left hand.

Finger tab: The tab is for her string hand. This is a small piece of leather that protects her drawing fingers when she let' go of the bowstring. It also has a turquoise color.

Thumb ring: A piece of equipment designed to protect her thumb during archery. This is a ring of leather which fits over the end of her thumb, coming to rest at the outer edge of the outer joint. Typically a flat area extends from the ring to protect the pad of the thumb from the bowstring

Chest Guard: This stops the bow string from catching loose clothing, it's also used as protection.

Quiver: To hold all of Harumi's arrows, it's slung behind her back at all times.

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