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Hitori Riezin

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Hitori Riezin

Post by Hitori Riezin on Sat May 03, 2014 2:26 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Hitori Riezin

Species: Human

Appearance: Hitori is six foot and has a fighters build, who wears bandages over his entire body, covering even his face. Underneath is a body completely covered in third degree burns. He usually wears a blood red cloak with a very large hood over his bandages as to stand out less.

Age: 19

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Hitori is extremely strong normally. Unbelievably so and capable of amazing feats of strength while using his Tiger Palm style.
  • Hitori is very fast, but mostly due to his strength.
  • Hitori's training has taught him to be agile in his strength.
  • Hitori is blind
  • Hitori cannot feel pain from injury due to nearly all of his nerve ending being destroyed, but is in near constant pain.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Hitori is what you would call angst incarnate. He is a young, quick to angered man who will hate and dislike everyone upon meeting them. In his head, everyone sees him as a monster and a freak and he lashes out violently often. There are very few people he would be willing to trust, but anyone close to him he would protect until the bitter end. Even if he is mean to them often.

Habits/Quirks: lashing out violently when emotional

Likes: Fighting and conflict. He also likes when people dont see him as a freak or a montser.

Dislikes: Commenting on his disability or appearance.

Alignment: Choatic


Family: Deceased

Friends: His Adopted Father - Carrion Brady, Head monk - Hu

Acquaintances: The Monks of his old Temple

Organization: A member of a guild of assassins.


  • Born in a small village in Megalo.
  • Village is burnt to the ground by bandits. No survivors but the infant Hitori who is near death and burnt badly.
  • Hitori is rescued by a man passing by the next day.
  • Hitori is raised by this man, whom he calls uncle, but is picked on and bullied for his burns. At a young age he begins covering himself in bandages and getting into fights.
  • At the age of ten, he becomes too much a problem from his uncle and is shipped off to a Temple to be taught humilty and peace.
  • The teachings of humility and peace fail, but over the next seven years he is taught how to fight using Tiger Palm and shows extreme capability in it. He is also taught how to use his magic to see, and how to use earth magic.
  • At age 17, he leaves the monks to join the assassins guild. A place where his violent nature and skills can be used. He joins and quickly climbs the ranks over the next two years.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Strong user of Common Magic, able to sustain a form of sight using this magic without any noticeable drain.
  • Adept user of Earth Magic, favoring fire spells.
  • Master of the Tiger Palm martial arts technique, which allows the user to move with grace and precision while allowing unparalleled strength in each blow.
  • Normally has inhuman like strength, which can be vastly increased with pain and magic.


  • Varying amounts of weapons underneath his cloak. Ranging from kunai, shuriken, daggers, and more.
  • Usually has a wallet that contains his guild licence, a fake ID, and currency.
Hitori Riezin

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