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Post by Twilight on Sat May 03, 2014 4:14 pm

Lamia 650px-Annawiki
The Lamia are a race of people with the upper torso of a human and the lower torso of a snake. Though their snake portion takes up a large majority of their body. Lamia can as their appearance suggest have a very close relation ship with snakes and as such their anatomy is very similar. The lower half of a Lamia can come in all sorts of different colors and patterns. Like snakes Lamia are cold blooded and have to stay in warm environments. They also are very slow to get get moving when they wake up due to the heat they lose by staying still for such a lengthy time. Lamia's also have fangs which when not in use is retracted to the top of their mouth. Lamia can use these fangs to inject a lethal venom into their victim. The venom quickly paralyzes all muscles including the heart. The venom takes only secconds to have them paralyzed to the point they can't move at all and 3-10 minuets till death takes them in. Lamias are capable of eating meat raw and in fact prefer it that way.

Lamias are the most misunderstood of all Megalo races and are also the most discriminated against. Only the really large cities will tolerate a Lamia's presence and even then only Draconis is the only city that doesn't discriminate against Lamias at all. There are many factors to this. The first and far most would the fact that they are so large and snake like not to mention strong. Lamia's have been known to crush even Centaurs with ease. Then there is the fact of the Lamia's venom which is known to be incredibly lethal and making an antidote for it is difficult. Only Draconis sells the antidote. There's more to it than that. Lamia's are very passionate and ruled by their emotions. The females are just more emotions in general while the males are more aggressive and testosterone pumped. This makes the males a little too dangerous and the females a little too much if you know what I mean. Then there is the Lamia culture which is very different in itself. Lamia's are very self sufficient and because of this they have no use for getting jobs or using currency. This only makes it more difficult for them to be a part of Magalonian society.  

Because Lamia's are immune to their own venom and crushing even each other is easy strength is determined by speed. The Lamia that gets the most coils around their victim the quickest is the most likely to win. Because the snake part of a Lamia is the majority of their body it has a large role to play in body language and social interaction. A Lamia that is tightly wound up is considered to be defensive or scared. As for aggressive if the Lamia is raising it voice or yelling then they are highly susceptible to aggressive action especially the males. A Lamia that coils around someone once but not touching them is trying to say that they wish to be fiends. If a Lamia has never done this to you then they probably don't consider you a friend. This action will be repeated when a Lamia wants something from a friend such as not wanting them to leave. A Lamia that coils around you multiple times but without touching you then this means they are romantically interested in you, have a crush, or in the case of already established couples politely looking for some intimate fun. The couple version only really occurs between couples where one is not a Lamia because unless the Lamia's partner gives very clear objection a Lamia will not give any warning and just get right into it. A Lamia that hugs you but doesn't wrap you up in their tail is simply a hug. This action seems to be exclusive to the females. Hugging while wrapping their tail around you in a sign of extreme affection. Lamias who have done this likely aren't going to leave you alone this goes for both the males and females. A Lamia that coils around you touching you but not hugging you is most likely about to strangle you to death.

Despite the fact that Lamia's are so hated there are actually more one Lamia and one non Lamia relationships then you would think. This is because of their passion and know to be gods in bed. A Lamia couple can easily go all night long. This is far more beneficial for the non Lamia females for obvious reasons. While the non Lamia males can frustrate their partners leaving them very much unsatisfied. There hasn't been a recorded case where a female Lamia hasn't caused their male non Lamia partner to pass out. In a Lamia to non Lamia relationship the Lamia is always dominate no matter the gender and they will wrap themselves and their partner together with their tail leaving the other one completely at their mercy. In a Lamia to Lamia relationship they tightly wrap around each other and they do sometime get stuck in a knot. Unlike snakes the Lamia's privets are not found near the end of their tail. They are found in nearly the same area as most other people. It his hidden under a retractable flap where the human skin and snake scales meet. 

Most of the Lamia population live in Ammos.

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