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Andeddo Tokko

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Andeddo Tokko

Post by Andeddo Tokko on Sun May 04, 2014 2:55 am

External Characteristics

Name: Andeddo Tokko, Fear Reaper

Species: Changeling

Appearance: Can literally look like anything he chooses to look like. Capable of on the spot, instant alterations to his appearance. However usually appears as a young human male, late teens to mid twenties range. Slightly taller than most, at 6'3”, with long grey hair and piercing blue eyes.

Age: 20 years old, can look either older or younger.

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Strong enough to carry all his weapons, while sprinting full out, and fighting with them, weiiding his greatsword in one hand like it was a stick
  • At max speed runs faster than the naked eye can follow
  • Able to make perfect turns, flips, and other acrobatics while at full speed
  • Enough stamina to run full out for a week without tiring, while carrying all his belongings

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Andeddo is a kind and caring person, who will protect his beliefs, and others, with everything he has. He is supportive, and tries his best to be nurturing, but sometimes fails in that aspect. He is a good conversationalist, and can be, or at least tries to be, a womanizer. He is not one for solitude, or at least not for long periods of time, as he prefers to be in a crowd of people, as the sound soothes his mind.

Andeddo was born with a mind of a genius. He has been able to since his birth store vast quantities of knowledge within his mind, being born with knowledge no one should know. He rarely uses said knowledge, as he contains it within a barrier within his mind, but he does have access to it, knowing it's there and using it if needed. He adds most things he learns to this store, and never forgets anything, having an eidetic memory.

Normally a calm person Andeddo can be brash on occasion, giving in to his base impulses to do something stupid, reckless and otherwise immature, however his sister is a good counterbalance, control his stupidity impulses, and otherwise seeing to it that Andeddo does what is expected of him. Andeddo is fiercely protective of his siblings, and would do anything to keep them safe and out of harms reach. He will do almost anything that they ask of him, and he enjoys doing the menial tasks they ask him to do.

Andeddo is a goofball of a man, and usually is found slacking off his duties, rarely found actually doing his work, instead relying on his sister to do it. He knows she doesn't like to do it as much as he does, but he uses it as a way to prevent her from stopping some of his funner ideas. Andeddo spends most of his time sparring with Joshua, training his younger brother to become better than Andeddo himself is. However Andeddo has the ability to be serious at times, usually during a crisis. When he becomes serious he is much calmer, and is capable of almost anything.
In battle Andeddo is a straight forward fighter, using his speed and agility to outmaneuver enemies, while employing fear tactics and techniques to supplement his style. He enjoys fighting, and will initiate conflicts over very little, though for the most part these are nothing more than small spars between friends, or a training exercise.

Habits/Quirks: Always chews on a toothpick

Likes: Andeddo likes anything sweet, candies, cookies, etc. He is also fond of combat, however he enjoys more sparring than full out bloody conflict, preferring to spend his time enjoying himself and testing his skills to their limits.

Dislikes: Anyone who makes any negative comment about his siblings. Any purposeful ignorance, stereotyping, racism or sexism. He also dislikes arrogance, however he understands the concept of pride.

Alignment: Neutral good


Family: Elder sister Elizabeth, younger brother Joshua.

Friends: Not yet

Acquaintances: None

Associates: No one

Organizations: None

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Andeddo is born, parents already having a daughter, who is two years older
  • At age five Andeddo's brother is born, mother dies in childbirth, father takes his own life shortly after, leaving the children with their grandparents.
  • Andeddo masters his fear abilities in his teens, and his changling powers are amplified by them, able to shift into peoples fears.
  • Lives with his siblings, travelling and meeting people along the way, doing what they can to survive.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • The manipulation and manifestation of fears, in any way shape or form. Some examples
  • Spoiler:
    Andeddo registers his opponents fears and makes them suddenly apparent in the front of their minds. High probability to stun them momentarily, due to the sudden impulse of negativity and the realization that there is so much to be afraid of, causing them to be extremely paranoid and feel like everything is going wrong. After a post, during which the opponent is extremely tense and twitchy, Andeddo must only speak a few words, “Alleviate your sufferings”, and all of their sufferings disappear from their minds. Erasing them from existence for the rest of the topic. The release of all this suffering causing something extremely close to a release of pleasure from the pelvic area, due to the sense of sudden calm and release, and causes the opponent to be completely lax, lowering their guard and causing them to not think on the fight. Instead people will automatically feel to be in Andeddo’s debt and for generally won’t attempt to attack him, only defend with no counter. For the rest of the topic afterwards the opponent feels free of all bonds and ties and will fight to their best with no regrets or sufferings.
  • Spoiler:
    The opponents fears materialize in front of them in the form of a man in a long cloak that is torn at the ends, a fedora, and high boots with spurs. This apparition is really there, it’s not am illusion. This man is made out of words, scrawling letters that encompass his whole body which literally spell out the opponents fears. One of two things may occur, one; the Hunter will turn around, a rapier in his hand, and stab the opponent in between the eyes and then withdraw his blade (this can not be dodged, but doesn't do any damage) , speaking as he does so with the same words every time “My will be done”, directly after the Hunter will explode in a flurry of paper; the paper contains detailed information on the opponents fears and secrets for “anyone” to read. The opponent will feel an almost irresistible urge to find and destroy every single last sheet of paper before their secrets are revealed; even if they have none and nothing is on the paper they will madly try to destroy them all. These sheets of paper are blank to everyone except the victim and Andeddo; and after a sheet is destroyed that secret is eradicated from the opponents mind, for the rest of that topic.
  • Spoiler:
    Registering the fears of the opponent Andeddo snaps his fingers and the fears are brought forth into real space in front of the opponent. There is a high probability that they will go insane for a split moment, literally no longer than a nanosecond where they are shocked. During this time Andeddo can do no more than draw his blades and slash the sufferings in two, instantly destroying the sufferings. This has a high chance to make the opponent to go mad for a brief period following; where they attack violently and barrage Andeddo with all they have. After they regain control Andeddo swings his sword through the air; the fears materialize off his blade and fly at the opponent, seeking them down and taunting the opponent, none of the spirits and fears will miss; instead they fly through the opponent and cause them mental pain where they fly through, but no real pain. When these fears are replaced they are spawned with a pressure feeling in their head, much like a pounding headache. After another pause Andeddo swings his sword once more, for a final time, and speaks only a word “Snap”. Automatically the fears split and rupture as if they were real and cause an instant headache akin to being hit in the head with a boulder that weighs a tonne. Most likely it will cause the opponent to fall to their knees in incredible pain. They can still fight.
  • Spoiler:
    Andeddo creates a blade made out of both his and all the people within the radius of 20 meters of him, fears. Neither of them can sense their fears so long as the blade is out. This means both of them will not ever suffer attacks of conscious or anything of the sort while Andeddo wields the blade. Meaning they can focus completely on the battle. This blade is longer the more fearss the opponent and Andeddo have, but also remains to have the same balance and weight to Andeddo, meaning it will always operate exactly as a katana and never any more. Effectively meaning that the more fears someone has, the longer the blade seems to be. This blade is more durable then titanium, and is sharper than obsidian glass. To any of the people who had their fears temporarily removed the blade will ALSO have the weight and balance as a katana, meaning to block the sword when it is very long is no different than blocking it when it is short. However, if someone wasn’t effected the sword would be just as it seems if it’s longer or shorter. The sword only lasts for a short time. After this time the blade will leave Andeddo’s Hand and stab into the ground. At which point both Andeddo’s and the other victims fears become real and begin to plague their respective people. The only way anyone may overcome these fears is either by changing themselves in some way to no longer care, really, about their fears. Or teaming up with the very people they were either fighting, or aiding, to fight each others fears. These fears could be a various degree of fighting capability; every now and then there is a fear that can actually fight with extensive skill, but the majority of them cause intense mental pains and discomfort and are almost entirely a mental attack. Once you defeat the fears, they go back to their respective people, and effect them as per normal, once more.

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • A longsword:
  • A greatsword:
  • A pair of Katana's:
  • A  pair of wakizashi's:
  • A pair of short sword's:

Andeddo Tokko

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