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The coalescence of knowledge, Yzxstuhl!

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The coalescence of knowledge, Yzxstuhl!

Post by Yzxstuhl on Mon May 05, 2014 11:01 am

❝Do not trust the Master of Knowledge.
He awoke, 324 Recordus-Historium, amidst the battle of Dark and Truth.
"Construct my temples, my houses of books," he spoke,
"And I shall grant you access to the knowledge of victory."
He wrote his binding language, they signed his darkened deals.
His temples built, mortals went to reap,
But deceived they had been, told their knowledge was within their temples.
Those who searched were lost forever, and his name must not be forgot;
YZXSTUHL.❞ - "The Price of Knowledge", printed as a warning next to the entrances of Yzxstuhl's libraries.

The knowledge of the creator-void is forced to yield to him, and through it, he discovers a new plane. Through time, he is a single instance of himself, travelling along a single small strand; a timeline. Many millions of timelines twist and weave amongst eachother, forming intricate and beautiful patterns. In interest, and wishing to know, he zooms out to discover the true form of time; the timelines he witnessed form a strong, grand rope. This rope extends to and from eternity, infinitely thickened by the infinite timelines. He turns, and is amazed by what he sees. Another rope! Zooming out further, he discovers the time-rope he is a part of combines with other time-ropes to form a greater rope. Forever zooming out, he discovers this occurs into infinitum. Eventually, he stops, seeing something he cannot comprehend. He witnesses a wall, a wall between times, one that borders between one thing and the next. Intrigued, he begins to approach it, but finds he is unable to; his mind no longer yields to him. He screams, realising the treachery as an unread paragraph of a contract is repeated to him. Faster than his mind is ready, he is brought back within his timeline, and the gateway is closed, cracking and damaging his mind. Before he can act further, a hand reaches out, claiming that which he promised. Through the cracks within his consciousness, the knowledge of that which he saw was stolen, then given physical form; a black tome, within the grip of the hand that reached for him. Once this ritual has been completed, his mind shattered, driving him insane, his body forcing him to flee madly into the eternal and endless library which it is being called to.
Yzxstuhl cackled loudly, his traitorous contract baring fruit for him alone once again. The mortal man would flee into the library, and soon would find his body warped, and then he would be little more than yet another pawn in Yzxstuhl's growing army of Authors. He read the book he obtained, which detailed what the mortal saw in the finest detail, and was surprised. A wall within time? This must be investigated. Another grand time-rope was beyond that wall, and if Tykakoquth put it there, then it hid something from him. Within an instant, Yzxstuhl had traveled to the wall, and passed through it, finding not a rope of time, but a solid block of it, without timelines. Time flowed freely and wildly here, and so he descended, to explore this new land, to learn all from it he could.
That is how he came to be here.

Figured I should introduce myself with an example of my roleplaying skills, and hey, why not explain how my character came to be here whilst doing it?
My main character is going to be Yzxstuhl, (Pronounced Yee-Zick-Stool) the 'Asroizz' (In his dimensional cluster, an 'Asroizz' is like a god, but is second to the creator-god and destroyer-god.) of Knowledge and Contracts. I'll provide further info later when i'm on a computer, and it's not almost midnight Razz

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Re: The coalescence of knowledge, Yzxstuhl!

Post by Sloth on Mon May 05, 2014 1:54 pm

Aye! Very interesting way to introduce yourself. ^^

Although, you don't need to explain your stuff here. To my knowledge, Cain allows people to dimensions worlds and whatnot, which means, you'll have your very own section to place your lore!

I hope that helps, although we're all very interested to see what you contribute regardless. Welcome to the site!

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Re: The coalescence of knowledge, Yzxstuhl!

Post by Riley Oran on Mon May 05, 2014 4:38 pm

Hey Yzxstul! This is Cain on my alternate account. I'm glad that you could join us!

Here, you can do basically anything that is not contradicted by the lore. It's a lot to read, but whatever it doesn't cover is free to be explored by the members and what it does cover can be creatively subverted. 

We look forward to what you have to bring to the project! I have to say, you have a very interesting introduction, and based on that alone I'm fairly excited for what you could bring to us.

Welcome to the Project!

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Re: The coalescence of knowledge, Yzxstuhl!

Post by Sponsored content

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