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Riamu Ravors

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Riamu Ravors

Post by Riamu Ravors on Mon May 05, 2014 12:54 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Riamu 'Ravors'

Species: Arisen

Appearance: Tall and thin with white hair, one green eye and one yellow eye.

Age: 24 years old, 17th in the reincarnation cycle

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Quite strong with capability for extreme growth
  • Extremely fast with capability for extreme growth
  • Extremely Agile with capability for extreme growth
  • His Stamina is not the best, but again, with capability for extreme growth

Internal Characteristics

Personality: A kind young man who can be quite goofy, but when called upon to stop evil he is all business. he is also a tad naive and quite emotional. When he encounters a great evil or is hard pressed in battle the arisen will take over. The Arisen is kind, but cold and harsh. It does not screw around and will end all evil it see's.

Habits/Quirks: Does your character have any habits or quirks?

Likes: Eating, watching television and fighting.

Dislikes: Working hard

Alignment: Lawful Good


Family:  None

Friends: None

Acquaintances: None


  • 17th Regeneration Cycle begins. Riamu's body is claimed by the soul of the Arisen and their souls and personalities assimilate. His old life of a swordsman of Radix is gone, as with the man who he was.
  • Riamu begins to clean up the souls of Radix.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Can read hearts. Know if someone is lying, what they truly feel, if they are angry, sad, fearful, ect.
  • His sword is part of him, and when he cuts someone he steals their strength, speed and other physical attributes and adds them to his own, stacking indefinitely until he has killed them and he absorbs their soul into his blade to receive trial by his gods. This buff to his strength does where off after a few days.
  • Master of Sword Combat
  • Drinking blood of the pure and saintly will heal his wounds and can even bring him back to life.
  • Riamu is capable of short range teleportation, being capable of doing so multiple times in quick succession. He is also capable of breaching, but the process is slow and draining.
  • If killed his power and purpose will be reborn in a new body

His sword, Seijō-ki
Some snacks
Riamu Ravors

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