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Felix Lucas

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Felix Lucas

Post by Felix Lucas on Mon May 05, 2014 3:21 pm

Name: Felix Lucas, Gearhead

Species: Cybernetically advanced human

Appearance: A thin man, lanky, just short of 6 feet, with shoulder length ice blue hair, with flame red tips. He has one blue eye, and one cybernetic one. His left arm is also replaced with cybernetics, making it slightly bulkier than his right arm.

Age: 23

Personality: Felix is a veteran of many wars, and as such has become emotionally distant from most people, preferring the company of his constructs. He tends to be blunt and humourless, or if he shows humour it's usually dark. He prefers to be left alone, and hates the sunlight. Felix spends his free time in his workshop, building anything and everything. He is a master craftsman, and takes immense pride in his work.

He treats his machines and constructs like family, doting on them, even crying over their destruction. He has had to scrap a few of his creations, as they have turned on him, or tried to attack the world at large. Felix has never given up on trying to build them again, just better. He strives to create the perfect construct.

Habits/Quirks: When out of his workshop he always carries around a welding mask, and is usually tinkering with something

Likes: Felix like his machines, technology in general, and building things.

Dislikes: Most people, some exceptions to the rule apply, and the “death” of his beloved construscts.

Alignment: Neutral good

Above average

Not very resistant against most types of attacks, excepting for his left arm, which can take a beating. However, mental attacks very rarely work against him.

He only knows how to do one with with magic, and that is his Technomancy, but in that area he is a master.

He has both average speed and agility.

Has a nearly inexhaustible store of energy, and can go on for hours without rest.

Below Average, except for his left arm, which is Above average.

Rune Gloves:
Name: Rune Gloves
Appearance: A fingerless leather glove, attached to a thick metal band that rests around the wrist, with thin wires running up the back of each finger, hooking onto the top and a small stone disc in the palm. The wires are flexible, and bend perfectly with the natural motion of the wearers fingers. The metal band and stone disc are inscribed with runes on them.
Type: Magical Implement
Weapon Skill: Allows the wearer to control and manipulate any metallic, or technological object within their line of sight. However can not be used on “sentient” creatures or objects already under anothers possession. Can use this material to do whatever the wearer wishes.

Name: A.E.C (Anti-everything Cannon)
Appearance: A large metallic cylinder, with a handle on one end, and a button. Pressing the button opens up the tripod, as well as the barrel of the weapon. It charges up when the trigger is held. The barrel has a radius of 1.5 feet when opened, when closed the tube is the size of an average cane.
Type: Gun/Cannon
Weapon Skill: When a object small enough to be loaded into the barrel is placed within energy charges up inside said object, before it is fired off at a high velocity, exploding on contact, after travelling up to 1 mile, moving at 75 mph. The explosion is moderate, roughly half a mile in radius, also it has incredible piercing power, and can cleave through cement, and steel with ease.

Name: N.O.R.M (non-organic robotic man)
Type: Companion
Description: A Construct built by Felix to keep him company. It is a friend and assistant, and has never seen combat, nor is it built for combat. It has been programmed with a personality, but it is limited in what it can respond to without reverting to it's natural artificial state.

Name: Hoverbike
Appearance: A motorcycle without wheels, the wheels are replaced with repulsors that allow the bike to hover several inches over the ground, at minimal, allowing for travel through the upper atmosphere, with the proper respiratory gear. Capable of being ridden up vertical walls, and even upside down. Chrome finished and sleek.
Type: Transportation.
Description: A Hoverbike made by Felix to aid in his travels in the outside world, when he ventures out of his workshop.

War Driords Mk I-IV(will update with more):

Name: War Droid MK. I
Description: An easily mass produced model Felix created, with limited intelligence. Meant to be used in units, with on designated leader. Equipped with a basic laser rifle, and built to take a couple hits.

Name: War Droid MK. II
Description: A 30 foot tall machine built from durable alloys, meant to take a pounding. Listens to any orders given by Felix, these instructions do not need to be given verbally. Equipped with a machine gun for it's left hand, and is capable of crushing bones in it's right hand. It has a rocket built into it's chest, capable of levelling a ten story building.

Name: War Droid MK. IV

Description: Felix's best creation, unlike all previous models he only has one of these. Also unlike previous models it does not suffer from a lack of adaptable and mobility. It has in its back repulsors allowing it to hover, as well as giving the Droid an on demand boost in speed. Equipped with a highly powerful laser rifle and Vibroknife for close quarters. As well carries several variants of explosives, from smoke, to tear gas to the classic frag. This unit also can act as a leader to any other the other model types, and has the most advanced AI Felix could make, allowing it to think on the spot, to a degree.

Abilities: Felix can at will summon his War droids (see above) and dismiss them back to his workshop. He also has the ability to manipulate Technology and other materials to create constructs while in combat. Also can emit an EMP from his body, shutting down all Technology not built with predesigned countermeasures, including his left arm. This effects anything within a mile of Felix, though player controlled tech turns back on in about three posts, everything else stays off for the rest of the topic.

History: From birth Felix liked to tinker with things. As a young child he loved to collect build it yourself model kits. The model itself didn't matter, Felix enjoyed the actual building of the models, regardless of the final product, which often as not was simply thrown away. However those he kept formed a certain pattern, one of machinery. He had a small army of model robots, spaceships, cars, bikes and all kinds of motorized transportation.

When Felix started to go outside and make friends he discovered that he liked to do as the others, and was never the leader in their games. He was very popular and made friends easily. He never gave up his model collecting hobby, if anything when he became a teenager his collecting increased, fuelled by a need to impress his friends. His collection got so large his parents needed to remove it from the home, building a shed out back for him to keep them all in.

This became Felix's first workshop, and he would spend hours in it a day, building and customizing his models. Eventually he got into electronics, fiddling with wiring and motors. He built his first automaton, which lasted for a month before it broke down. Felix wasn't discouraged, and in fact found the flaw in the original blueprint.

Eventually however he changed. Felix enlisted to fight in a war, becoming a battle engineer, building machines of war to send against the enemy factions. He excelled at this, and found that he ha a natural affinity with electrical components, being able to control them with his mind, to a degree. So he created a pair of gloves which enhanced this ability, and made it so he could build his constructs without ever laying a hand on them.

However war left it's scars on the Technomancer. Many of his childhood friends had signed up with him, and had all perished, some by his own hand, for they were mercenaries working for one of the other factions. He became reclusive, creating and operating his forge, and never travelling beyond it much anymore, preferring the company of his constructs of metal and wiring to that of people of flesh and bone.

Felix Lucas

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