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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Yzxstuhl on Tue May 06, 2014 9:10 am

Axyklabodslavaz (A-Zike-la-bod-sla-vaz) is a curious pocket universe, as it can almost be considered its own miniaturized Omniverse. Who exactly created the pocket universe is unknown, however they were likely an Omega-Mage of some sort who was destroyed in a particularly powerful break event. Axyklabodslavaz has been entirely untouched by the rest of the Omniverse, up until very recently. This is mainly due to the fact the creator had originally blocked any and all from entering or leaving the pocket universe, but also because it's presence was treated as an old gimmick; when it was initially discovered, news of it's presence quickly spread like wildfire, but interest in it died equally as quickly due to it being inaccessible; like being given a box you cannot open and being told it holds a great secret, it's value degrades until it is viewed as little more than a box. Those who would have been able to overpower the barrier and enter the pocket universe took equal disinterest in it, as they likely had greater matters to deal with. Due to this lack of interaction between the inhabitants of Axyklabodslavaz and the Omniverse, both sides are relatively unaware of each other's presence; excluding three Asroizz, nobody within Axyklabodslavaz is aware of the Omniverse at all.

Note: I came up with the idea for Axyklabodslavaz (Not the name, but everything within the dimension) way back in March, and this I'm interested to see if I can somehow integrate it into this site to see how everyone else will react within it. I will be willing to change parts of it if required, but I would request certain core aspects remain the same.

Astrological Aspects:

Axyklabodslavaz appears to have only a single living galaxy, known as Ebathakuhk, which itself also only has a single living star system, known as Jenesi. Jenesi has only six planets orbiting its primary star, Sorundus; however, there are a total of approximately 87 notable stellar objects in Jenesi: Six planets, Eighteen moons, and Sixty-Eight 'satellites'.

Zeekunda Maz: (Z-Kun-Da Maaz) Zeekunda Maz is the first object orbiting Sorundus, however it's status as an actual planet is questionable. According to numerous religions present on Bathemu Primas and multiple recounts stated by both the Asroizz and Voidred (See below: Species.) that Zeekunda Maz was originally a moon orbiting Zylota Maz, however once it was situated between Zylota Maz and Sorundus, the gravitational pull of Sorundus successfully pulled it away from the orbit of Zylota Maz, which resulted in the moon orbiting Sorundus. Zeekunda Maz is only 21,085,000 Km from the surface of Sorundus, resulting in its surface being blasted with heat and inhospitable to all forms of life, to the point where it is joked that not even ethereal beings are able to go there. (In comparison, Mercury is 57,910,000 km from the Sun, and due to its lack of an atmosphere and proximity to the sun, has temperature ranges from -173 Celcius at night, to 427 Celcius during the day.)

Zylota Maz:(Zy-Lot-Ah Maaz) Due to the questionable origins of Zeekunda Maz, Zylota Maz is often classified as the first planet. Zylota Maz is a relatively unremarkable planet compared to the other strange planets that orbit Sorundus, save that Zeekunda Maz is stated to have once orbit it, and the former Sorundus-Zylota event that occurred once every 400 days for Bathemu Primas. Formerly, whenever Zeekunda Maz passed by Zylota Maz, Zeekunda would exhibit a gravitational force on Zylota, which would draw a colossal body of water up from within Zylota Maz. This body of water, referred to as Zylota's Tear, would be forcefully removed from the surface of Zylota Maz, and would be sufficiently large to exhibit enough gravitational force on itself to keep it together. It would be pulled to orbit Zeekunda Maz, however Zeekunda's effect on the Tear would quickly wear out, resulting in the Tear being given a direct trajectory towards Sorundus, where it would evaporate into steam, which would then molecularly split into large hydrogen and oxygen clouds, which would then be absorbed into Sorundus, providing the star with additional fuel. However, this event has not occurred for the past 715 cycles it would normally occur at, most likely meaning that Zylota Maz is now a dry planet, and thus is a dead planet.

Bathemu Primas:(Bath-Em-ooh Prim-as) Bathemu Primas is the primary planet in Axyklabodslavaz, and very closely resembles Earth in its climate range and biome diversity. Bathemu Primas plays host to five major landmasses: Emparisis, (Emp-Arr-Iss-Iss,) Amerykah, (Am-er-reek-ah,) Ikathakeh, (Ick-ath-ah-keh,) Ozu, (Oh-zu,) and Keilacor. (Kai-laa-core.) These continents will be explored later. Bathemu Primas exists in a binary orbit with it's twin planet, Bathemu Omeges. (Basically, Primas tries to orbit Omeges, whilst Omeges tries to orbit Primas. This results in them orbiting the point exactly in between them, which slowly orbits Sorundus.) Due to this, the distance between Bathemu Primas and Sorundus varies, but it typically ranges between 0.95 to 1.05 AU (Astrological Unit: 1 AU is the distance between the Earth and the Sun.) Bathemu Primas shares its moon, Aguthta, (Ah-Guth-Tah,) with Bathemu Primas, as Aguthta is positioned exactly between the two planets at all points in time, making it seem as though both planets orbit the moon whist Aguthta orbits Sorundus. Additionally, due to the nature of Bathemu Primas' orbit, Bathemu Omeges periodically blocks out all sunlight to Bathemu Primas. This event occurs four times each year, with the days two weeks prior getting shorter and shorter as more light is blocked out, with the opposite occurring immediately after the event. Bathemu Primas is also the only constantly-inhabited planet in Jenesi, but is not the only habitable one.

Bathemu Omeges: (Bath-Em-Ooh Oh-Meg-Ezz) Bathemu Omeges is almost an identical copy of Bathemu Primas, save for its lack of sentient life. It too plays host to five major landmasses, all of which are geographically identical to their Primas counterpart; Anemparisis,(An-Emp-Arr-Iss-Iss,) Anamerykah, (An-Am-er-reek-ah,) Anikathakeh, (An-Ick-ath-ah-keh,) Anozu, (An-Oh-Zu,) and Ankeilacor. (An-Kai-laa-core.) Why these planets are identical are unknown, and even the beings that formed the planets themselves were unaware of such a formation occurring. Like Bathemu Primas, four times each year all sunlight to Omeges is blocked out by Primas; this occurs exactly in-between each event where Omeges blocks out all light to Primas. Its moon, Aguthta, is identical to the Earth's moon, which Omeges shares with Primas. Bathemu Omeges is commonly referred to as the fourth planet, with Bathemu Primas being the third, despite the fact they constantly swap positions.

Uktha Majis: (Uck-the Maj-iss) Uktha Majis is the system's gas giant, and has a diameter of 197,348 Km. (In comparison, the diameter of Jupiter is 139,822 Km.) Due to it's nature as a gas giant, very little is known about Uktha Majis, other than that it's surface appears to have a moss-green colouring. The most intriguing part of Uktha Majis is the orbital path of its lone moon, Uktha Minis, (Uck-the Min-iss,) which is a heavily elliptic orbit, to the point where the moon literally enters the planet for approximately two hundred and fifty days on Bathemu Primas, until it exits the planet briefly, completing its orbit and repeating its cycle. Due to this event, it is not uncommon for native species of Bathemu Primas to reffer to Uktha Majis as 'The Eternal Consumer.'

Heithah Orbital Supercluster: (High-tha-hh) The Heithah Orbital Supercluster refers to the fifth planet of Jenesi, Heithah, it's ten moons, and the varying number of 'satellites' that orbit each of Heithah's moons. Heithah itself is capable of sustaining life, most likely due to magical means, however it has no life native to it, and the majority of animals found on Heithah were artificially created by the Asroizz. The Heithah Orbital Supercluster is typically used by the various assorted Asroizz, with Heithah itself being reserved for Hunger Games-like events between the Asroizz and their selected champions. The ten moons of Heithah appear in two ring formations, with two in the innermost ring and the remaining eight in the outermost. These two innermost moons, Heithah Primas Unus (High-tha-hh Prim-as Un-us) and Heithah Primas Doice (High-tha-hh Prim-as Doy-ss) only have two satellites each, with the eight outer moons having eight satellites each. Each of the moons, and each of the satellites, have their own individual names, albeit there is a repeating naming convention notable in them. Some of the satellites have special purposes, as they are usually used as the housing domain for the Asroizz.
List of names of all objects within the H.O.S:
Planet 5 - Heithah, 'The Mother and Binder'
Planet 5 Moon 1 - Heithah Primas Unus, 'The First of Many'
Planet 5 Moon 1 Orbital 1 - Heithah Primas Unus Alphes, 'Daughter of the First'
Planet 5 Moon 1 Orbital 2 - Heithah Primas Unus Betes, 'Son of the First'
Planet 5 Moon 2 - Heithah Primas Doice, 'The Next to Come'
Planet 5 Moon 2 Orbital 1 - Heithah Primas Doice Alphes, 'Son of the Next to Come'
Planet 5 Moon 2 Orbital 2 - Heithah Primas Doice Betes, 'Daughter of the Next to Come'
Planet 5 Moon 3 - Heithah Treice, 'The Intangible'
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 1 - Heithah Treice Alphes, ‘Sandtimer of Tykakoquth’
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 2 - Heithah Treice Betes,
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 3 - Heithah Treice Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 4 - Heithah Treice Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 5 - Heithah Treice Epsilæ,
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 6 - Heithah Treice Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 7 - Heithah Treice Etes,
Planet 5 Moon 3 Orbital 8 - Heithah Treice Thetes,
Planet 5 Moon 4 - Heithah Cuatrus, 'The Passionate Sympathizer'
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 1 - Heithah Cuatrus Alphes,
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 2 - Heithah Cuatrus Betes,
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 3 - Heithah Cuatrus Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 4 - Heithah Cuatrus Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 5 - Heithah Cuatrus Epsilæ
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 6 - Heithah Cuatrus Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 7 - Heithah Cuatrus Etes, ‘Arcady of Baothio’
Planet 5 Moon 4 Orbital 8 - Heithah Cuatrus Thetes,
Planet 5 Moon 5 - Heithah Cincus, 'The Hidden Evil'
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 1 - Heithah Cincus Alphes,
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 2 - Heithah Cincus Betes, 'The Crazed'
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 3 - Heithah Cincus Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 4 - Heithah Cincus Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 5 - Heithah Cincus Epsilæ, 'Library of Yzxstuhl'
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 6 - Heithah Cincus Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 7 - Heithah Cincus Etes,
Planet 5 Moon 5 Orbital 8 - Heithah Cincus Thetes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 - Heithah Seiice, 'The Musician'
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 1 - Heithah Seiice Alphes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 2 - Heithah Seiice Betes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 3 - Heithah Seiice Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 4 - Heithah Seiice Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 5 - Heithah Seiice Epsilæ,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 6 - Heithah Seiice Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 7 - Heithah Seiice Etes,
Planet 5 Moon 6 Orbital 8 - Heithah Seiice Thetes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 - Heithah Sietas, 'The Indestructible'
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 1 - Heithah Sietas Alphes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 2 - Heithah Sietas Betes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 3 - Heithah Sietas Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 4 - Heithah Sietas Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 5 - Heithah Sietas Epsilæ, ‘Equilibrium of Droughtothgir’
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 6 - Heithah Sietas Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 7 - Heithah Sietas Etes,
Planet 5 Moon 7 Orbital 8 - Heithah Sietas Thetes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 - Heithah Ochus, 'The Cold-Hearted'
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 1 - Heithah Ochus Alphes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 2 - Heithah Ochus Betes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 3 - Heithah Ochus Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 4 - Heithah Ochus Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 5 - Heithah Ochus Epsilæ,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 6 - Heithah Ochus Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 7 - Heithah Ochus Etes,
Planet 5 Moon 8 Orbital 8 - Heithah Ochus Thetes, ‘Playhouse of Soquz’
Planet 5 Moon 9 - Heithah Nuevas, 'The Blinding Good'
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 1 - Heithah Nuevas Alphes,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 2 - Heithah Nuevas Betes,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 3 - Heithah Nuevas Gammes,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 4 - Heithah Nuevas Deltes,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 5 - Heithah Nuevas Epsilæ,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 6 - Heithah Nuevas Zetes,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 7 - Heithah Nuevas Etes,
Planet 5 Moon 9 Orbital 8 - Heithah Nuevas Thetes,
Planet 5 Moon 10 - Heithah Diewk, 'The Silent'
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 1 - Heithah Diewk Alphes
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 2 - Heithah Diewk Betes
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 3 - Heithah Diewk Gammes
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 4 - Heithah Diewk Deltes
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 5 - Heithah Diewk Epsilæ
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 6 - Heithah Diewk Zetes, 'The Prophet of Endtimes'
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 7 - Heithah Diewk Etes
Planet 5 Moon 10 Orbital 8 - Heithah Diewk Thetes, ‘Bedlam of Zruvzy’

Ekuthka: (Ek-Uth-kaah) Ekuthka is the sixth and final planet in the Jenesi system, and is often referred to as the 'Guardian to Beyond' due to this. Ekuthka's surface appears to be completely coated in a thick layer of ice, which also appears to have an unknown metal faintly visible deep beneath the surface. Due to this, the surface of Ekuthka from Bathemu Primas is a pale blue with a notable metallic silver tinge. Ekuthka is the only planet with a ring system, of which it visibly has two separate ones, known as Ekuthka Minis Primus (Ek-Uth-kaah Min-is Prim-us) and Ekuthka Minis Omegus. (Ek-Uth-Kaah Min-is Oh-meg-ezz.) The ring systems of Ekuthka visibly pass through eachother, which when viewed from a certain angle, results in them appearing as a large X across the surface of the planet.
Creation Theories:
Understandably, there are multiple different religions on Bathemu Primas relating to how they may have come to be. For beings from the outer multiverse, however, it is easy to discern that Axyklabodslavaz was created by an external being, however very few beings within the pocket universe seem to be definitively aware of their source; namely, the Asroizz. The Asroizz state that the creator-God, a being they refuse to name either out of respect of they genuinely don't know his/her name, formed the Asroizz out of the nothingness that Axyklabodslavaz once was, and they were made to be his/her helpers. Over the period of seven thousand years, the creator and his/her 34 assistants made the general skeleton of the universe, and were then instructed to complete it. 13,000 years after that point, the Asroizz suddenly realised they were alone, as their creator-god had inexplicably vanished. This quickly resulted in a crumbling of the ranks of the Asroizz, splitting them into two major factions that fought for a complete 400 years straight; known as the 'Age of the Fallen.' After this battle, the Asroizz entered an extended slumber, roughly for roughly 19 million years, during which a species known as the 'Voidred' inexplicably came into existence, and began repairing Axyklabodslavaz. At some point, very very early in Bathemu Primas' recorded history, a large battle was fought between the sentient mortals, which re-awoke the Asroizz. For unknown reasons, beyond this point the Asroizz gained certain ethics and characteristics, leading them to represent certain elements or concepts. It is rumoured amongst natives of Bathemu Primas that the Asroizz always represented these roles, since the moment they were created, however they had no use for them at the time, thus how they all seemed to be blank slates. Now that mortals are around and are being used so that the Asroizz may battle once again, their representations have become strengthened, while all other areas have weakened.

Who exactly this creator was, and what happened to him/her is unknown to most, even within the Omniverse. Any beings or gods capable of scrying into the past to see who he/she was have varying recounts as to their physical description, but the two facts that remain constant was that he/she was an Omega-mage of some sort, and was ultimately destroyed by the very pocket universe they had made, when a break event occurred on such a scale that they were completely obliterated, both physically and metaphysically.
Notable species in Axyklabodslavaz:

Asroizz (As-Roy-zzz): The Asroizz are best described as fragments of the aspect of a god. Whilst they have considerable powers far beyond that of many, many mortals, they are weak when compared to most of the gods inhabiting the Omniverse. They have no set similar appearance, and are freely able to shapeshift at will, with no restrictions. However, they do have preferred forms which they are often seen in. Each individual Asroizz represents either a pair of concepts or actual physical objects/reaction, with their powers being considerably strengthened in that area, with their powers over all other areas being weakened to the point of uselessness. (For example, an Asroizz that represents Wind and Love is capable of manipulating the wind to their needs, and is also capable of sparking love ties between mortals. However, they are unable to do anything significant anywhere else.) The Asroizz also have their own native language, known as 'Azreid,' which has an alphabet consisting of thirty-six letters. Due to the seclusion of Axyklabodslavaz from the majority of the Omniverse, only 3 of the 37 Asroizz are actually aware of the rest of the Omniverse and thus, think they are all-powerful. (Asroizz who are aware of the Omniverse will be noted with an asterisk * below.)
List of confirmed & planned Asroizz:

Yzxstuhl * - Asroizz of Knowledge and Contracts - Roleplayed by Yzxstuhl
Soquz - Asroizz of Interference and Misfortune - ???
Baothio - Asroizz of Wind and Peace - ???
Droughtothgir - Asroizz of Balance and Justice - ???
Qrwxz - Asroizz of Madness and Chaos - ???
Tykakoquth * - Asroizz of Time and Paradoxes - ???
Lahid - Asroizz of Law and Order - ???
Nysij - Asroizz of Deception and Machinations - ???
Qotqu - Asroizz of Birthright and Rebirth - ???
Dehike - Asroizz of Death and Sleep - ???
Zytqod - Asroizz of Life and the Undead - ???
Ueeki * - Asroizz of Awareness and Extradimensionality - Roleplayed by Yzxstuhl
Note: The Asroizz' of Life, Death and Rebirth have no link to the Three Entities, other than that they represent the same thing. The Asroizz' would also easily be overpowered by the Three Entities. It is believed that the Creator-God may have planned the Asroizz' decisions to represent elements, and thus he based the three Asroizz of Life, Death and Rebirth off stories he had heard about the Three Entities. This means they are beings based off the 'shadows' of the Three Entities, and are not linked to them in any way. Unless Cain allows me to do otherwise, at least. =P

Voidred (Voi-dread) Not much is known about the Voidred, as there are few records of them, and the Asroizz refuse to speak of them. What is known is that they were first encountered during the 400 year Asroizz war, and were the ones that repaired the pocket dimension whilst they hibernated. How this race came to be is unknown, as at the time other species were unable to enter Axyklabodslavaz, and thus far the only sentient creatures had been made by the Creator-God, who was then absent, but they are most likely the origin of all forms of life in the pocket dimension, which appeared while the Asroizz were inactive. Extremely few records have survived from the age when they were present amongst sentient mortals, and only a single document vaguely describes part of their appearance, over the period of multiple paragraphs; "... a rip in reality..." "... red eyes beyond the veil..." "... a hand darker than night..." What exactly happened to the Voidred is unknown, but all interaction between the species and the mortals in the pocket dimension ended 24,000 years before Axyklabodslavaz was discovered by the rest of the Omniverse.
Bathemu Primas Lore:
Bathemu Primas is easily within the midst of it's medieval ages, however the exact time period varies from region to region. The entirety of Bathemu Primas has been completely discovered by, colonised by and is ruled over by 'The Empire,' which is lead by the Nighthouse lineage, starting with Emperor Taiger Nighthouse. The current emperor is Emperor Jamith Nighthouse the Third, who attempts to be protective and fair to his people, but is ultimately  clueless as to what exactly he is doing, and has become little more than a puppet for a council that has slowly grown corrupt due to the lack of self-empowered emperors.
Bathemu Primas plays host to five continents, each of which in turn play host to a varying number of nations.

Empirasis (Ehmp-Ear-A-Sis) is the continent of origin for the Empire, hence the name. Empirasis is the second largest continent on Bathemu Primas, second only to Ikathakeh. The northern 25% of Empirasis is on the northern hemisphere of the planet, whilst the remaining 75% is on the southern hemisphere; the equator crosses across Empirasis half-way between the northernmost point of the continent and the half-way point between the northern and southern halves of the continent. Due to this geographical placement, the biomes present vary strongly; the entire northern part of the continent, starting half-way between the equator and the continent's half-way point, varies between dense tropical jungles and rainforests, the central area of the continent being mostly rolling hills and savannahs, and the southern area being completely dominated by vast, frozen taigas and tundras. The entire continent is littered with medieval structures and towns, most of which are only 50 Km from each other. The capital city, Fort Launchoff, is located at the north-westernmost point of the continent, which is dominated almost entirely by Empriar Castle, located in the absolute centre of the city. The city's docks are colossal by any standard, with the docks sprawling over thirty-five kilometres away from the city in both directions. The majority of the dock houses the thousands upon thousands of the empire's flagships, all of which are ready around the clock to leave at any second. Empirasis is almost exclusively inhabited by its natives, the Empirials, (sic) with only a measly 0.001% of the population being other races. Due to this, racism is quite fierce on this continent, as many of the Empirials view it as a 'pure' country, and that other races are simply trying to 'infect' it.
Nations in Empirasis - Capital City:
Empirasis - Emprarikas (Capital of the Empire)

Amerykah (Am-er-ré-kah) , also known as 'The Crying Crimson Land,' is the single largest concentration of crime in all of Bathemu Primas. Originally, it was to be used as a prison colony by the Empire, however once sufficient numbers of prisoners were on the continent, a mass riot was staged, and all non-prisoners were slaughtered. Two attempts were made to try reclaim the continent, but both backfired majorly, giving the trapped prisoners a method of transportation. All the stolen ships were quickly scuttled via a suicide mission, and Amerykah was deemed a banned zone by the empire. Essentially nothing is factually known about Amerykah at this point, and only guesses can be made as to how badly it has been scarred. It is assumed that Amerykah is either in an unstable form of Tribalism, if not complete and utter Anarchy. Empirial flagships that circle the continent to prevent any from entering or leaving often report that the water around the island has an immensely strong metallic taste, and many also report seeing colossal clouds of blood floating out to sea from the island, hence the name; the most disturbing part is that the ships are over 200 Km from the shore. When colonised, Amerykah consisted entirely of randomly changing patches between rolling hills and forests, however the huge and constant pillar of smoke emerging from the island suggests that the majority of it has been burnt to the ground and rendered a barren wasteland.

Ikathakeh (Ick-ath-ah-keh) is the largest continent on Bathemu Primas, and is located entirely in the southern hemisphere, being south of Keilacor, with no other continents to its east or west, save Empirasis. It is essentially the Axyzklabodslavaz equivalent of Antartica, as they are almost identical in both location, size and shape. It is scarcely colonised, and has been mostly left for continued occupation by its natives, the Ikthak, who are genetically very similar to the Empirials, but have a genetically slower metabolism, allowing for them to fatten much more quickly. Compared to the Empirials, the Ikthak appear to be heavily obese, with a ten-year-old child usually weighing roughly 120 Kg. Ikthak are expert fishermen, and usually live in large igloos made of compacted snow or solid ice. Ikathakeh is also known to have the largest variety of fish and polar animals on all of Bathemu Primas, with over 105 different species of fish having been discovered beneath the ice. Due to this, it is also the Empire's primary source of seafood.
Nations in Ikathakeh - Capital City
Ikathakeh - Fushh Landing

Ozu (Oh-Zoo) is bordering on the edge of being classed as a tribalist country. It is located east of Keilacor, and north-west of Empirasis. Empirial governance in Ozu has quite obviously become extremely slack, to the point where any sufficiently large group of individuals can literally declare themselves as a nation. Due to this, the mainland of Ozu plays host to 38 "different" nations, with the island just off the southern cost, aptly named the 'Nation of Nations of Nations', plays host to over 356 "different" nations, with the entire island easily being able to fit into a circle with a radius of 200 Km. Surprisingly, very few "invasions" and "wars" occur in Ozu, as when one micronation wishes to invade another one, the one being invaded typically surrenders to avoid bloodshed. Due to this constant shifting of borders and regions, maps are no longer updated; instead, multiple copies of a 200-year-old map is used, one which does not mark out any nations, simply the four regions of Ozu: West Ozu, Central Ozu, East Ozu, and the Nation of Nations of Nations.
The majority of northern Ozu is constantly coated in a thin layer of snow during the night, which quickly melts during the day throughout the year, resulting in a relatively uniform muddy texture to the ground during the summer months, which turns to solid, hazardously slippery ice during the winter months. Due to this, landslides are common during the summer months, and the area is relatively flat. Stone buildings are strongly avoided in this region, as the foundations sink into the ground over a matter of years, which is what happened with Fort Peylar, a large Empirial castle that has, over the period of 95 years, sunk into the ground at a rate of 2cm per day during the summer months, with its westward tilt of 48 degrees increasing by a single degree each year. Surprisingly, the majority of the treasure in the castle remains untouched; some leave it because they find it amusing to see how it has moved each time they come to visit, others leave it so that the fort remains as a mocking of how stupid the Empirials once were.
The remainder of the Ozu mainland consists mainly of light rain forests, with a light scattering of grassy fields, usually appearing as extremely large clearings amongst the trees. Most of the towns are found inside these clearings, and the buildings of said towns are almost exclusively made of wood.
The Nation of Nations of Nations was formerly entirely woodland, however due to the multiple nations within the region, woodlands are now very scarce, and the landscape is dominated by multiple buildings of various material and architecture.
Nations in Ozu - Capital city
Too many to list - Too many to list

Keilacor (Kai-La-Core) is, for unknown reasons, the primary location of Asroizz interaction. Keilacor is also a prime location for the arcane arts, which are not only slightly easier to conduct, but also slightly more powerful when conducted here than anywhere else in the entirety of Axyklabodslavaz. Whether this is a side-effect of the near-constant Asroizz presence, or the reason the Asroizz are so involved in the area, is unknown. Keilacor is easily the most multicultural of the continents, as it has four native species, all of which are unique to each other. 
Species of Keilacor:
Vekuluk - Beings native to the nation of Vuxxuk, the only nation on Bathemu Primas that the Empire failed to invade. For unknown reasons, the Vekuluk willingly submitted to Empirial rule, on the condition that a small, completely worthless island be marked as Vuxxuk territory. Vuxxuk itself is the single most naturally inhospitable location on all of Bathemu Primas, as it's surface is heavily dotted with active volcanoes constantly spewing forth massive amounts of ash, deep ravines that scar the ashen surface of the nation, and the fact the area sits directly atop a fault line does not help much either. Due to the extreme terrain, the Vekuluk have become a pinnacle of evolution, as it no longer bothers them; their lungs are able to filter out ash particles, which are expelled from the body when they exhale; their eyes are covered in a transparent, skin-like layer to protect their eyes from the ash; they also furthermore have a much higher tolerance to heat, but a reduced tolerance to cold. The two most visibly notable features about them are firstly, how surprisingly short they are; most adult Vekuluk range between four feet to four and a half feet, with any Vekuluk over five feet tall being viewed as monstrously tall. The second feature is work of a very intriguing genetic that alters their skin tone depending on the amount of ultraviolet light they are exposed to. All Vekuluk are born with a pitch-white skin tone, as the capital city of Vuxxuk (Xyzstukhlkmohhvks; don't even bother trying to pronounce it, I came up with the name and even I barely can,) and most of the nation is constantly covered in huge ash clouds, reducing UV exposure to a minimum. However, if a Vekuluk becomes situated atop a mountain with no form of cloud covering diluting the sunlight, over the period of a week the individual's skin tone will change from it's original pitch white to a dark obsidian black. This allows the Vekuluk to maximise UV absorption in their home country, whilst also preventing constant and lethal sunburns everywhere else.
Due to the constantly ashen environment they live in, the architecture of the Vekuluk is unique, with no structures originally designed by the Empirials being comparable to it's effectiveness. The houses externally appear not unlike the underside of an upside-down ship made from some sort of strange bone. Due to this design, it is increasingly difficult for ash to settle upon the roof, which instead slides down the sides, forming large mounds of ash surrounding the entire house's outer walls. Even with constant shovelling, however, many of the houses would quickly be buried beneath thick layers of ash due to the constant ashfall, rendering the house lost. To prevent this, the front doors of each house have small retaining walls built around them, which mostly prevents ash from blocking the doorway. Whenever the ash layer rises above the retaining wall, an additional layer is added to the wall, with a section being slightly larger than the lower layer. Over time, this results in a staircase structure being constructed, with a tunnel going down through the layers of ash to the front door of the house. Once the staircase's top is higher than the highest point on the house's roof, another house is constructed on top, with the staircase being incorporated into it not unlike an entrance to a basement. Because of this, Empirial immigrants strongly prefer houses that are five or more years older, as they usually have upwards of ten or so rooms connected to each other, with each individual house being able to accommodate all the needs for a family of four, with the lowest room in the house usually being 100 m below the surface or more. This also means that an entire extended family can live in a single house, usually with the oldest members of the family living in the lowest room in the house.
The Vekuluk are amazingly adept mages, and are extremely experienced in pyro magic, as they often have to use considerably hotter temperatures for it to have the same effects on other Vekuluk due to their fire resistance. For much the same reasons, Vekuluk cryo magic is completely ineffective against most other species, being comparable to a chilly nip in the air.
Vuxxuk itself is a surprisingly large chunk of land, being the same size as the other two nations in Keilacor combined. The district of Sifx is connected to the district of Bulkhold in Espa via an S-shaped pass that is approximately 300 Km long, but only about 3 Km wide, varying by half a kilometre. This pass is lightly defended and has faint trails visible, as few ever travel along the pass.

Wusquoiss -  The Wusquoiss are the species native to the district of Kaaz in the nation of Seithh. The Wusquoiss appear physically similar to the Dughgoss, both of which appear reptilian, as they sport lizard-like heads and have overlapping scales covering the entirety of their bodies, (which are usually coloured various shades of green, blue and black,) save for the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. Instead of having regular hair, the Wusqoiss and Dughgoss alike have bone-like growths of keratin atop their head that continue growing as long as the individual is biologically alive, in a manner quite similar to a rhinoceros' horn. The shape, direction, and location of the horns is unique to each individual and mostly randomised, however they almost always grow in a symmetrical manner on each side of the head, as otherwise it would usually result in the individual's head leaning to one side uncomfortably.
Due to the Wusquoiss being native to Kaaz, a collection of islands in a huge cove that is over 500 Km wide, they are very highly adapted to aquatic life. They usually sport webbed hands and feet for increased movement and speed in water, and also sport a set of gills in addition to their lungs, allowing them to switch between aquatic and air respiration with no difficulty. The Wusquoiss also have a third, transparent eyelid that covers their eyes whilst underwater, so as to protect it from irritants and pollutants. (Like a crocodile's eye.)
Like many other races, the Wusquoiss have adopted Empirial architecture techniques. Before Empirial occupation, the Wusquoiss would construct small wooden Tipi-like structures, which would be covered in large leaves to provide shelter.
(It should also be noted that the Wusquoiss are usually incredibly peaceful; no wars or battles of any sort have ever been encountered with the Wusquoiss taking an aggressive role, and there are no records of any such events occurring before Empirial occupation. The Wusquoiss willingly submitted to Empirial rule, on the condition that they keep some of the power over their homeland. This condition was accepted.)

Dughgoss - The Dughgoss are the natives of the district of Steeldune in the nation of Espa, which is also the main link between Espa and Seithh. They appear quite similar to their neighbours of Kaaz, however are internally extremely different. The colour scheme of their scales is usually various shades of brown, orange and red, and the keratin growths they sport grow faster than their Wusquoiss cousins. In direct contrast, however, the Dughgoss are heavily evolved for land travel, namely through the shifting sands of Steeldune. The one thing they are the most known for is their capabilities to store huge amounts of water within their bodies, and their bodily efficiency in using this water. Due to this, they drink huge amounts of water in single seatings, to the point where they have their own pint size - the Dughgoss Pint - which is capable of storing 2.5 litres in a single glass. Another internal feature of the Dughgoss is that they are ectothermic (Cold-blooded) which comes with its perks and cons. The two most notable perks are that their cold-bloodedness gives them a natural camouflage to heat-seeking animals or predators, as their internal body temperature would be the same as the ambient temperature, essentially rendering them invisible on the infra-red spectrum. The other perk is that this allows them to exponentially increase their water efficiency, as the deserts in Steeldune often get significantly cold at night, which puts the Dughgoss into a hibernation-like state, reducing their water usage during the night to practically nothing. The downside to this, however, is that the Dughgoss do not respond to any form of external stimulation whilst in this hibernation state; this makes it immensely easy for hostiles to sneak up on them and attack them, as they are unable to retaliate. An interesting feature of the Dughgoss is that if the environment they are in is sufficiently heated, as it usually is in Steeldune, instead of sweating they can often be found emitting steam directly from their pores. The Dughgoss, like the Wusquoiss, have a third eyelid; however, the Dughgoss third eyelid is notably tinted, and is used to protect their eyes from harsh sunlight, and also to serve as natural sand-goggles to protect their eyes during a sandstorm.
The Dughgoss, like their Kaaz relatives, have also adopted Empirial architecture. Unlike their relatives, however, the Dughgoss did not originally construct any form of housing at all; they would simply wander the desert until the sun began to set, and would sleep in the sand.

Ogruss Grougg - The Ogruss Grougg are native to most of the north-west quarter of Bulkhold, and the south-westernmost parts of Northwind, they are easily a huge species by any standard. They are visibly amphibian in nature, externally appearing like anthropomorphic cane toads. Adults of the species range between seven to eight feet in height, and a healthy adult male of the species weighs between 250 and 300 Kg. This weight is always resultant from muscle mass, as it is essentially impossible for members of the species to become fattened, due to the excessively high metabolism rate. This metabolism rate is the result of the cold environment they are native to, which they evolved quite strangely to become comfortable within; the Ogruss Grougg emit large amounts of heat from their bodies, heating the air immediately around them to a much higher temperature, approximately around twenty degrees higher than the ambient temperature. This results in them leaving puddles of water in the shape of their footprints whenever they walk through snow in an area with a temperature of -19 or higher.
The Ogruss Grougg have become massively infamous throughout the Empire, and many Empirial texts refer to them as unintelligent savages who exist for no other reason than to hinder the Empire. Due to this, they are subject to fierce amounts of racism, and it is not uncommon for Ogruss Grougg who attempt to integrate into civilised society to be executed for pretty crimes, such as theft for a loaf of bread, when they had nothing to do with the crime whatsoever. The constant attacks by the Ogruss Grougg against the capital of Bulkhold, Citadeil, and their blatant refusal to use any form of weaponry save for stone tools simply confirms the facts that they are a moronic species that should be exterminated.
The majority of these Empirial texts, however, are false; Whilst the Ogruss Grougg are fairly primitive, this is simply because they choose to be, partially to spite the Empire, however they are surprisingly intelligent, having become masters of guerrilla warfare. Furthermore, the reason they refuse to use any weapons except for stone ones is purely to spite the Empire, as the Ogruss Grougg are often the victorious party in battles, which is extremely embarrassing for the Empire, since their weapons are made of steel, and they loose against savages. The Ogruss Grougg used to have tribalism as their main form of governance, however due to the Empirial threat, the tribes now work together to try reclaim their land. They are extremely distrusting of other species, save the 'Ochus Cincus.'
Ogruss Grougg technically do not have any form of architecture; If they successfully invade an Empirial establishment, most often forts or castles, they will live and sleep there. If they do not have access to an occupied structure, they will simply live and sleep in caves.
According to multiple Empirial texts, the Grougg-Empire war started when the Ogruss Grougg slaughtered an entire town without any reason, to which the Empire retaliated to. Since then, the Ogruss Grougg have repeatedly being attacking various assorted Empirial settlements, which the Empire in turn retaliate to. As with the "scientific" Empirial texts, this is complete garbage. The Ogruss Grougg-Empire war actually started when a corrupt Empire official, deeming them an inferior species, secretly sent a battalion to attack and destroy the nearest tribe. This order was carried out to-the-letter, with the slaughter of the tribe quickly spreading throughout the Ogruss Grougg tribes, but being suppressed from the Empirial public. The Ogruss Grougg, having a society that very strongly reflected a strong value of justice and balance, (To the point where they worshipped Droughtothgir, the Asroizz of Balance and Justice,) immediately enacted a counter-attack, but not the one described by the Empire records; the town the Ogruss Grougg "slaughtered" were actually a settlement who were considered excellent friends and allies of the Ogruss Grougg, and so instead of attacking the town, which at the time was considered immoral, they explained the situation. The town, agreeing that the attack on the now-dead Ogruss Grougg tribe was extremely unjust, and decided to inform the public of this. A group of four left for Citadeil; they never returned, and the Empire fragmented the story that they were the sole survivors of the town's attack, who died informing an officer of what had happened, when really they had been kidnapped and killed by Empirial soldiers, who had been ordered to do so by the same corrupt official who announced the first attack. Discovering this, the town members joined the Ogruss Grougg, becoming the first group of 'Ochus Cincus.'
Ochus Cincus -  Ochus Cincus is the term given to whoever sides with the Ogruss Grougg. The Ochus Cincus are the only other species the Ogruss Grougg trusts, and it is fairly simple and east to become one; simply get a tattoo with a certain design on the face, and you are considered an Ochus Cincus, and welcomed as a member into any Ogruss Grougg tribe. The catch, however, is that the tattoo is permanent, and well-recognised by anyone within Keilacor; thus, the Ochus Cincus are treated as though they were actual Ogruss Grougg, often worse. The name 'Ochus Cincus' is the name given by anti-Grougg Empirials, and refers to two of Heithah's moons; Heithah Ochus, also known as 'The Cold-Hearted, and Heithah Cincus, also known as 'The Hidden Evil.'

Nations in Keilacor - District in nation - Capital of district - Geographical Information
Espa - Bulkhold - Citadeil - North: Northwind. North-East: The Capital. West: Sifx, Vuxxuk. South-West: Steeldune. Separated from Seithh to the South-East by a large, river-like body of water, "Hydrotile River." Largest district in Espa and second largest on Keilacor. Salt plains in rough centre, with 'Grant Chasm' to east of salt plains. Grant Chasm stretches almost entirely from Hydrotile River to northernmost border of Bulkhold, with a gap on either side of 100 Km. Connected to Vuxxuk via "Point Pass."

Espa - Northwind - Lodestar - South: Bulkhold. South-West-West: The Capital. Central-North: The Void. All forms of travel by land to The Void pass through Northwind. Lodestar is the northernmost city in all of Bathemu Primas. Northwind mostly covered completely by snow all year long.

Espa - The Void - Arcane College of Northwind - South & West: Northwind. Formerly known as 'Whitepeace,' suffered from a severe reality-fragmenting event that shattered Whitepeace into millions of 'shards' that are scattered randomly around Bathemu Primas. Each shard acts like a 'looking glass' into Whitepeace from a specific location, which cycles through a day/night cycle in time with Keilacor, no matter where the viewer is located. No signs of biological life has been directly seen, however smoke can be seen emanating from chimneys during the day and fires can be seen inside buildings. Large shards are immensely valuable, (A shard roughly the size of your fist would be worth over fifteen billion,) with shards depicting the interiors of houses being five times more valuable than other shards of the same size, however none, save for one, of these directly depict any sources of light. The only shard known to directly depict a source of fire is also the largest shard found thus far, being over eight metres tall with a diameter of four metres, which depicts the inside of an Empirial-style living room with a large fireplace. It is stored in the "capital" of The Void, the Arcane college of Northwind, which is not actually located within The Void itself, but is literally sitting on the border; when Whitepeace was shattered, one of the main spires of the building was fragmented, resulting in the college having direct access to The Void without needing to leave the building. The former capital of Whitepeace was Goldstone, of which no shards depicting it have been found.

Espa - Steeldune - Fort Sandstone - North: Bulkhold. Central East: Elof, Seithh. South-East: Kaaz, Seithh. Entire western coast of Steeldune consists of a huge mountain range, stretching from the border with Bulkhold, to the southernmost point that can be considered part of the west coast. Hydrotile River ends at the northernmost point of the border with Elof. Steeldune consists entirely of a single desert, the Endless Dunes, which only has four settlements that remain active, including the capital of Fort Sandstone. Fort Sandstone was originally a large fortress made entirely of sandstone, that was constructed by a notably wealthy Empirial who's name has slowly faded from history to the point that all that is known is that it started with the letter 'T'. It has become a novelty both due to the high unlikelihood of the fort being attacked and needing the defences it has, and how weak and flimsy said defences are; the outer walls of the fort have completely crumbled due to erosion, and the castle itself has begun to be covered by the shifting sands. All around the outer walls of the castle, various assorted buildings, both permanent and temporary have sprung up, changing it from a joke of a structure to a working settlement.

Espa - The Capital - The Capitol - South-West: Bulkhold. North-East: Northwind. The entire district of The Capital, covering approximately 800 square kilometres, is actually one complete city, the largest on Bathemu Primas. It is the capital city of Keilacor, and is the Empire's main landing and staging point into Keilacor. All of the buildings in the city are of Empirial design, as they fit geometrically better due to the designs. As is with Keilacor law, all districts must have a capital city; including The Capital, which whilst being one huge city, only an individual location within the district can be deemed the capital. Due to this, the main building government building, where the various leaders of each district in Keilacor meet to discuss new laws and political matters, has been deemed the "capital city" of The Capital, which is called The Capitol.

Seithh - Elof - Deurwoi - West: Steeldune, Espa. South: Kaaz. East: Etith. North, across Hydrotile River: Bulkhold. Elof is a relatively unremarkable region, and is smaller than The Capital in Espa. Elof consists entirely of flat savannah, with the capital city Deurwoi being within 100 Km of the border of Steeldune. Deurwoi is one of the busier towns in Seithh, serving as the first notable establishment for those who travel into Seithh by land, rather than taking the considerably shorter trip across the Hydrotile River. The main export from Elof is game meat, primarily rabbits which are seen as an introduced pest brought by the Empirials, and thus are hunted mercilessly.

Seithh - Kaaz - Feushh - West: Steeldune. North-West: Elof. North-East: Etith. East: Suaoi. The district of Kaaz is essentially one colossal cove, which houses numerous islands of varying sizes. 14 major islands are shown on maps, but there also at least 20 smaller islands to small to note on a map. The capital city of Kaaz, Feushh, is located on the southernmost point of the island closest to the coast with Etith. Feushh is almost entirely a fishing town, and essentially everyone living in Kaaz is either a fisherman, usually a Wusquoiss, or someone who wishes to live peacefully next to a beach. One of the islands of Kaaz is covered entirely in a thick layer of salt, with the rest of the islands hosting tropical jungles or marshes. The primary export from Kaaz is fish, most commonly salmon.

Seithh - Suaoi - Kwieht - West: Kaaz. North: Etith. Consists mostly of tropical rainforests and dense forests. Has a small group of mountans close to where the borders between Kaaz and Etith meet. Capital city, Kwieht is the southernmost capital city in Keilacor, sitting on the south-easternmost coast of Keilacor. Kwieht is commonly referred to as the most peaceful and tranquil town in all of Keilacor, and often the only sound heard there is that of native animals frolicking about. The primary export from Suaoi is timber, which is chopped down well away from Kwieht, so as to allow it to keep it's tranquil status. Furthermore, local law in Suaoi mandates that a new tree must be planted for each tree chopped down, which allows the forests to regenerate, allowing the loggers of Suaoi to export infinite numbers of wood.

Seithh - Etith - Santaar - North: Mawauz. West: Elof. South-West: Kaaz. South: Suaoi. North-West, across Hydrotile River: Bulkhold, Espa. Etith is the largest district in Seithh, however it is only approximately two-thirds of the size of Bulkhold. Consists of a mix of environments of the districts surrounding it; majority of south consists of dense woodlands, west area consists of flat savannah, with the remaining areas consisting of mixes between flat grass plains and rolling hills. The capital city, Santaar, is located in the geographical centre of Seithh, and serves as the main meeting point for traders. The majority of wares in Seithh are taken there, due to it being practically the same distance from there to anywhere, and thus it is much larger than the other settlements in Seithh. The city consists mainly of warehouses, used for storing goods until the owner is ready to transport them to the rest of Keilacor, either by land, or by taking them to the capital of Seithh, Deeljif, then transporting them across the Hydrotile river into Bulkhold. The primary export from Etith is stone, which is mainly produced from the huge stone quarry approximately 300 Km to the east of Santaar.

Seithh - Mawauz - Deeljif - South: Etith. North across Hydrotile River: Bulkhold. Deeljif is the capital city of Seithh, and is located on the southern shore of the Hydrotile River. This allows quick and easy access to the city by sea, as one can simply take a boat across the river to arrive in Espa, namely Bulkhold. Due to this, Deeljif is often used as the more prominent trading port with Espa, as it's closeness reduces costs of moving goods. Mawauz consists entirely of a mix between flat, grassy plains and rolling hills, however crop farms are scattered around randomly, but are more focused around the city. The primary export from Mawauz are farm crops, namely wheat, corn, and tomatoes.

Vuxxuk - Sifx - Gaarthunooxx - East: Bulkhold, Espa. West: Nuvtsryxzostq. South-West: Wstkx. North-West: Kowlkk. Least volcanic region in all of Vuxxuk. Has large mountain ranges scattered around it. Capital city, Gaarthunooxx, is first destination for any travelling into Vuxxuk via land. Gaarthunooxx constructed into the base of a mountain. Connected to Espa via "Point Pass." Ash cloud coverage: Minimal. While still notably visible in the sky, is extremely thin compared to other regions, only blocking out about 15% of sunlight. Vekuluk in this region are typically a dark-grey colour.

Vuxxuk - Wstkx - Zyqovtsqu - North: Nuvtsryxzostq. North-West: Oxzur. North-East: Sifx. Home to the largest salt plain on Keilacor, covering an area of 600 square kilometres, with capital city in the centre of it. Small volcanic region to south and base of volcanic region to north, crossing the border into Nuvtsryxzostq. 'The Rock,' a totally barren, valueless island made of solid stone is a distance from the South-East coast of the Wstkx mainland, is a part of the Wstkx district, as per the Empire-Vuxxuk Concordant. The Vuxxuk submitted to Empirial rule on the condition they kept control of the island, which was accepted. Why they wished to keep control of the island is unknown. Ash cloud coverage: Moderate. Ash clouds blown from volcanic region to north cover fair portion of Wstkx mainland, blocking out approx. 25% sunlight. Vekuluk in this region are typically grey in colour.

Vuxxuk - Oxzur - Vuthramazz - East: Nuvtsryxzostq. South-East: Wstkx. North-East: Kowlkk. Oxzur plays host to the single largest volcanic region in all of Keilacor, if not all of Bathemu Primas. A huge cluster of over 45 volcanoes are clumped together in northern Oxzur, surrounded by a thick mountain region. Due to the strange geographical details of the location, it is being questioned as to if it's a group of volcanoes, or just the caldera of a single supervolcano, which would be five times larger than the Yellowstone Caldera. This region is referred to as "Pyroxinus Cluster," which produces the majority of the ash covering Vuxxuk. Outputs approximately 500 tonnes of ash each day, which is spread across the nation of Vuxxuk. Vuthramazz suffers from the majority of this ashfall, with approximately 10cm of ash being blanketed evenly across the town each week. The oldest house in the town goes as far as 400 metres underground, due to the Vekuluk architecture. Ash cloud coverage: Severe. All direct sunlight is blocked out by the colossal, constant ash cloud emanating from the Pyroxinus Cluster, however some light (approximately 15% of sunlight) reflects off the ocean to the west of Oxzur, which then further reflects off the underside of the ash cloud, granting them small amounts of natural light. Sunlight only reflects off the ocean to the ash cloud between shortly after midday and until sundown, resulting in the 'day' in Oxzur only being notable in the second half of the day. Vekuluk in this region are typically a slightly-greyed white colour.

Vuxxuk - Kowlkk - Yszukht - South: Nuvtsryxzostq. South-West: Oxzur. South-East: Sifx. Northenmost region of Vuxxuk. Has small volcanic region along southern border with Nuvtsryxzostq, however wind often blows southwards, resulting in Kowlkk being the least ash-affected region in Vuxxuk. Vekuluk tend to avoid this region, as it is often blanketed in snow, which is highly frigid to them. The majority of Vekuluk in this region are either adept pyro mages and almost always use their magic to keep themselves warm, or wear excessive amounts of clothing for the same effects. (It is not uncommon for a Vekuluk to be seen wearing five fur coats on top of each other, and still be seen shivering.) Due to the cold environment, the capital city of Yszukht has a very small population of Vekuluk, usually numbering around the lower double-digits. Kowlkk is also home to the largest ravine in Keilacor, with a length even longer than that of the Grant Chasm, however it is unnamed for unknown reasons. Ash cloud coverage: Microscopic / None. Even with the odd wind change, the extremely-thinned ash clouds only end up blocking about 1% of sunlight at most. Most Vekuluk fire-mages of this region are a dark grey colour, however others who wear large amounts of clothing are usually a light-grey colouring.

Vuxxuk - Nuvtsryxzostq - Xyzstukhlkmohhvks - North: Kowlkk. South: Wstkx. East: Oxzur. West: Sifx. Nuvtsryxzostq is the second most difficult name for a location to pronounce, second only to its capital city of Xyzstukhlkmohhvks. It is the largest district in Keilacor, larger than even Bulkhold in Espa. The region is perfectly circular, with the other regions strategically placed around it to maximise the defences of the capital city in the exact centre of the region. Due to its immense geographical size, (Covering well over 2 million square kilometres,) it plays host to all of the various features of Vuxxuk; In the south and north of the region, as well as only a few kilometres to the east of the capital city are large volcanic regions; to the west of the city is an amazingly wide ravine; to the south of the volcanic region close to the capital is a cluster of mountains. Xyzstukhlmohhvks is the capital city of Vuxxuk, and thus the majority of the population there (99.99%) consists of Vekuluk, mainly due to the immense heat the city experiences daily. (Between 30 and 65 degrees Celsius.) Ash cloud coverage: Total. No natural sunlight reaches anywhere within Nuvtsryxzostq, both due to the ash cloud from the Pyroxinus Cluster spreading out to cover the entire region, and the multiple volcanoes in the region thickening this cloud. This results in Nuvtsryxzostq being in a permanent 'night' state, with no way of telling when the sun is up without leaving the region, or an immensely powerful wind to part the cloud. (Wind speeds exceeding 300 Km/h would be required.) All Vuxxuk in this region are a pitch-white colour, making them seem extremely sickly.

Word Count: 9,791 Words. Version: 2.

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Riley Oran on Tue May 06, 2014 11:10 pm

Pocket dimensions are extremely unstable things, and rarely reach anything in size beyond a planet before they reach a point of instability. However, pocket universes are possible. That's essentially where a large amount of related Pocket-Dimensions are bound together by non-specific metaphysical force.

All pocket dimensions have to be created by somebody, just for reference.

It makes sense that it would be untouched. Usually, the entity that created the Pocket Dimension/Pocket Universe would control who was allowed entry and exit. However this circumstance is often subverted.

It's unlikely that all of the beings who roam the Omniverse were unaware of Axyklabodslavaz. Most of them, sure, but rumors would quickly spread of a Pocket Dimension. The Gods would of course be made aware of it. It is entirely possible for the ignorance of those within the dimension, though.

All-in-all, I'm extremely impressed with the depth of detail here. It's literally exquisite. I was beyond treated to read through the spoiler tags, and extremely excited to see this in it's final form.

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Yzxstuhl on Wed May 07, 2014 1:00 am

Ah, ok. Axyklabodslavaz would probably only be a pocket universe the size of a single galaxy then, as the creator probably wouldn't expend too much energy in it's creation. I'm aware that pocket dimensions must be made, and I see where your statement may have come from. But yeah, Axyklabodslavaz was created by an indeterminate individual who was destroyed in a break event for unknown reasons, so the pocket dimension has been left to try and survive on it's own without him. The creator originally banned anyone from entering or exiting the dimension, however in his absence the barrier grew weak until one of the Asroizz finally broke out into the rest of the omniverse, allowing free travel too and from. As for those who aware of it, i'll update the post accordingly. Thanks for the feedback! Very Happy

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Artless_Artist on Wed May 07, 2014 12:32 pm

I have to agree; this is very well thought out, and i really can't think of anything else but The Technology Level; maybe some Society besides that of the Astroizz. are there are any other species besides some more of the notable ones? 

Specifically some of the more mortal ones; but all in all; i do enjoy this.

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Sloth on Wed May 07, 2014 4:06 pm

Pocket dimensions cannot be larger than a planet, according to Riley.

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Yzxstuhl on Tue May 13, 2014 12:34 am

Updated! Version 2 of Axyklabodslavaz lore is now up. Now includes geographical information on the continents of Bathemu Primas, Nations on Keilacor, and the various mortal species that can be encountered. Axyklabodslavaz is now also a 'Pocket Universe' as Riley puts it, which is a large cluster of pocket dimensions tethered together to imitate a galaxy/universe. I would change the title, but my iPad seems to be unable to process the edit page anymore XD

Warning: The post now consists of almost 10,000 words. Read with caution. Razz

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

Post by Artless_Artist on Tue May 13, 2014 12:59 am

Very nice.

Well, except for the empire; I would personally enjoy it if you would detail some more on the races; as you've intrigued me with the racism, but unless I've miss quite a bit, I hadn't noticed any more on that.

I'll make another read through, just in case ;3

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Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!) Empty Re: Pocket Universe Idea: Axyklabodslavaz (Ready for Review!)

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