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God Barrier "DW"

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God Barrier "DW"

Post by Wist on Tue May 06, 2014 1:57 pm

External Characteristics

Name: God Barrier Type 000 Combat "Deus Wallinger"

Species: Cyborg 20% Human 80% Robotic

Appearance: Standing at a towering 9 feet high, Deus is a former special forces soldier whose mind was wiped and installed into a highly secretive combat robot until a more sufficient AI was developed. His outer shell is mainly white and grey armour with red inserts on his neck and torso. He has a set 6 forward facing "eyes" and a few very sensitive sensors to give his brain actual 360 degree awareness.

Age: How old is your character?

Statistics: Physical strength is currently unknown as his body model was never tested to its true limits due to its construction, which causes continuous redevelopment and refining of any often used systems for a further increase in performance. Conceivably with enough time his strength could grow to near infinite levels.

Speed is a much more concrete factor since his joints and lubrication systems take much longer to read and re-adjust to outside stimulus. He can run at about 110 kmh, a little faster than a cheetah, and accelerates to that speed within two bounds. His reaction times vary from superhumanly fast to otherworldly depending on how much multiprocessing his mind-computer interface has to compute.

Agility and change of direction are fast enough to actually strain his ankle and knee servos, which make him extremely difficult to get a sight on let alone be a target. Some early test engineers reported seeing "multiple illusions" due to him moving fast enough to cause their eyes to see more than one.

His armour plating is extremely hard, but not very durable, meaning multiple hits can quickly start to eat away and reveal the synthetic muscles and electronics underneath.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Deus's personality is an odd combination of very early AI, a seasoned combat veteran, and a very very eccentric scientist whose only goal was true immortality. After decades of being locked in essentially a box, they merged together to form a whole, though not very cohesive personality. He can be extremely bloodthirsty when provoked, very insightful when asked, and highly intelligent when challenged. Making friends should be simple enough though he's never had any.

Habits/Quirks: Tends to reflexively move his right hand and fingers when thinking.

Likes: Knowledge. Technology. Abit of the arcane

Dislikes: Idiots. Stubborn people. Green Apples

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Family: None

Friends: None

Acquaintances: Just Woke up

Associates: See Above

Organizations: See Above


[*]Created by brillant team of scientists as a security drone.
[*]AI development time exceeded time till impact
[*]Experimental brain surgery from near dead soldier
[*]Lead scientist Logan Sheffler uploads consciousness, partially overwriting basic AI program.
[*]Stored in back of starship for deployment on location
[*]Slowly booting up in present.



[*]Hyper-Learning - With the combined might of one genius, one very smart human, and a semi-sentient quantum computer, He's able to have perfect memory and is developing his own self-analysis for continuous self-improvement. Can mimic even an opponents movements unless they involve magic, which he was not prepared for whatsoever.

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?


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