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Post by Spite on Tue May 06, 2014 9:52 pm

Spite, The Antagonist

External Characteristics

Appearance: Easily one of the youngest of the A-Sin Eaters, Spite generally takes one of two forms, with the former being predominantly camouflage to prey upon food. The first is the form of a 5'5" pale woman with jet black hair that is cut short in a boyish fashion, with a crimson red streak along the right side. Usually this look is accompanied by an all black tank-top, black asymmetrical skirt (The left side is aught but a string nearly, and it gets longer all the way down to just below her knee on the right side) with crimson stockings that run almost the whole leg, and would leave some skin exposed if S/he didn't don boy shorts of a black color. Spite also dons a tiny crimson flower on his/her head on the left side (Solely to spite other sin eaters) and black sandals. Finally the outfit is completed with cloth arm bands that run from just below the shoulder to her wrists, also in black, and two spiked belts around her waist, and one spiked choker around her neck. Her eyes are often crimson red, but have been known to be soft and gentle looking blue when spite intends to mess with emotional people best.

His/her other form is an amalgamation of spite towards her peers, as it incorporates many things the "Food" finds to be pleasing to the eye, and a few additions to make it more palatable to his/herself. The torso is not unlike a human torso in appearance, with a chest like a woman exposed for all to see. This torso is incredibly narrow, and plays host to two arms that are quite thrice the length of the torso itself. Tipping these arms are hands, two fingers and no thumb are of note here, and the fingers play host to lengthy talons. The feet are much the same, with only twin toes and comparable talons. All of the creature's form seems to be rubbery, wrinkly, and very pale gray. From the torso also extends the neck, easily thrice the length of a normal neck, one might begin to wonder if all the parts are right, just the torso is wrong. Atop this neck is a head, easily comparable to the other appendages in size, with two "Eyes" that were aught but blood red orbs. The head also sported a mouth, this was thrice the size it should have been by human measurements, and spanned the whole length of the face. The teeth within are all blunt and misshapen, designed to convey that the meals s/he partakes in are all in for a rough ride. Spite also dons an outfit, but it by no means does what human outfits do. There are two quite black leggings that cover only the knees, and two fingerless gloves sported on the hands. There is a series of at least a dozen overlapping spiked belts, black in color with silver spikes, that extended from middle waist, to meet the stockings. Despite appearances they don't restrict movement, as truly it's all illusory anyways. Two more of these belts actually encircle the chest with one crossing over the other both in the front, and the back. The belts do nothing to cover the chest, but rather more even accent them, giving them lift. Finally the middles of both leggings, and gloves are covered in red flowers, a human sentiment for beauty, and were carefully chosen to make certain that positive emotions were reminded of, solely as a spite to his/her kin. The outfit was specifically chosen to minimize actual clothing, as the very concept of clothes felt too human, but were also needed to help convey the spite involved in donning, and perverting, the human appearance.

Age: Appx 3,050

Gender/Sex: As a sin eater, technically Spite has no sex. However, for genders, Spite prefers female forms, usually sporting a tomboyish look into them regardless.


  • Spite is not strong by any physical means, and never intends to be.
  • Spite serves as a middle ground for speed amongst A-sin eaters.
  • Spite is highly intelligent, even amongst A-sin eaters, and abuses this.
  • Spite however, is somewhat less wise than her peers, only mostly due to lack of experience.
  • Reaction time is also a good basis for average amongst her kin.
  • Spite specifically manipulates Sin energy in such a way that it starts weak, but continues to grow in strength the more it is nursed. As such spite theoretically has both the weakest possible, and the strongest possible magic for her species, short of an omega or perfect form.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Spite is a nasty piece of work. S/he relies on festering wounds and terrible grudges in nearly all aspects of his/her being. Her vendettas can be over incredibly trite things that magnify over decades and even centuries, and she has a grudge with everyone quite nearly. The sole reason for this is it inspires sustenance, that sin energy that is so desperately needed to survive anywhere besides this bleak abyss. When you can get past the fact that s/he will likely make a grand scheme for a person the instant s/he meets them, to plot their undoing if they ever harm him/her, s/he is actually quite palatable, and can be very friendly company, provided you don't offend him/her. S/he still believes in the rule of #1, his/herself, and will always put his/herself first. Can be bratty, catty, and pouty occasionally, but oftentimes these are simple tools to further his/her own agenda.

Habits/Quirks: Nurses grudges for eons, not always alluding to them even.

Likes: Negative emotion, it tastes quite good. Seeing a plan come to a successful end. Attention.

Dislikes: Positive emotions, they smell funky.... Someone catching her before a vendetta is completed. Not getting attention.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Family: A few wriggling sin eaters. Spite has half a mind to kill them though.

Friends: Not really.

Acquaintances: No one worth noting.

Associates: Other sin eaters

Organizations: N/A


Fester: Fester leaves a simple suggestion within a person's mind. Nothing strong, just a suggestion that the person they're currently talking to made an insulting move of some kind. The more a person nurses this feeling, the stronger it grows, until there is a point where the person may lose control of their emotions entirely. It's a great way to gather sustenance, and requires very little effort to do.

Curse of the vengeful: This very unique ability behaves just like a curse. It is a simple mark, one that no mortal could detect without great intervention, or understanding of sin magic. The curse leaves a sort of leech, that feeds off of any generated ambient sin energy. The more produced, the more it feeds. Ultimately, when Spite pleases, S/he can detonate the leech like a time bomb, releasing all of the sin energy at once as raw energy. Not only does it mean great sustenance, but it can cause major damage to a dimension or even universe, and the effects of the detonation are generally chaotic and unpredictable. While no mortal alone could produce enough within a hundred lifetimes, theoretically one could grow so large as to create a breach if left to it's own devices.

Booby trap!: Spite can leave a simple sigil that is almost 100% undetectable. The only way to see it is to expect it to be there, at which point it will make itself apparent as a light blue sigil. They are simple bursts of sin energy created from Spite's own mastery of the ability. The effects of a detonated sigil are partially random, but always bursts of energy that detonate like an explosion.

Freedom: Spite has freedom, and is not bound to the chains of fate.

Shapeshifting: Spite has no true form, only two s/he favors. Spite can shift these forms at will, with minimal effort.

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • A whip manifested of Sin energy. 2 meters long, solid black.
  • A wooden 2x4, four crooked nails at the end. One side shaved to narrow and bound loosely with brown leather for makeshift paddle. Made of sin energy.
  • A small crimson flower, resembles a single amaryllis flower bud.

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