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Post by Cain on Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:12 pm

A relatively small city constructed of Earthen Starships, Jusrel is located on the third planet from its solar-system's star. Farther away from Babel than Sodom, Jusrel is relatively isolated. Unlike Babel, the exterior of the starships are not a habitable planet, but an inhospitable toxic world. Despite this, the ships protect the people and crops inside from the corrosive air outside.

Jusrel is a predominantly agricultural area, with most of the farming out of the three Earthling habitats taking place here. The community here subsists off of trade, though the more predominant farmers are not above taking cash from the richer residents of Babel to funnel higher-quality foods to the top of the tower.

The ships are not arranged and constructed like the one's in Babel. These ships crashed into one another, and many of the inhabitants were lost in the wreck and the leaking poison. The leaks were sealed and the ships patched together, creating an irregular if memorable cityscape within the ships.


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