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The History of the World

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The History of the World

Post by Ieltra/Valen on Thu May 08, 2014 4:57 pm

At the dawn of time when the universe was formed only two beings existed, they were the Gods, Ieltra andValen. Together they created the world. She gave it light, and he guided it through the Darkness. In a never ended cycle they watched over the world, watched it flourish and grow. Over time one species on the planet grew into dominance, creating language, tools, learning the secrets of fire. The Vesmorians were granted visions of the gods, and a Religion was formed to worship them. And thus was the Order of Light founded, shunning the Lord of Darkness, casting him into the role of antagonist.

Over time the Order expanded, gaining itself a small kingdom, and it's own Knights. Thus the name changed to the Knights of the Order of Light. This holy order upheld peace throughout the land, and ruled over their territory benevolently. Due to his shunning the Lord of Darkness changed, accepting his new role as villain with much zeal. He began to change his sister as well, corrupting her once pure light, turning it black.

The High Champions of the Order sacrificed themselves, using all of their inherent power, to seal away their gods, locking each into the gift they had given to the world, her in the Sun, and he in the Moon. So it was that the Order lost it's greatest champions. A new leader rises to eminence in the Order, but this man is weak, corrupted by greed and lust for power. He turns the saintly order into his own tyrannical army. After his death many such men replace him, further fueling the distrust and dislike of the Order, as they fall further, and further from grace.

After several centuries of this disgrace, and many unworthy rulers, a young Knightling initiate, Devotis Ordthar, leads a rebellion of Knights against the High Lord, and deposes him. This causes the Order to appoint him as their new leader, and he strives to return the Order to it's previous state, as well as Resurrect their Goddess.

Of course, during this same period of time the other Kingdoms of the world rise and fall, Heldain being one of the most prominent. Led by the line of King Coursedan the Great the land has grown and flourished, his knights the Revenants, protect the land and the people from the lawless Freemen, and the other threats of the world.

Vesmorians discover the Anlicari, half breeds of animal and Vesmorian, viscous cunning and ruthless. Conflict occurs between the two races, leading to the Anlicari retreating into the depths of the wilds, where the Vesmorians dare not follow. The Anlicari create their own settlements, and their hatred for the Vesmorians festers.


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