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The Knights of the Order of Light

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The Knights of the Order of Light

Post by Ieltra/Valen on Thu May 08, 2014 5:07 pm

The Kinghts of the Order of Light, called the Order by most for short form. This Order was originally a saintly order formed to spread the word of the Goddess, before her corruption. After their sacrifice to seal the Gods however they became corrupted themselves, by lust for power, by greed, and by a chain weak leaders. These leaders have since been deposed. They are now devoted to restoring the goddess of light to her heavenly throne. Lead by an elderly man, Devotis Ordthar. This man has the smallest known Heart Stone, but it comes with a high price. His stone is cracked, and when he uses it's power the crack slowly spreads, slowly killing him. The knights of the Order come in various ranks: there are those who are mere soldiers, not a true part of the Order, then there are the Knightlings, those being trained to join the Order. Then the Lowest Knight classes, being Knight, and Watcher. Then there are the Archknights, then the High Champions. There are only ever ten high champions at a time, as they are the highest caste, directly under the High Lord of the Order.

Each Knight has a small territory to overlook, and usually several Watchers, Archers trained to fight from a mounted position, under their command. Of course the Archknights command their own legion of soldiers, having several Knights beneath their command. The High Champions and the High Lord govern over all the rest, living within the Orders home, the Bastion of Light. A vast cathedral to the Goddess, built in her image, with vast open areas and plenty of natural light.


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