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Pride - A Sin Eater

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Pride - A Sin Eater Empty Pride - A Sin Eater

Post by Solomon Black on Thu May 08, 2014 6:52 pm

Pride - A Sin Eater Slenderman_2_by_tybay-d5lnuya

Name: Pride

Species: A-Sin Eater

Appearance: Pride can alter his appearance at will, but his base form is very much a blank slate. Allowing him to do with it as he pleases and it is also his favourite. He feeds in this form, and looks this way around his family, but otherwise can look like anything.
When feeding:
Pride - A Sin Eater Slenderman_by_valuneird-d5u95sy

Age: 4700 years ago

Pride - A Sin Eater Window17

Personality: Being the second oldest Sin eater he has a need to impress and overwhelm and it comes with his territory of being pride. He is cocky, charismatic and likes himself. He also views the Sin eaters as superior and that they demand respect. He just loves doing his job, and being as big and boisterous about it as he can.


Likes: Feeding, Screwing with other life forms

Dislikes: Everything but Sin Eaters

Alignment: Chaos

Pride - A Sin Eater Window52

Pride - A Sin Eater Window53
Pride is very accurate but is more of an up close and personal man.

Pride - A Sin Eater Window54
Pride is an extremely resilient fighter, both his mind and body are capable of seemingly always coming back for another round.

Pride - A Sin Eater Window58
Pride is very magically Adept. He excels in illusions, misdirection and cloning.

Pride - A Sin Eater Window55
Pride is extremely fast, using this in collaboration with his magic for strong combination attacks.

Pride - A Sin Eater Window56
Pride seems to run off a nearly unending supply of energy, always ready to go for another round of trading blows. He does have a limit, its just far away.

Pride - A Sin Eater Window57
As strong as he is full of himself.

Pride - A Sin Eater Window19

Abilities: - Shapeshifting
- Capable of extremely powerful illusion magic and has a certain favor towards creating clones of himself. He is strong enough to completely alter a persons perception. With a weak mind, he can even control them through this.
- Can summon a mass of tendrils from his back that can extend great distances. These are usually invisible to normal people but not other sin eaters. When directly influencing a person, one can see a tendril attached to them. They are also capable of being used in combat.
- Prides voice is capable of charming anyone. Everyone finds his voice pleasing, except for Rage.
- Everything else that comes with being an A-sin eater

I am Human, not God. However, I may as well be.
Solomon Black
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