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Post by Ieltra/Valen on Thu May 08, 2014 7:04 pm

Name: Devotis Ordthar
Species: Vesmorian

Appearance: 7'9” tall, with a row of horns down the middle of his head.
Devotis Ordthar 1370789492174

Age: 78

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • As Strong as a man trained his whole life to be a knight
  • Below Average, due to age
  • Not very Agile, again due to age
  • Surprising amount of stamina and endurance, given his age

Internal Characteristics

Personality: He is utterly dedicated to his Order, and his brothers within it. His Every action he takes in the name of his Goddess, and his purpose for living is to see her returned from her Prison. His every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of her, whether it be her unjust imprisonment, or just praising her. Devotis is a kindly man, who treats all with passion and respect. He is a warrior priest however, and has see his fair share of combat. Despite being an older man he still considers himself to be in his prime, aided by his Heartstone.

Having been the leader of a rebellion at a young age Devotis knows what the fire and zeal of righteousness feels like, and understands the overzealous behavior of some of his younger knights. However, he is strict on the Order, severely punishing transgressors.  

Habits/Quirks: Tends to squint when reading

Likes: His Brothers in the Order, the Goddess he serves, Justice and Peace

Dislikes: The Freemen, Anarchy, the Lord of Darkness, War

Alignment: Lawful Good


Family: Orphan raised by the order, Devotis never knew any of his family

Friends: All members of the Knights of the Order of Light

Acquaintances: Every Brother of the Order, no matter how low ranking

Associates: The Order, and any advocates of the kingdoms

Organizations: High Lord of the Knights of the Order of Light

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Left as a child on the doorstep of the Bastion of Light, and taken in by the Order, raised as one of their initiates from childhood.
  • Quickly takes to his studies, being given many honours for his skills and talents
  • Discovers the Corruption of the Orders leader and High Champions
  • Plans peaceful ways to change the Order
  • Discovers attempts on his life by the High Lord, for fear that he was becoming too popular among the Knights
  • Learns the secret of his Heartstone
  • Leads a rebellion against the corrupted heart of the Order, personally kills the High Lord Darius
  • Is voted in as the new High Lord by common consensus.
  • Has redeemed the Knights, and strives to bring about their Goddess again

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Devotis is a very persuasive talker, able to sway many with nothing but the power of his voice
  • Can passively augment his voice with trickles of power from his Heartstone, without damaging it
  • Capable of great feats of physical strength, once lifting a pillar of marble three stories tall, with the power of his Heartstone
  • Capable military leader

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • The Holy scepter, symbol of his position as High Lord
  • His two handed greatsword, Redemption
  • A copy of the Holy writings


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