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Telmon Driad

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Telmon Driad Empty Telmon Driad

Post by Ieltra/Valen on Thu May 08, 2014 7:05 pm

Name: Telmon Driad

Species: Vesmorian

Telmon Driad 68106_117934871605718_100001676162291_129439_313902_n

Age: 27

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Average
  • Faster than the Average Vesmorian
  • Has Average stamina and endurance
  • He is a contortionist, and as such is incredibly sgile

Internal Characteristics

Personality: A ruthless, viscous killer. Wanted in several kingdoms, with a combined bounty so large that any man who brought him in, dead or alive, would be set for life. Cunning beyond belief, runs the Freemen, who normally have no leader, due to his fearsome reputation and explosive temper. He guts his own men should they annoy him enough. Telmon is a hateful man who sees himself as better than everyone else, and thnks that they should all bow down to him, and give him everything he wants. Of course no one else agrees, hence why he has been branded an outlaw.

Habits/Quirks: Violent mood swings, drinking

Likes: Alcohol, money, power, wealth

Dislikes: Anyone who gets in his way, being denied something, the Order, Bounty Hunters

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Family: Killed them all

Friends: No

Acquaintances: Every member of the Freemen, not necessarily by name

Associates: The Freemen, and other criminals

Organizations: Leader of the Freemen

History: What are some important events in your history?

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?


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