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Post by Ieltra/Valen on Thu May 08, 2014 7:06 pm

Name: Dren O'Thorne, Bounty Hunter

Species: Vesmorian

Dren O'Thorne 1050672-bigthumbnail

Age: 21

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Average Accuracy
  • Slightly faster than the Average Vesmorian
  • His agility is on par with his speed.
  • Average Strength
  • Above Average Endurance
  • Average Stamina

Internal Characteristics

Personality: As a bounty hunter Dren is calculating, more prone to advance his own goals and put thoughts of self preservation and progress ahead of thoughts of others. Thats not to say he's not a nice guy. Talking to people he's kind, has an easy and uplifting sense of humour, and is always willing to trade stories. He isn't afraid to show emotion. But when Hunting he becomes deadly focused, and serious.

Dren works solo, and has never willingly taken help from anyone else while taking on a contract. While he has partnered up with other hunters this was usually to go after bigger targets, or groups. Dren despises the Freemen, and often prefers to take them dead than alive.

However, unlike many of his kind he is not naturally hostile towards the other sentient races. HE is an avid believer that the Vesmorian people should leave the Anlicari alone, let them live in the wilds in peace. Dren will only fight the Anlicari if provoked, and only kill one in self defense.

Habits/Quirks: Fidgets whenever he has to sit still for too long.

Likes: Talking, sharing stories, being social, his job, taking down lawless scum

Dislikes: Freemen, criminals, unnecessary cruelty

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Family: All deceased

Friends: None

Acquaintances: No one

Associates: Nobody

Organizations: None

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Dren is born in a small village outside any Kingdom.
  • His village is invaded when he is a young boy, his parents fight against the invaders, and as such are executed.
  • King Couserdan leads the Revenant knights against the Empirial might of Morticia, and free the villagers from their control, leaving one of his knights to watch the border.
  • Dren grows up learning the art of fighting, using a bow, sword and knives to fight.
  • Dren discovers that he is a natural talent at tapping into his Heartstone.
  • Dren has a run in with Freemen criminals, and they kill two of his childhood friends.
  • Dren swears vengeance, and takes up his sword as a bounty hunter, tracking down the Freemen, and bringing them to justice

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Can use his Hearstone at will
  • Using his Heartstones power Dren can increase his speed, reflexes, strength, stamina, even heal wounds, to varying degree
  • Using the power of his Heartstone Dren can alter his perception of time, seeming to slow it down to give himself better reaction times.
  • Using his Heartstone Dren can enhance his vision, allowing him to both see in the dark and see heat. This allows reveals footprints, making them stand out on the ground, allowing him to track his targets better
  • Dren can preform limited magic with his Heartstone's power as well. Given time to prepare via a ritual however his magical abilities increase tremendously.

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • A pair of Daggers, he calls his Fangs
  • A longsword, named Ripper
  • A longbow and quiver of fifty arrows
  • His Greltz mount, veridian in colour, roughly 5 meters in length, named Dancer


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