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Post by Eclipse on Fri May 09, 2014 1:58 am

External Characteristics

Name: Etsu, Child of the Barren, Mercenary

Species: Human

Appearance: Etsu is a man with dark blonde hair that seems to appear somewhat nice but it falls in ever direction above his head. Mostly from the fact that he has what is known as a double crown, something that if it isn't managed becomes very chaotic and messy.He could be described as a somewhat tall individual as he currently stands at 5'11 ft. tall. and although he doesn't look fantastically fit, he seems to have a slender body shape, giving reason to the great speed that he holds within himself. His eyes are blue in color, however as he aged, it is noted that some green can be seen in his left eye, while some brown within his right eye, although it can sometimes be noted that all three can exist in each of his eyes oddly enough. Noted at his left eye though going through it and towards his right eye is a large dashing scar that seems very deep in appearance. His skin color is a very pale white, even though he can find himself within the sun often, but can only bring it to a light tan on occasions. Another scar can also be noted on the arm that he carries his shield with and it his a large one going up his elbow ending half way between it and his shoulders.

For What he is where, Etsu, wears barely any Armour besides small shoulder plates and some plating that goes over his knees as this also him to run faster and avoid most hits that he would take is his solid reasoning, even though he wields a two handed sword. Typical clothes consist of some standard pants and a shirt specially made long on one arm and sort on the other, the short end is for his shield arm. Along with this he wear a common pair of pants for anyone that wishes to be a capable fighter and soldiers. His typical clothes however are tan and white in color to help him survive in the heat that is a desert, however, on occasion he can be seen wearing completely black clothes, the reason of which he would wear these ones can vary very much, but other than that is the basics of what he wears.

Age: 19 years old

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Strong as an Average man
  • At least, twice as fast to the average human
  • High amount of agility
  • Above Average Pain Endurance
  • High Willpower
  • Lower than average sight distance, can't see as far as average person

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Etsu is a person that is quite odd in that he has habits, but he never does them at the right time or shows any reason for having them. He even claims to have reason for such things but will never reveal so. However many could agree that revealing the reason is unimportant as he is still a good person, that seems to barely hold his head on his shoulders. Having being born in the Barrens leads some to come up with their reasoning for Etsu's methods but none could ever be quite right until they see what he is capable of. He is without a doubt a man of contradiction as he uses things improperly, and quite actually in an opposite fashion of what they are suppose to be used for.

Habits/Quirks: When lost, uses a compass to become further lost.
Uses a two handed sword with one hand even though he can't properly use such weapon with one hand.
Will claim he knows what he is doing even when he isn't 100% certain himself.
Won't back down from a challenge no matter the odds.

Likes: Illogical thinking, Improbability, The Night, Sub-Humans, Enemies, Humans

Dislikes: Numbers, Directions, Storms, and Soldiers

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Family: All Dead/Missing/N/A

Friends: None yet

Acquaintances: None Yet

Associates: Any

Organizations: Technically a Citizen of Carish

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Etsu is born within the Barrens
  • His mother dies after giving birth to him
  • Grows up under his father and other manipulators, Introduced to the capability of manipulating Chaos
  • Gets lost in The Barrens at age 7
  • Found a week later by a group heading to Carish
  • Arrives at Carish and is taken in as an orphan
  • Recorded to have repeatedly run away and return, Begins to understand more of Chaos manipulation
  • Trained to join the Police force
  • Was considered top of his class in practical training
  • Dropped out of Training and became a Mercenary
  • Has frequent trips into and close to the Barrens

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Manipulation of Chaos
  • Can absorb chaos onto himself (He can take it from another being or area)
  • Can Utilize chaos to alter an attack being sent at him.
  • Can Create Chaos by expelling it onto the area and cause temporary environmental changes (Rain in desert, Snowing in Rain forest)

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • A Two handed sword
  • Round wooden shield
  • Two flint stones
  • a broken compass


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