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Cylene  Empty Cylene

Post by Cylene on Fri May 09, 2014 2:24 am

Cylene  Window16
Name: Cylene Kui, goes by Kitten or Cy
Species: Anlicari
Cylene  1b277fb8af3dc96b2ee3557ea4c20ed21349486 
Age: 20
Cylene  Window17
Personality: Cylene is a very protective girl, she hates anyone getting too close to her kind. Though she's normally open minded as long as they do not seem harm full to her kin. Though she usually gives people a chance, no matter who or what they are. She's really kind but slightly playful in an innocent manner, as a kitten would be. Her playing mannerism, a worst case is to simply see what they could do if pissed but not piss them off. She loves to help others and is often helping around her home. Cylene can be very lazy at times and has the personality of a cat; lazy, sleepy allot, likes to receive attention, etc.
Habits/Quirks: Meowing and other cat habits
Likes: Sweets, mostly chocolate or pet treats such as biscuits. Cylene loves light, anything she could possibly take a cat nap under.  Sometimes like a good argument here and there.
Dislikes: Water of course. On a serious note; hates cat jokes. Hates jerks and ignoreant people, plus people that think they are almighty and EVERYONE is below them
Alignment: Neutral Good
Cylene  Window52

Cylene  Window53

Cylene  Window54
Very resistant to physical damage, but has little resistant to magical

Cylene  Window58
No magic abilities at all

Cylene  Window55
Is actually quite fast, more agile in movement, almost graceful

Cylene  Window56
Has allot of stamina, isn’t easily tired out

Cylene  Window57
Stronger than she looks
Cylene  Window20

  • Cylene was born an only child
  • Parents killed at a young age
  • Was taken care of by a near villager until 16
  • Lived on her own near the others



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