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Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Empty Asroizz: Yzxstuhl

Post by Yzxstuhl on Fri May 09, 2014 1:44 pm

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window16

Name: Yzxstuhl, (Pronounced Yee-Zick-Stool,) 'The Asroizz of Knowledge and Contracts,' 'The Wise Deceiver,' 'The Traitorous Contractor,' 'The Keeper of the Tomes'

Species: Asroizz/Semigod. (Explained in Axyklabodslavaz Pocket Universe Lore.)

Appearance: Due to him being an Asroizz, Yzxstuhl is a shapeshifter and thus, has no definite or set form. He is willing to change his form in order to further his own plans, usually taking the form of someone strongly trusted by his target, however he seems to prefer males over females for unknown reasons. His most common form is that of a handsome caucasian teenager, approximately five feet tall and age varying between seventeen to twenty, with onyx black hair that always appears to be moist and combed to his right. The most striking feature about this form are the heavily inhuman eyes, which have black sclera, ('whites of the eye,') white pupils, and vivid orange irises. He often wears a flowing purple coat made of silk which ends at his ankles. The coat is embroidered in gold lace with countless pictograms, hieroglyphs, symbols and letters, all of which are some form of language that exist somewhere within one dimension or another; only a small portion of said languages can be identified to definitely originate from one dimension or another, as the vast majority of others most likely originate from undiscovered living planets or multi/dimensions. Beneath his cloak he wears silk white pants and a pair of boots that have different appearances for each individual who sees them, always appearing as what the observer would describe as 'fancy.'

Age: Due to the nature of the Asroizz, all of which were created before time existed in the Axyklabodslavaz pocket universe, Yzxstuhl technically has no set age. Instead, he is referred to as 'The Fourth.'

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window17

Personality: Yzxstuhl is easily described as a vile and deceptive being. He has an eternal, insatiable lust for knowledge, and will do anything within his power to learn what he does not know, even if it is something minor with little to no significance. If an individual is withholding a secret from him, he is more than willing to shift his form to match someone whom the individual closely trusts, preferably a male, then suggest and manipulate them into giving him the secret without being noticed.
He often attempts to lure mortals to him with the promise of whatever knowledge they seek, no matter what it is. He will always write up a contract to show he intends to keep up his side of the bargain, and most of these contracts are suspiciously long, usually being around ten pages long or so. Any contract written by Yzxstuhl is not something to be taken lightly, as while it will visibly seem as though the contract does what it is expected to do, Yzxsuthl always hides a loophole somewhere within the contract, which he will abuse to betray whoever else signs the contract, which usually ends up with Yzxstuhl gaining what he wanted from his victim, and the victim either being left empty-handed, or worse if they are stubborn.

Habits/Quirks: Often has a habit of materialising a random book out of thin air, and reading it when bored. Always enters each bookstore he passes, and obtains all books he has not previously obtained, one way or another. 

Likes: Takes morbid enjoyment from the destruction of a mortal's mind and their transformation into an Author, has a strong liking to highly intelligent beings as they provide more knowledge and are better targets, especially the greedy ones.

Dislikes: Stupid, stubborn morons. They have no interest in learning and thus, cannot be tricked nor turned into authors, nor do they know anything and thus, provide no sustenance. Has also been known to go absolutely ballistic if a book is burnt in his presence.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window52

Note: All statistics refer to his preferred form. Some statistics may vary with shapeshifting.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window53
2% Accuracy rate with bow and arrow. 86% Accuracy rate with projectile spells.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window54
Completely immune to mental attacks: often crushes the mind of any who attempt it. Highly resistant to magical attacks, due to his nature as a magical being and knowledge of arcane arts, however can be caught off-guard. Highly susceptible to direct physical attacks.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window58
Has a complete encyclopaedic knowledge of all forms of magic from his dimension of origin. Quickly learns new forms of magic.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window55
Average movement range and speed compared to a mortal.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window56
Is capable of keeping a constant speed/energy output indefinitely. However, upper limit of speed/energy output lowers significantly if he has not read a book within the past week, with degeneration increasing over time. Can eventually fall dormant and dissipate into an ethereal form, and usually takes a month to recover.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window57
Upper limit when lifting a weight is approximately 55 Kg. Uses magic to levitate anything heavier, and usually multiple items that are lighter.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window18

Item: Yzxstuhl's Knowledge-Readers; A strange, mechanical set of enchanted glasses. By rotating the various lenses, allows whoever wears the glasses the ability to read and understand any form of written language put before them.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window19

Knowledge Absorption: Able to convert mental knowledge into a physical book in his hand, with more pages materialising the larger the packet of knowledge. Always results in the original mental knowledge being erased from the owner's mind. Can only be used on a target if said target has given their consent, which is usually obtained through a hidden paragraph in a contract signed by the target, however can also be visibly spoken by the target.
Materialise Object: Able to summon any object he desires into his hand. Within Axyklabodslavaz, these objects are permanent until he, or an equal or higher power un-conjures them. Outside of Axyklabodslavaz, these objects usually only last an hour before degrading into a grey sludge, which de-materialises within the next half hour.
Convert to Author: Can only be conducted in a library that has been magically enhanced by Yzxstuhl, on a target who has been targeted by 'Knowledge Absorption' within the last minute, loosing potency the more time has elapsed. Completely destroys the subject's conscious mind and partially rewrites their subconscious mind. This drives the subject insane, and due to the slight alteration in the primal state they revert to, they remain within the library, wandering and running aimlessly. What exactly causes the subject's physical warping into the form the Authors have is unknown, as it occurs whilst the subject is unseen within the library, but no traces of the original subject remain, only the newly-formed Author.

Asroizz: Yzxstuhl Window20
History: ???: Yzxstuhl created by the Creator-God of Axyklabodslavaz, and is the fourth of the Asroizz made.
Dawn of the Age of the Fallen: Yzxstuhl sides with the Asroizz who wish to shape Axyklabodslavaz in their own image.
??? RH: Yzxstuhl re-awakens, empowered by a will for mortals to learn. He tricks mortals into constructing libraries for him, which are completed three years later.
??? RH: First 'Author of Yzxstuhl' is discovered inside one of his libraries; a four-legged, two-armed human-like creature with a horrific leech-like mouth, and a face with long, beard and moustache-like tentacles.
???? RH: Yzxstuhl becomes aware of a 'time wall' present around Axyklabodslavaz's timeline through use of the Champion of Tykakoquth, who is then transformed into an Author. Yzxstuhl then confronts Tykakoquth directly, who has been aware of the Omniverse since his re-awakening due to his link to time. Yzxstuhl becomes aware of the Omniverse.
???? RH / Present: Yzxstuhl successfully opens a portal from Axyklabodslavaz to another location in the Omniverse, however said portal is unstable due to his lack of knowledge of the Omniverse. Emerges in Hromada, Rastlina.


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