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Arianne Rosse

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Arianne Rosse

Post by Pinky_Rose on Sun May 11, 2014 2:07 am

NameArianne Rosse
(otherwise identified as "Rose" "Rosey" or "Pinky" by her closer friends.)

SpeciesVoidrunner (Human)

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130
Build: Medium mass, light muscle

Physical description: 

Arianne Rosse is a young woman who appears in her early twenties. She is slender and tall, though lacking in apparent muscle mass. Her hair is chocolate brown, chopped short in the front and plaited long in a ponytail behind for the purpose of combat convenience. Rosse has bright eyes, with brilliantly blue irises, and a fair face. She is often seen wearing Romanesque armor, although her attire changes varying upon the situation.

Click me!

AgeUndisclosed: believed to be a younger voidrunner, approximate age is unknown.

Arianne Rosse is a particularly charismatic character, full of comedic humor, kindness, and stubborn determination. While she is a trifle dimwitted at times, gullible, and easily manipulated with her emotions, she always knows which way she is going, and is headstrong in getting there. Rosse is particularly outgoing, and easily makes connections with other people...connections she holds very close to her heart. Many people see her as weak because of the way she wears her heart on her sleeve--in many cases, they are right--it typically leads to her becoming emotionally compromised. However, Arianne still believes that it is these friendships that make her stronger. 
She is slightly reluctant in her mission to serve the will of the Core--on the one hand, her ability to tap into her spark allows for her to help others in need...on the other hand, there will come a time where she will ultimately have to become an enforcer of chaos and despair--and who knows what will be the outcome of such an event. 
Sticks and stones may break her bones for a little while…but then she’ll use them to take you out.

AlignmentLawful Good | Lawful Evil (when forced to ensue chaos)

Weapon: Sanctum's Solace
The weapon consists of two large, interlocking blades that can be used as short swords, or placed together to make a shield. When in shield mode, the edge are still extremely sharp, and can still hurt enemies—but due to its weight as a shield, is impractical for anything but slow, harmful attacks and blocking assaults.
In twin sword mode, the separate weight of each piece of the weapon allows for more dexterous attacking style. It is still possible to deflect attacks with a single sword, but it is extremely difficult and requires a great deal of practice.
Physical Attack: 7/10 (Damage of physical strikes)
Physical Defense: 9/10 (Damage taken from physical strikes)
Magical Attack: 6/10 (Damage of magical attacks, as well as the potency of effects)
Magical Defense: 9/10 (Damage taken from magical attacks, as well as stamina from effects)
Speed: 2/10 (Movement Speed)
Luck/Agility: 2/10  (Dodging capabilities)
Stamina: 9/10 (Recovery speed from attacks. Takes into consideration the durability and ability of the character when critically injured, or in critical health.)

Combat Style:
Arianne is a controller--she focuses on keeping her enemies where she wants them to strike hard and chain her attacks in a devastating fashion. She has extremely high defenses and stamina, which make her extremely durable in combat...however, her lack of movement ability due to her heavy weapons makes her very easily targeted.

(Be afraid, there are many.)

Passive: Natural Flow
Rosse can control up to three (3) gallons of water for plot purposes.


Tentacle—allows attack options as another 'limb', or can be used to pin a limb of an enemy
Crushing Tentacle—creates a wrap of heavy pressure water to hold enemies in place
Basic Small Wave—summons a 5 foot wave moving at approx. 25 mph.

Sliding Current—allows caster to slide on a small ramp of water, increases speed, can be used to avoid enemies easier, jumping off the end gives slight boost due to momentum
Geyser—Summons a geyser from underground
Torrent—crushes target with high pressure water blast
Aqua Impact—fires small spheres of water that slow enemy down, deal light damage…basically high speed water balloons

Bubble of Life—forms impact bubble around target instead of behind it, absorbs med. damage
Frozen Stride—freezes ground, increases own speed, reduces enemy speed, enemies/allies can be damaged due to slipping and falling, using skill knocks user backwards
Crystal Needle—freezes condensed spires of water, launches at target, easily dodged
 Permafrost—freeze a wet enemy in place, single target, and target must be weak, easily broken out of
Glass Wall—creates a 10x10' wall of ice, easily broken, enemy damaged if they run into it

Typhoon Wave—summons massive 30x30’ wave of water at 70 mph, deals extreme damage, knocks enemies back, and leaves 4” of water on the field after use. Rosse's Signature attack.
Blood Impact—when cut, uses own blood to create sphere and knock enemies back
Crimson Grapple—when injured, use own blood to lasso enemy towards user
Cauterize—freezes blood of enemies in specific body part, rendering them motionless, easily broken out of
Crystal Light—Summons barrage of ice crystals on an area, rapidly damaging enemies
Typhoon—Summons high speed revolving waters; can ensnare enemies, rapid periodical damage
(please note that I am being VERY brief with the ability descriptions...for want of not making this 4891039865916 pages long.)

The age of the Sabh had begun, and already, the Voidrunners were being hunted. Though they have so diligently served the will of their Core, something has gone awry. The scales have shifted so dramatically, so quickly, that not even their numbers can stop them...and now, there are few of those numbers left.
Little was known of the Voidrunners, who fled towards a hidden pocket dimension far within the outer reaches of the omniverse. What little remained of their kind was now corrupt, lost, or dead.

However...these forces are a conundrum of constant, shifting, maddening change...The omniverse can never truly remain the same. Such is the way of the eternal forces; but one can never again take helm to the other...for the sake of all worlds, and those to come. Again, the tides have turned, though the Voidrunners linger within the shadows, pulling at the ties that bind all things together, to enforce the will of the Core.
This is the charge of the Voidrunners. Granted with the gift to connect to the mysterious Core Energy, these enigmatic beings go forth...though some with their own tasks in mind upon their original duties.

Some take up the mantle with hopes of saving those in peril, such as one Arianne Rosse, presented like those before her with the task of keeping the scales at peace. Though her time as a runner has been all but short, and her training only just beginning...only time will tell if she has the courage or the fortitude not to live with the dangers of heroism...but the sins of being a villain.

"I can't stand people who RP characters, trying to become 'important' on a website. Honestly, none of us ever really...cared about being important. We weren't trying to. It just happened. For all of that 'importance', I really credit people who wrote interesting, sensible characters for that universe and just...interacted with others in the way they thought the characters would, both canon and oc. You can have a million posts, and still have a character that's bland and accomplished nothing.
A good character is created with a good foundation, good development...and most importantly, great interaction. Without one of those things, you'll never go anywhere."

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