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Kent The Blacksmith Empty Kent The Blacksmith

Post by Solomon Black on Wed May 14, 2014 6:14 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Kent The Blacksmith

Species: Vesmorian

Appearance: Kent is 7' 4" and very muscular, with dark tanned skin from working as a smith. He has only one arm, the other being little more than a stump and his horns which are normally long and an ebony color and ground down into stumps that is hidden under his blonde hair. He has a tattoo on the right of his breast of a hammer on fire. he has soft green eyes that are normally filled with kindness, but harden when in battle.

He is often seen wearing nothing more than a pair of trousers and a leather apron when working. Even when going out he rarely bothers to put a shirt on, he is often working so hard he usually is sweaty enough that his shirts just get wet anyway. He will put a simple black shirt and a brown leather coat on when travelling. His sword that carries with him is a six and a half foot long master crafted broadsword with the words, "Only for Peace" Written on the base of the blade.

When artificing (Summoning weapons/armor) his go to armor is light mail colored black with red highlights, specifically designed to give more armor to his left side than his right to protect his weaker side and allow more movement and agility on the side with an arm.

Kent The Blacksmith The_One_armed_Soldier_by_buraisuko

Age: 26

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • A trained warrior and blacksmith, he is very strong
  • He is faster than the average man
  • He is a very agile warrior, but outside of battle he is extremely clumsy
  • His stamina and endurance are his strongest points, capable of fighting hard and working hard for hours.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Kent is a simple man. He enjoys working hard and making good honest product using good honest steel. Even though he does military contracts, he in no way supports violence and killing. He simply makes these weapons and armors because he loves doing it.  He also does work on the side, making various things for people of the city. He also loves helping people and will do anything to protect someone.

Habits/Quirks: Ghost limb syndrome. He still feels his arm there sometimes.

Likes: Smithing, Children, Simple things

Dislikes: Killing

Alignment: Good


Family: Yes, A sister and A father in the north.

Friends: Best friend: Joshua, the High-Knight Lord
Many more people, he is a charmer

Acquaintances: Many people, he is a charmer

Associates: Any paying customer with a smile on their face

Organizations: Technically a member of the Revenant Knights, but never forced into battle.

History: *Before he lost his arm, Kent was a avid warrior of the north with a gift for weapon and armor smithing. Using Kents skill in creation on the flame, their clan proved quite a force to be reckoned with and Kent was held in high respect for his attunement with fire. However, deep down none of it ever felt right with him unless he was holding his hammer and smashing steel.
*One raid, Kent was more distracted than usual and caught off guards a local cut off his arms and knocked Kent off a ledge and onto his head, breaking one of his horns off. His kin believed him dead and lost when they left, but a local healer woman found him and nursed him back to health.
*After a few weeks Kent left the village and moved south, renouncing his ways as a warrior and swearing to only ever hit steel, even grinding down his horns as a way to prove himself. However Kents heart turned out to be bigger than his mouth as time after time he found himself in battle to help people. Still formidable even with only one arm.
*He eventually reached Heldain and bumped into a group of Revenant Knights, asking them for directions. They were ambushed by bandits however and Kent fought beside them, even saving their commanding officers life. The man swore to help the stranger out with whatever he needed. His name was High-Knight Lord Joshua.
*Joshua and Kent quickly became good friends and Joshua is the one who sold the military contract to the king for Kent, allowing him to become a blacksmith for them. However in the process he was unwillingly drafted by the king into the revanents under Joshua, who promised to only make him fight when he needed to.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?
*Master Blacksmith
*Expert Fighter and Tactition
*Smaller than average Heartstone
*Magic specialty includes summoning and modifying weapons mid-combat.
*Clan Specialty of 'Demon Warrior' Tactic where one transforms his entire of part of his body into a fearsome looking and extremely powerful weapon.
*Kent is skilled in a variety of weapons, but limited to close quarters in his skill.

I am Human, not God. However, I may as well be.
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