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Post by Kairi on Fri May 16, 2014 9:52 pm

External Characteristics
Name: Kairi Lyn
Species: Vesmorian
Kairi  D9ef9fb7d6370a0715ec56310f3502bb1349486
Age: 21
Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Slightly below average strength
  • Faster than the average Vesmorian
  • Quite Agile
  • Above average Stamina and Endurance

Internal Characteristics
Personality: Saying Kairi is a rebel is an understatement. She has a ‘I don’t care’ attitude mostly all the time. And yet somehow she’s a very calm person. Practically nothing angers her, and if it does she simply laughs and uses it against the one who angered her. However if her temper flails it’s like Satan has broken lose and hell came crashing down. Her blood runs cold and she will not hesitate to take out the threat. Although she has never actually gotten there, it is nearly impossible to push her past the breaking point.

Kairi is actually a sweet person in her own way. She often breaks laws to help others even though she knows she’s breaking rules, she don’t care. Although she won’t let you know that she’s a good person behind all the stupid things she does.
Kairi is also slightly a flirt, liking the reaction she gets from those she messes with. Though she doesn’t actually mean anything, it often gets her in trouble with those she messes with. It’s just a sport unless she actually finds them interesting then no holding her back, she will tease them about every little thing.

It’s not abnormal for Kairi to be called a criminal, she’s stolen a few things...alright many things. But she would never kill or injure anyone that was innocent. Only those who have killed innocent herself. Not because she thinks of justice or anything like that, because she just wants the fucking bastard to feel the same pain.

Habits/Quirks: plays with sharp objects, normally her knife
Likes: weapons (all kinds), messing with people’s heads, practical jokes, being alone at times
Dislikes: Stupid people (literally stupid), murders/rapists/high criminals
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Family: Elder brother, Father
Friends: None
Acquaintances: No One
Associates: none
Organizations: none
History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Kairi’s mother was killed by a Anlicari during a fight, protecting her
  • Age 14, because a ‘minor’ criminal
  • Age 16, learned how to fight/kill
  • Kairi moves out on her own
  • Father disappears

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Heartstone magic allows healing, plus her accuracy and speed increases, also her ability of weapons increases
  • Master at ranged attacks
  • Somewhat master of close ranged weapon attacks

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • Dager: a single small dragon dagger, very ridged but very light for easy throwing.
    Kairi  Dcecc43112af44c061105e7339e718381349486
  • Dagger pouch: a hidden pouch that keeps the small dagger on the inside of her wrist often hid by fingerless gloves
    Kairi  Ac0dbc507abf167ba269cf7c7b131f6e1349486
  • Bow and Arrows:  dragon winged arrows and a dragon wing bow (kept on back)
    Kairi  Fef5d157b09de5a46410c210c464694c1349486
  • Chakrams: a chakram that splits down the middle, making two half chakrams. (kept on back)
    Kairi  2fe7c306d63c1634c22dcd8cec41d6d91349486



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