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Where they lay: (Open)

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Re: Where they lay: (Open)

Post by Pinky_Rose on Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:14 pm

Quietly, Rosse listened to the two men play off of one another, a little more relaxed now that Leonidas was around. If anybody could tell that someone was trouble, or if they were in any, it was definitely him, and so it gave her some room to ease her tensions a little more.

But the issue was still bothering her...what if she couldn't...
Biting at her lip, Arianne groaned aloud, and put both of her hands to her head, fingers going through her hair in frustration.

"Ugh, alright! I admit it, I need some help." She bellowed, trying to overcome her pride with the volume of her tone, which honestly wasn't doing much.
Anybody who had ever known Rosse, knew she hated asking others for aid--it didn't matter if the issue was as minor as carrying something heavy, or something as massive as trying to defeat a whole invading army--the Runner preferred to work by herself. It gave her a sense of strength and accomplishment, even when she fucked up...she felt it a weakness to rely on others...

Sighing, she shook her head and allowed her arms to drop to her sides, admitting self-defeat.
"Look," the feisty fighter muttered, looking back up at the two men, "I'm not here just to start a couple of brawls...I actually...sort of came to this dimension 'cause I heard there was a problem."

"Not too far from this village is a pretty large war camp. I dunno who it belongs to, and I really don't care," she shrugged, crossing her arms. "But they've slowly been busting people up, town by town, and it's not looking good. It's an impressively large collection of fuglies, too much for me to handle without cloning myself a good twenty times...So yeah..."
Sheepishly, she kicked at the earth with her toes, shuffling about.
"I've been procrastinating taking care of it now for the last three months..." Glancing back at them, she put her hands up, defensively. "B-But I was gonna take care of it, really! It's just...too much for me to handle," Arianne admitted, the words stinging her tongue a little.

"I need some help."

((Random bullshit post ftw.))

"I can't stand people who RP characters, trying to become 'important' on a website. Honestly, none of us ever really...cared about being important. We weren't trying to. It just happened. For all of that 'importance', I really credit people who wrote interesting, sensible characters for that universe and just...interacted with others in the way they thought the characters would, both canon and oc. You can have a million posts, and still have a character that's bland and accomplished nothing.
A good character is created with a good foundation, good development...and most importantly, great interaction. Without one of those things, you'll never go anywhere."

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Re: Where they lay: (Open)

Post by Leo on Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:02 am

Leonidas studied the boy for a moment before Rosse began to speak. The boy was young...perhaps inexperienced in battle, yet one never could tell. Leonidas himself had first joined the local militia at the mere age of 10. 

As he continued to size up the boy, his comrade, Rosse, began to pour out her need for help. His blue eyes fell on her, seeing her desire, her sincerity. His right hand stroked his beard a single time as his teeth began to slide against each other as his blood began to boil. 

"Nothing is worse than a band of thugs ravaging the innocent...Madam Rosse, as always I am ready to be by your side even unto death."

His words were truth. He had known Arianne longer than he had any other being in the omniverse...she was one he trusted...one he loved...one he would aid no matter the cost. He would gladly join her in her quest to protect the innocent and to prevent further outbreaks on the village. Something had to be done and it looked like they were the ones for the job.

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Re: Where they lay: (Open)

Post by Emile Rivers on Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:25 am

Emile was confused. Was this really what she wanted? He was unsure as to why. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They were supposed to bring balance to the Ominverse, but this was such a small event taking place. Was this really want The Core wanted? Was this their responsibility?
It might've just been another pair of trigger happy Void Runners going off and following their moral compass, opposed to actually following the will given to them.

The Runner stood, with a sigh, and shrugged his shoulders while saying, "Sure, I guess."

He hazel eyes looked between the two, trying to sense their motive, but they seemed genuine. They weren't trying to flex their power amongst these warriors. No, they believed what they were doing was right. Or so, that's what he could read off them. For all he knew, he was being subjected to whatever illusion magic they might have at their disposal.
He'd go anyway, after all, he might have to clean up their mess or actually enforce the will of The Core.

As he began to stretch a bit, cracking his back on the tree, he noticed his was a bit taller than Leo. Weird. He seemed so gruff and, from a distance, appeared to be larger, but apparently not. Then again, the olympian was kind of a giant for a human, although still within a healthy range.
It was nice, sorta. He never really cared about his height too much, but he felt like the leader of the group. Even though he definitely wasn't. He was a sidekick, for sure. They would be the superheroes in the comics, gender-bent versions of each other, and he would be the -boy of some sort.

It was cool though, he always thought sidekicks brought more personality. At least, when they were written correctly. He always preferred the Robbins over Batman. There was something interesting about a dynamic where the sidekick likes to steal the bases, where Batman has a moral code where he HAS to hit home runs, otherwise, he won't be satisfied with his work. They provided a good foil to each other and, hopefully, he could provide that for them.

"So, are you leading the way?" Emile asked Rosse, with an eager smile. He looked down momentarily and covered the drawing with dirt. He didn't need people following their tracks, if there were people following them at all. He made sure to make it look natural, and not like he was covering something up, before returning his attention to the pair before him.
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Re: Where they lay: (Open)

Post by Leo on Sat Jul 26, 2014 12:19 pm

OOC: Are the two of you wanting to carry on with this topic or let it die?

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Re: Where they lay: (Open)

Post by Sponsored content

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