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Kris, The Marked Man

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Kris, The Marked Man

Post by Solomon Black on Sat May 17, 2014 9:34 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Moniker: Suffering or The Marked Man, Birth name: Kris

Species: Amaranth

Appearance: is covered in markings etched into his skin. Runes and symbols that have their places in the darkest and cruelest of magics. His skin is ashen and and faded, his eyes grey and also faded. His hair is the only thing about him strong, and that is pitch black and trimmed short to his head on one side, the other long. He is young looking, but his features look aged and faded.

He is very tall, standing at 6' 7" and muscular but compact and small. He is ultimately very simple and human looking in base shape and appearance. However nothing about him is normal and being around him would give anyone teh willies.

Age: 21

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Kris is strong and able, but only slightly above that of your average Amaranth warrior.
  • Kris is extremely fast, focusing his movement into being quick rather than brutish
  • Kris is extremely agile and much more so than most Amaranth
  • Kris is extremely enduring, trained to his often and fast but without needed to put a lot of energy into what he does. Allowing him to fight for a length of time.
  • Pinpoint accuracy even at extreme distances

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Kris is a loose canoon and views himself as royalty. He believes his family and his power gives him rank above almost all but Orion herself. He is loyal to the Aramanth, but cares not for the war. Conquest is not his goal, destruction is. He may join the Crisis front, but not until he is called by Orion. He does have emotions however, and can have fun. He is just tainted by his power. He also does not have a temper, but just likes to stretch his power to cause any form of negative power to feed on.

Habits/Quirks: Destroying things that bother him

Likes: Negative energy.

Dislikes: Bright colors and Creation magic.

Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral


Family: Mother: The last Marked one. Deceased.

Friends: No

Acquaintances: No

Associates: No

Organizations: The Old Ones


  • Kris is born into The Old Ones. A very old and powerful family of Amaranth that practices a very old and powerful tradition of magic. He is immediately taken from his mother and does not see her for years.
  • From a young age he is trained in The old and forgotten magics, dark and cruel things that come from the very souls of demons. He shows aptitude in many of the magics, and shows the most promise of the new generation of Old Ones.
  • He is brought in by the elders to meet The Marked One at the age of 8. His Mother. She teaches him the meaning of every single dark sigil on her body and many, many more. He soaks it all in. Repeatedly told his time to choose his sigils will come.
  • At age 17, his time comes. He is asked to choose his moniker, the power from which he takes his power. He looks at his mother, who took hatred and painted on the sigils in the blood of The Marked One. He hands her a knife and says the words suffering, fear, pain, hatred and every other negative aspect that one was taught in the sigils. The room was silent as she took the knife and carved every sigil into his body, covering him almost completely. No one had ever taken more than one moniker, he had taken all.
  • He lived through the process and was called Suffering by the first moniker he spoke. He stood up, bloody and weary but strong and he placed a hand on his mothers forehead. The fear, pain, and everything else from everyone in the room poured into him and gave him power as her body turned to dust.
  • He then left his families estate. Vowing only to return when he was old, and to give this power to the nest one.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • The markings on his body are powerful magical symbols that have their roots in ancient and powerful magics of destruction. They allow him to pull negative energies out of the area around him and harness it into pure power, amplifying his own and making even powerful magic seem easy.
  • His brand of magic is old, and is decay magic. A form of destruction magic that decays and destroys what it touches. Allowing him to be near impervious to physical attack. Any non living object can and will be destroyed and decays at his will. However he prefers to in combat, focus on a small area around him to preserve energy. He can also not affect things, but who would.
  • His Decay Magic does affect living beings, but in limited amounts. He can decay a person, quite simply. However there are many rules one must abide by. There must be physical contact, and The Marked Man must be able to completely overcome their magical power, even if only by a little. Otherwise he can only poison them, weaken them to varying amounts depending on the power difference between the two.
  • Kris has a large pool of magical energy/stamina usually.

I am Human, not God. However, I may as well be.
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