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The Omicron Division

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The Omicron Division

Post by Yzxstuhl on Mon May 19, 2014 10:48 am

Ever since mortals, Alphas and Omegas have existed, the Omicron Division has existed in their shadow. The Division consists entirely of all forms of elite mortals who wish to become greater than they are; in essence, the Omicron Division consists of those who wish to enhance themselves beyond their current capabilities, even if said beings are already lucky enough to be superior to most others. The Omicron Division is almost as old as the Omniverse itself, with the first official record of its existence dating back as far as Suhb's Empire, however possible references to the Division have been found dating back much further.

The most prominent front for the Omicron Division is as an elite assassin for hire company that has completed over 20,000,000,000,000 contracts across the entire omniverse. Due to their immense skill, as only a single contract has ever been failed by the company, and due to their willingness to complete any contract anywhere, they are immensely expensive to afford, with many, many contracts costing well over $3 billion in any currency throughout the omniverse, and prices ranging depending on what sort of assassin would be required to complete the task.

Obviously though, the assassination company is little more than a front for the Omicron Division's true, significantly more sinister cause: Evolutionary enhancement. The Omicron Division explores with morbid interest immensely avoided taboos, usually resulting with immense numbers of the regular, elite mortal members being transformed into artificial Alphas. Their explorations extend further than just Artificial Alphas as well; a large number of natural alphas are further transformed into artificial Omegas, and they have even been known to enhance natural Omegas in an attempt to give them artificial godhood. Realistically, the only restrictions that the members of the Omicron Division have referring to their experiments into enhancements is if they have sufficient funding to buy materials, and if their progress will cause them to be noticed by local inhabitants, or the gods themselves. The secrecy of the Division usually makes them excessively hard to contact, but it is known they are likely to still exist due to their history. The 'scientists' of Omicron Division have also been known to be exploring into Spark removal, which combined with their other sciences would most likely result in a truly fearsome creature of immense potential.

Due to the repeated machinations of the Division, they have repeatedly gotten into serious and major conflicts with the gods of the Omniverse, with huge portions of the division being repeatedly decimated by the godly forces upon repeated occasions. Despite this, the Omicron Division always seems to survive, with new evidence of it's possible presence popping up elsewhere around the Omniverse within a week of each such decimation. Further despite these attacks by the gods, the Omicron Division has repeatedly been attempting to convince Cain to assist them ever since the first of the 'Touched' was discovered by them. If they ever did manage to convince Cain to assist them, they would most likely immediately wish to find out what would happen if Cain 'Touched' one of their enhanced Omegas.

The current leader of the Omicron Division cannot be confirmed, however an individual of extremely high significance - referred to as the Upsilon - has been confirmed to be a man named Jack Ike, one of the few confirmed Omega's within the Division.

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Re: The Omicron Division

Post by Solomon Black on Mon May 19, 2014 12:07 pm

I like this idea, mostly because Solomon is a Omega human that is also a lone mercenary for hire. To know there is an organization out there that is also does contracts of such immense scale. Maybe even have Solomon been part of this organization a few hundred years ago and then left because well, he hates people and they could have done nothing for him. They would not like him either, blatant disrespect for them and stealing their contracts for much cheaper and sometimes doing things for free.

Still, I like it because enough Alphas and Omegas popping up everywhere would eventually meet each other and could eventually gain a sinister goal. Also because its something interesting to add to Solomon's lore. As literally the peak of humanity in his universe, capable of near anything, Omnicron would want his loins bad. Especially to figure out his immortality.

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Re: The Omicron Division

Post by Sloth on Mon May 19, 2014 1:47 pm

Their infallibility makes them seem Mary Sue. Perhaps using less specific examples would help in presentation, however, the concept is intriguing.

A power obsessed organization, filled with the exceptional, with a bad track record against cooperation with the Gods? Uhm, sign me up. We just have to figure out how they keep surviving. If they constantly interfere, as a group nonetheless, then they would gather much attention from The Pantheon.

We should also figure out a hierarchy or a system in which they function. An organization to this caliber needs structure.

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Re: The Omicron Division

Post by Yzxstuhl on Mon May 19, 2014 8:58 pm

If Solomon was doing the contracts cheaply simply to spite the Division, they likely would have an extreme hatred for him and would likely even be relentlessly attempting assassination attempts on him. Of coarse, these would likely to fail, as if they hadn't of then Solomon would probably be dead by now; plus, since it's not actually a contract being designated to them, their success ratio technically wouldn't go down. So yeah, if you'd like Solomon to be an ex-member of the Division that would be fine, however it would likely mean that they had at least attempted to enhance him somehow. If they ever got around to or not can be entirely up to you : P

I'm not sure what makes them seem infallible, could you please elaborate further?
As for how they keep surviving and their structure, I imagine the company would consist of multiple 'cells' that are capable of operating completely on their own, spread out all over the Omniverse. This would explain how they survive so well, as the gods would likely wipe out most of the cells, but as long as least one remains, the company would regenerate from that single cell, like a starfish. Plus, the magnitude and secrecy of the Division would likely make it next to impossible to successfully and completely destroy absolutely every cell, and even if the gods finally did, it would be highly likely that the concept would continue in the mind of some other mortal, who would then likely either adopt the identity of the Omicron Division, or make a whole new company that is a reincarnation of it. As long as the idea of artificial ascension existed, the Omicron Division would return in one form or another.

Like i said, the company would likely run on a cell-like structure, with each cell consisting of a typically small portion of the organisation that is based in a certain place, likely one cell per region on a continent. In each cell there would be an individual who acts as the leader of that cell, (called the Xi,) who receives orders from a higher,less localised cell. This higher cell, in turn, would have it's own leader, who issues commands to each of the members of that cell, (who in turn relay the orders to the localised cells,) and in turn receives orders from a higher cell. This pattern essentially repeats ad infinitum, until one reaches the highest cell, where the leader is located. This highest cell would likely be extremely delocalised, to the point where the leader has practically no involvement in the organisation, save for when events of immense importance or significance occur within the organisation occur that need his opinion, which would explain why nobody knows who he is; not even the vast majority of the members of the Division.

It probably wouldn't be unlikely for a Xi having absolutely no clue who he is receiving orders from, other than that it's coming from a higher cell, meaning that one would have to find members of higher and higher cells in order to take out larger portions of lower cells, which wouldn't be an easy task as they would get much more difficult to find the higher up they are.

There would probably be more rogue cells as well, such as a small cell consisting of a delocalised group of elites that receive orders from some of the higher cells (likely a Tau cell or higher) that move about the multiverse completing special contracts. (The Upsilon and his Sigma's {Sigma's are helpers/body guards of the Upsilon, and answer only to him} would be an example.)

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Re: The Omicron Division

Post by Riley Oran on Wed May 21, 2014 12:51 am

I really don't have much to say on this yet, but I would like to voice that so far it seems extremely interesting. It provides an interesting foil, and here is why I believe that:

Pending the conclusion of the Void Runners topic, there winds up being (what I think might turn out to be) a loosely organized collective of individuals who've been gifted by the Core and thus empowered into Alphas or even maybe Omegas in some cases that has existed for perhaps tens of thousands of years, or possibly millions, maybe even billions based on how far back we're willing to go. 

On the other hand is this powerful, tightly organized organization of trained killers, comprised also of Alphas and Omegas. They've existed for who knows how long, have repeatedly survived "destruction" at the hands of the gods, and continue to put their machinations ahead of everything else for billions of years.

On top of that, likely both of these groups would have friction with the Gods for continuing to act within their territories.

Yeah, that sounds interesting.

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Re: The Omicron Division

Post by Sponsored content

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