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Post by Artless_Artist on Tue May 20, 2014 9:01 pm

Race Name: Fyians, Great Beasts.

General Overview: An almost legendarily mythical beast, This species is rare and only found in the Northlands of Vesmoria. Twelve feet tall and outfitted with several powerful legs and equally powerful muscles, this is known as one of the greatest challenges and feats to the Northlanders, regardless of the Mythical Status; which brought along the saying of a Man or Woman "Capable of slaying a Fyian." Virtually nonexistent and vague elsewhere in the world, this creatures are nothing to toy with.

Physical Description: Fyians are gigantic beasts, standing over twelve feet tall without standing up. Known to be great lumbering beasts, They are covered in striped fur and are found in many colors known to dominate the Northland's such as Black or White, but other colors have been seen. This beast is very thick and heavyset, and sport long claws and elongated, powerfully sharp fangs.

They have four eyes, all at the front of the head with two on each side; with the head being visibly apparent. Along with 'normal' Fyians, there are two different variations; Dal-Fyian and Kel-Fyian. Dal-Fyians are visually different from their brethren, and while almost as physically powerful as their normal counterparts, Dal-Fyians have greater, more powerful Heartstone Magic at their disposal. The Dal-Fyian will often sport runic fur patterns rather than a striped one.

Kel-Fyians are known to be sacred creatures, and are far more powerful than both of the other two combined. These creatures are great in age, rare in number and have a habit of guarding relics; fighting tooth and nail and often standing victorious. These creatures are not to be taken lightly, and fighting one is extremely dangerous. Kal-Fyians tower over even Fyians, and are known to be upwards to twenty feet depending on age. They are known to be "Great Beasts" for a reason.

Standard or Common Personality Traits: All Fyians are Prideful. This is an unchangeable fact of life, and most are stubborn as well. Many will often fight if goaded long enough and are known to be especially vicious and not necessarily honorable fighters. 

Alignment: True Neutral. Most guard important spots or ancient relics of the Northlands, and even then they might be slumbering. While intelligent, very few often care about or consider the rest of the world at large.

Society: None, they live alone.

Culture: Loner's by nature, These long lived creatures only come together to breed, in which the male will leave the female to itself and find another relic to guard.

Relations with other Races: They don't often care about other races.

Physical or Spiritual Abilities: For one, they are Very Physically Oriented Creatures, with exception of the Dal-Fyian, who could really care less. Very Adaptable creatures, they are known to be smarter than an average Vesmorian, and possess a near immunity to Heart Stone Magics.

Famous Characters/Common Folklore: None, besides great beasts; Great Beasts are always discussed with respect with other creatures.

History: Unknown, Considered Mythical...in which it is believed Valen was the one who created this creature, before he fell into madness.

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